Gender Policy & Strategy for MCIT

Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 615
Date Posted:Mar 5, 2020
Closing Date:Mar 27, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Business Administration
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:5 - 7 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of communication and IT:


The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received a Grant from the world Bank for implementation of the Digital CASA Afghanistan project and intends to apply part of the proceeds to hire a qualified individual National consultant to develop a Gender Policy and Strategy for the Ministry.

The aim of the Digital CASA Afghanistan Project is to increase access to more affordable Internet, crowd-in private investment in the ICT sector and improve the participating governments' capacity to deliver digital government services in Afghanistan through the development of a regionally integrated digital infrastructure and enabling environment. The project is financing four key components: (a) Investments in regional and domestic connectivity (b) e-Government services with support to cloud-based shared data center infrastructure and digital government platforms for service delivery; (c) strengthening laws and regulations, alongside development of relevant new policies and strategies;

 In Afghanistan ICT is heavily male dominated and women’s participation is very limited. The role of ICT in bridging gender gaps especially in contexts where social norms and insecurity restricts mobility and access to information and services is well recognized more than ever. Furthermore, ICT has lent itself to female employment as non-traditional sector for female employment as it offers bringing work closer to women even those with limited mobility. In Afghanistan ICT is a new sector with great growth potential and better gender integration. To have a better understanding of the role of gender in ICT in Afghanistan and ensure meaningful integration of gender in the sector, , MCIT has decided to avail the consultancy services of a National Consultant to provide technical assistance to the Policy and Planning Directorate of MCIT to study the gender role in ICT in Afghanistan, conduct an assessment within MCIT and develop a Gender Policy and Strategy for the Ministry.

This Consultancy Support will be provided to the Policy and Planning Directorate of MCIT and the Consultant will work closely with the gender unit of the ministry and Gender Specialist for the Digital CASA Project.

The Gender Unit is one of the key departments working under the Directorate of Human Resources (HR) in MCIT. It’s primary responsibility is to ensure Gender equality, diversity and integration in the workplace and provide support/assistance to all MCIT Directorates on Gender related issues and topics. This department works closely with Plan & Policy Directorate for gender inputs to policies, strategies and plans of the ministry.

Job Summary:

The general objective of this consulting assignment is to develop and introduce a Gender policy, Strategy and action plan for MCIT. The consultant will conduct desk review of gender in ICT sector in Afghanistan to understand the gender gaps in the sector and how these gaps could be addressed, and conduct an in-depth assessment throughout the ministry considering the current situation of female employees and shall accordingly prepare a comprehensive and actionable report

Skills Required:


Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

  • Shall demonstrate sufficient knowledge and experience in development of relevant Policies, Strategies and Procedures in line with existing laws of GoIRA.
  •  Strategic planning and report writing skills.
  •  Strong data analysis skills.
  • Strong training and facilitation skills.
  • Good Communication and analytical skills.
  • Computer proficient and excellent skills of operating MS. Word and Excel.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Design and conduct qualitative study and in-depth assessment of gender in the ICT sector in Afghanistan to understand the gender gaps in the sector (at the ministry level and in general) and how these gaps could be addressed and identify areas that require reform initiatives, including recruitment and staff policies, trainings, among others. The results of this should inform the gender dimensions of the broadband policy that will be prepared under Digital CASA;
  •  Develop a detailed work plan in accordance with the study and assessment, identify the existing gender related issues, gaps and opportunities, and formulate policy recommendations and a proper course of action for implementation;
  •  Assess the ICT sector of Afghanistan and propose different approaches for how to increase female participation in the sector.  
  •  Initiate the development process of Gender Policy and Strategy following standard frameworks defined in (National Action Plan for the Women of Afghanistan) NAPWA I, II and (Independent Administrative Reform & Civil Service Commission) IARCSC gender guidelines through participatory and consultative process.
  • With the support of IARCSC (Independent Administrative Reform & Civil Service Commission) and MCIT gender unit, develop a code of conduct for all staff and contractors and establish a mechanism and guideline for receiving and addressing harassment related complaints.
  •  Develop a comprehensive five-years action plan for effective implementation of Gender Policy and Strategy, including a trackable results framework to monitor progress on an annual basis;
  • Develop and introduce a communication mechanism to raise awareness and ensure sound implementation of the gender policy and strategy across the Ministry;
  •  Design and facilitate gender related capacity building modules, including an agreed combination of technical, operational and soft skills based on the in-depth assessment, in coordination and consultation with the gender Unit. This may include topics such as gender mainstreaming in programs and projects in the ministry, role of women in ICT, safe workplace environment, code of conduct, among others. Ensure training programs are designed as relevant for mixed gender, female only, male only, taking into account the results of the assessments, as well as socio-cultural sensitivities.
  •  Design/ organize intensive Gender issues related orientation and training sessions for all Ministry staff on continues bases
  •  Carry out skills and knowledge transfer process to the Gender Unit and the Gender Specialist under Digital CASA to ensure sustainability of the training programs and proper implementation of the gender policy and strategy.
  •   Perform any other relevant tasks as assigned by the Director of Policy & Planning as well as by the Digital CASA Project.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


  •  A bachelor degree in gender studies, law, political science, public policy, business administration or any other relevant fields.
  •  At least 5 years of relevant work experience with Master degree or 7 years of experience with Bachelor degree. 

Language Requirements:

Ø Fluency in reading, writing and speaking English and Dari and or Pashto, languages.

Payment Structure and Deliverables:

1-   30 % of the Contract Value will be paid after submission of Report No-1.

Report No-1 should include the following:

a.    Inception report

b.    Gender in ICT sector qualitative study and gender Assessment Report of MCIT

c.    1st draft of Gender Policy for MCIT

d.    Training and knowledge transfer plans

2-   40 % of the contract value will be paid after submission of Report No-2 .

Report No-2 should include the following:

a.    Final draft of the Gender Policy for MCIT

b.    1st draft of Gender Strategy for MCIT

c.    1st draft of the Five Year Action Plan for Gender Policy & Strategy

3-   30 % of the contract will be the final payment to the consultant after submitting Report No-3.

Report No-3 should include the following:

a.    Final draft of the Gender Strategy for MCIT

b.    Final Draft of Five Year Action Plan for Gender Policy & Strategy

c.    A report summarizing the completion of agreed trainings and knowledge/skills transfer activities to the gender unit.

Support that will be given to the Consultant by MCIT:

MCIT shall provide the following support:

·      A suitable working space inside the MCIT Complex.

·      Internet connectivity in Office.


The Consultant will be paid after submission of each Report approved by the Policy & Planning Directorate of MCIT. The consultant will have to submit a Brief Progress Report, Invoice, and Attendance-Sheet along with each Report. The Attendance Sheet, Invoice and brief Progress Report shall be provided in English and one official languages of Afghanistan to the Project Director of Digital CASA project. 

Job Keywords:

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