Gender Program Manager

Bachelor's Degree   Afghanistan, Herat Full Time 1960
Date Posted:Jul 26, 2017
Closing Date:Aug 3, 2017
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Programme
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:2 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:

About MOIA:

The Afghan Ministry of Interior fulfills a role of crucial functions to strengthen civilian protection, the rule of law and security in Afghanistan. These include:  Enforcement of Rule of Law  Ensuring security and protection of public order and security  Take preventive measures to avoid the criminal incidence  Timely detection of crime and criminals and prevent public disorder and violations  Fight corruption, social immorality that disrupts public safety and welfare  Supporting sound performance to strengthen transparency and accountability  Ensuring police professionalization and capacity building of MoI staff  Respect human rights and enhance the relationship of police and public  Control and Protection Afghan borders  Promote and enhance women’s participation in the police ranks  Equal law enforcement, gender equality and provide required resources, facilities and fairThe incumbent professional environment for women  Coordinating amongst ANSF and judicial entities within legal boundaries and in accordance to the law  ANP command and control  Fight against narcotics import, production, cultivation, and smuggling  Counterterrorist activities, organized crimes, human trafficking and attracting international assistance.

Job Summary:

Incumbent reports directly to the Gender Directorate, with responsibility to coordinate with the Resolute Support (RS) Gender Advisory Staff. The Program Manager position(s) are established to facilitate the development and implementation of critical gender related projects and processes. Incumbent must work under the supervision of the MOI Gender Directorate but must also be responsive to the needs and requests of RS advisors.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Administers the life-cycle management of all assigned projects, including the implementation of overall project management policies, plans, requirements, and directions. Project responsibility consists of the development, procurement/acquisition, planning and execution, distribution, integrated logistical support, personnel, training, engineering, implementation and deployment for all assigned projects. Utilizes an extensive management background to review, analyze and evaluate project development, progress and performance. Provides for periodic reviews with appropriate representatives to: determine status of overall project and major milestones; ensure coordination for orderly phasing of all actions and detect potential slippages in advance: identify potential increases in cost; and ascertain appropriate action required to maintain or improve project schedules. Reviews and monitors all critical project documents. Analyzes and evaluates work of participating organizations that have relationships to the project. Apply a broad knowledge of communication; public affairs; training and education; engineering; procurement/budget/contracting and operations to accomplish the management and administration of assigned projects. Analyze workload and objectives of assigned responsibilities in order to establish efficient management practices and to determine resource requirements.
2. Reviews programming documents. Studies and makes recommendations concerning long range policies and plans and schedules to improve the programmatic and technical effectiveness of the responsible agencies and contractors. Conceives new approaches to the various long range missions and projects and presents them to the Director, Human, Child and Women’s Rights for consideration and approval. Advise the Director on engineering reliability, maintenance, logistics support and technical training needs. Provide guidance to activities supporting the project to ensure proper balance consistent with requirements and available resources.
3. Participates with each MoI department that cross-functions with the Human, Child and Women’s Rights Directorate in the management of assigned projects including any or all of the following: assists in the development and implementation of overall project management policies, plans, requirements and directions; assists in the formulation and implementation of policies for the general operations of the organization; and, exercises direction, control, supervision and coordination of all matters related to the management of assigned projects. Keeps informed of recommendations and instructions passing between action officers/advisors and the Director, determining the impact on the assigned projects and initiates appropriate action. Continually studies and evaluates the status of assigned projects and initiates new and/or remedial action to forestall potential problem areas. Provides continuity for assigned projects if change in leadership. Applies a broad knowledge of communication/information systems, engineering planning and operations to render management opinions, advice, and decisions for assigned projects.
4. Represents and acts for the Director, Human, Child and Women’s Rights at meetings and conferences with representatives of other international departments/agencies, participating organizations and contractors. Discusses problems that affect the overall direction of assigned projects and makes decisions and recommendations concerned with major policy and/or procedural changes. Develops and maintains close liaison and coordination with all participating agencies and users of the system, and with HQ Resolute Support essential function offices and staff elements representing the user. Presents briefings and discusses status progress on technical program issues and scheduling problems critical to the accomplishment of project objectives.

Job Requirement:

Educational Qualification/Degree:

o Minimum - Bachelor’s Degree.
2 Years of experience in government or corporate-level management positions. Ability to use Microsoft suite automation tools.

o Proficiency in English language, and Dari or Pashtu

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Herat
This job is expired