General Manager (American, Indian, Bangladishian)

Diploma   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 772
Date Posted:Oct 27, 2020
Closing Date:Nov 13, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Business Administration
Nationality:American (US),Indian,Bangladeshi
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:4 Years
Contract Duration:1 year(s)
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:2 months
Required Languages:English

About Atarud A Lingua English Language Academy:


Atarud is the American English language Academy which was established in 2012. It is registered with the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Atarud A lingua has an advanced and interactive system consisting of twenty books and chapters the main focus of which is to help the ESL students improve their English skills in a practical and academic manner. Moreover, this system of practical methodology contains various useful exercise, quizzes, and exams that are designed to enhance the ability of students so they can increase their score on complicated international evaluation exams, such as IELTS and TOEFL iBT. Atarud A lingua also possesses a professional system of hiring which evaluates the ability of ESL teachers whether or not they can successfully fulfill the requirements of A Lingua advanced Interactive System and teach their students in a practical way. Furthermore, it is dedicated to provide opportunities for the students according to an American standard. Students are taught by qualified and experienced teachers throughout the entire program. In addition, they have the chance to practice the target language in a real English environment under the supervision of a native instructor just as soon as they reach the advanced level. Besides practical English, Atarud offers the IT courses which are taught by strong and expert teachers who have trained thousands of students in this field during the past ten years. The American English Language and Computer Academy, Atarud has certainly brought and will definitely continue to bring positive changes into this developing society. It, consequently, is the name of a unique environment where students can rapidly change their dreams into reality and achieve their goals.

Job Summary:

The General Manager will be responsible to monitor and control overall administration activities. He will be required to make sure all the activities are in streamline and going on accordingly.

Note: Only the applications of American, Indians and Bangladeshis who live in Afghanistan are accepted and preferred. Qualified and experienced Indian and Bangladeshis applicants can send their CVs attached with their documents

Duties & Responsibilities:

•   Develop strategies to improve and streamline overall operational activities.

•   Chalk out procedures to monitor performance and daily activities on daily basis and make sure everyone does according to the job description.

•   Plan coordinate and manage all organizational operations to achieve goals.

•   Maintain strict chain of command and make sure no one overlaps or overpasses the line managers.

•   Assist in budget preparation and expense management activities.

•   Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing plan. Give recommendation and suggestion if needed.

•   Generate individual and departmental reports to the Founder & General Director.

•   General profitability reports to the Founder & General Director and Members of leadership council of Atarud a Lingua.

•   Schedule regular departmental meetings to discuss about organizational updates issues and recommendations.

•   Respond to employees’ concerns in timely manner.

•   Provide direction and guidance to employees in their assigned job duties.

•   Determine staffing requirements and ensure that office positions are filled promptly.

•   Identify opportunities and plan to maximize them.

•   Assist in recruitment training and performance evaluation promotion and termination activities.

•   Ensure that employees follow organizational policies and procedures.

•   Manage administrative logistical human resources and accounting services to support organizational operations.

•   Schedule weekly workshops for teachers for their capacity building.

•   Observe teachers’ and employees’ performances on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

•   Assist managers with their obstacles and provide helpful recommendations and suggestions.

•   Ask weekly students’ and classes’ update reports from the managers.

•   Respond to students’ concerns in timely manner.

•   Plan monthly, quarterly and yearly policies for the growth of organization.

•   Assure that Atarud has a long-range strategy which achieves its mission, and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress.

•   Establish a positive, healthy and safe working environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations.

•   Plan and organize a proper chain of classes for all instructors of concerned branches based on their positivity and performance.

Job Requirement:

•   Integrity; honesty; understanding of data privacy standards.

•   Excellent mathematical skills.

•   Leadership skills.

•   Management experience.

•   Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal; thorough understanding of business principles and practices.

•   Superior attention to detail; organizational skills; planning skills; problem-solving skills. research skills; analytical skills; critical thinking skills; computer skills; multi-tasking skills.


Minimum of a diploma or certificate in BBA or English literature, preferably a Master degree with at least 8 years of experience.

Job Location: Kabul, Afghanistan.


Master of English literature or Business Administration

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired