Head of Engineering

  Kabul Municipality
Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 2033
Date Posted:May 13, 2019
Closing Date:Jun 1, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Civil Engineering
Salary Range:NTA, Grade B
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Kabul Municipality:


1.        Background: The overarching vision of the Bank’s urban engagement in Afghanistan is to establish a foundation for municipal development that establishes systems that could enable a shift from government led urban development to market oriented infrastructure financing operations. The World Bank is supporting the Kabul Municipal Development Program (KMDP) with a grant of US$110 million equivalent, which became effective on April 11, 2014 and will close on June 30, 2021.

2.        Objectives of KMDP: The Objectives of KMDP are to: (i) to increase access to basic municipal services through investments in critical infrastructure; (ii) increase Kabul Municipality’s development budget; and (iii) enable Kabul Municipality to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency.

3.        Components of KMDP: The table below lists the components and the current components and commitments to date for each component.

Table 1: Grant Commitments by Component (April 1, 2019)

Project Components Commitments USD m Percent Committed

Component A: Annual Infrastructure Upgrading Program ($91.5m)

A (i) Upgrading of Basic Municipal Infrastructure (US$91.5m) 82.1 89.7%

Component B: Redesign KM’s Financial Management System ($6.0m) 1.9 22.75%

Component D: Project Implementation, Design and Supervision ($12.5m) 9.2 74%

Component E: Contingent Emergency Response

Total 93.2 84.7%


4.    Implementation Arrangements: Kabul Municipality (KM) is responsible for implementation of the KMDP, including procurement and financial management. KM established a KMDP Team made up entirely of Afghans in 2014. This Team is responsible for design, procurement, implementation, supervision, and project management including financial management, and reporting on progress. The Team consists of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. Most of these staff were trained under the previous Bank-supported project, the Kabul Urban Reconstruction Project, by an international firm that provided technical assistance. The systems and procedures for procurement, financial management, and reporting established under KURP are sustained to date.

(i)   The KMDP Management Team consists of a Team Leader (currently vacant), Head of the Engineering Section (currently vacant), Senior Social and Environment Specialist (with the Head as Acting Team Leader since 2016), Senior Finance Specialist, Senior Contract Management Specialist and a Senior Procurement Specialist (vacant). The KMDP Management Team is supported by 11 staff.

An eligible crisis or emergency, for which the Immediate Response Mechanism (IRM) could be triggered, is defined as an event that has caused, or is likely to imminently cause, a major adverse economic and/or social impact to the Recipient, associated with a natural or man-made crisis or disaster.

Administrative Officer, 2 Accountants, an IT officer, a Cashier, 2 Senior Procurement Assistants, a Contract Management officer. Two positions lie vacant, Finance Assistant and a Liaison Officer.

(ii)  The KMDP organogram consists of the following departments: Social and Environment, Engineering (Survey Design and Supervision), Procurement, Finance, and Contract Management, with the Management Team responsible for supervision of the departments.

Job Summary:

7.    Role and Responsibilities of the Head of Engineering Section. He/she will be part of the KMDP Management Team, supervised by and reporting to the Team Leader of KMDP that is responsible for all aspects of management and implementation of the investment activities financed by the current KMDP and EZ-KAR Grants and any other Bank supported projects in the future. The Head of the Engineering Section will be responsible for leading the technical dialogue, technical innovations including developing appropriate technical standards, and managing the supervision of all civil works packages to ensure compliance with technical drawings and safety criteria as laid out in the contracts for works. He/she will facilitate team work within the KMDP Team to ensure timely information sharing so that other departments such as social, environmental, procurement and financial management departments of KMDP can plan and manage their own work requirements.

•         The recruited professional will always apply the highest standard of ethical behavior to his/her work.

•         It will be the responsibility of the selected Engineer to ensure all team members adhere to the highest ethical standards.

•         All applicants would be required to disclose as part of the application process, any prior affiliation with an organization or firm that he/she may have worked with which was either singled out for or was the subject of disciplinary action related to fraud or corruption

Duties & Responsibilities:

8.        Duties and Accountabilities of the Head of Engineering Section: A Total Quality Control (TQC) Manual was prepared under the World Bank -supported Kabul Urban Reconstruction Project in 2006, that established implementation procedures that have constantly evolved as implementation of KMDP got underway. Standard Specifications in the manual took into consideration the conditions and procedures with which most qualified and experienced Afghan contractors are familiar. They covered the structural and non-structural work items under KURP and now under KMDP. All work shall conform with the Standard Specifications laid out in the manual as well as to the latest applicable AASHTO, ASTM, and other international standards and codes. In addition, all work shall be executed using the best and most modern practices.

9.        Familiarizing himself/herself with the TQC Manual, the selected Head of the Engineering Team will lead his/her team to:

(i)   Ensure the engineering team develops preliminary design options that can be discussed with gozar communities to obtain community consensus before preparation of detailed engineering designs are initiated. This would include proposed locations, technical standards, costs, and implications for O&M, highlighting specific situations where the community has to be responsible for the O&M, including any financial and managerial implications.

(ii) Ensure the engineering team undertakes topographic surveys to obtain information on existing site conditions, detailing the location and size of existing drains, buildings or other structures, utility services and other features which might require attention in design and during construction. Topographical surveys for roads and drains will be undertaken for design and preparation of working drawings for sections in need of rehabilitation, realignment or provision of surfaced shoulders. Site sections seasonally prone to poor drainage during rainy season will be studied to include determination of the adequacy of drainage structures.

(iii)         Ensure risk assessments examine pertinent data and historic rainfall data to determine various risk scenarios based on aspects such as overall risk of failure. These assessments must include flood return periods, and the design of pipes culverts shall be in accordance with appropriate standards bearing in mind low cost design options. Sections prone to flooding or damage during rainy spells would be identified, and consequences of severe wet spells such as those encountered during historical floods or extreme rainfalls must be considered.  Drain design inverts shall be such that drainage of adjacent properties are not unreasonably hampered. All drains should be taken to suitably designated out-falls where appropriate.

(iv)Undertake preparation of detailed engineering and architectural designs including all civil, structural, and hydraulic calculations, detailed drawings to appropriate scales, bills of quantities, specifications, conditions of contract, conditions of tender, instructions to tenderers and all necessary tender documentation to a standard appropriate for national competitive bidding and international competitive bidding depending on the estimated amount of the contract package.

(v) Undertake necessary geo-technical studies to assess existing ground conditions for the purpose of designing the most effective pavement structure for roads, and footpaths, and the design of concrete pads for garbage bins, foundation of buildings, etc. and ensure the conduct of detailed investigations throughout the project at potential borrow sites, sufficient to permit dimensioning and reliable cost comparison of alternative design options[1]. Such investigations shall include, inter alia, the following: (i) the identification of predominant soil types underlying and alongside the road, and footpaths, concrete pads for garbage bins, foundation of buildings, etc. and testing to establish their principal characteristics; (ii) identification and limited studies of possible problem soils; (iii) sampling and standard laboratory testing of possible sources of suitable construction materials with all sampling and testing performed in accordance with current international standards.

(vi)Lead, manage and supervise the current Survey, Design and Supervision Engineering Team that consists of team that consists of 23 staff[2] in accordance with KMDP policies and procedures.

(vii)       Ensure preparation of annual upgrading plans for KMDP and for subprojects financed by Component 4 of EZ-KAR.

(viii)     Review technical documents of the projects including technical specification, design drawings, design reports, geotechnical investigation report, environmental and social impact assessment report, quality control plan, safety plan, and traffic management plan and sign off on engineering designs of upgrading projects.

(ix)Advise, assist and monitor monthly measurement and valuation of works and preparation of interim certification of payments due to the contractor.

(x) Exercise due diligence in the monitoring of progress of works in accordance with the conditions of contracts.

(xi)Undertake regular periodic inspection of on-going works and provide technical guidance for the project engineers/consultants with a view to solving problems.

(xii)       Ensure the quality of the works is proceeding in accordance with engineering specifications. 

(xiii)     Certify contractor’s invoices

(xiv)      Certify contract variation orders.

(xv)        Conduct meetings with the contractors as needed, ensuring minutes duly signed by both parties are maintained.

(xvi)      Ensure accurate contributions to the KMDP’s quarterly implementation progress reports, to include both physical and financial progress.

(xvii)    Report to the Team Leader any claims and disputes that may arise on contracts and assist with their resolution.

(xviii)  Participate in relevant workshops and trainings conducted by the KMDP/KM.

(xix)      Facilitate and conduct trainings for project staff and civil servants from Kabul Municipality.

(xx)        Perform other duties assigned by the Team Leader commensurate with the assignment.

Any other duties that the Team Leader may reasonably require to ensure the smooth functioning of the project.

[1] Efficient use of scarce donor grant resources to benefit maximum coverage of upgrading area with sound technical standards shall guide choice of materials. Any exceptions to the norms established by KMDP so far, will require justification and clearance by the World Bank.

[2] 3 Senior Design and Supervision Engineers, 4 Design and Supervision Engineers, 1 Head of Survey & GIS Specialist, 8 Supervision Engineers, 2 Technical Surveyors, 2 site inspectors, 2 Rod Man.

Job Requirement:

The successful applicant will have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Civil or Structural Engineering with at least ten years of cumulative professional experience as an engineer with public and private sector organizations in Afghanistan. Experience working with a World Bank supported project, or on projects supported by other donors would be a distinct plus

(i)   High degree of professional integrity, honesty, commitment to his/her work with attention to detail.

(ii) Strong team leadership and teamwork skills that demonstrate propensity to mentor junior staff.

(iii)                   Methodical and organized with workflow planning and record keeping, with a deep commitment to transparency, essential to mitigate against reputational risks for Kabul Municipality.

(iv)Good problem-solving skills and a “can-do” attitude that demonstrates a willingness and desire to learn.

(v) High degree of familiarity with MS Office Package and engineering software such as Civil 3D, Auto CAD and GIS.

(vi)Good computer skills, including use of the internet and word-processing and spreadsheet applications.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired