Highway Project Manager

Bachelor's Degree   Multi Location Full Time 944
Date Posted:Jun 30, 2020
Closing Date:Jul 29, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:2
Functional Area:Civil Engineering
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:7 - 10 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Rauf Aziz Construction Company - RACC:

The proposed Road is located in the South East side of Badakhshan Province with almost 108km. The alignment of the access road passes through Baharak, Wardooj, Zebaak and Connect to Eshakashem district. The area is hilly, not flat or level. There is need for more cases of land donation in this project because it has surrounded by river mountainous terrain and green land. The design road width is about 11m. The road needs cutting, filling, Sub- base course, base course, Asphalt carriageway and Double Bituminous Surface Treatment (DBST) with  side drain and construction of structures (Culverts, Retaining and breast walls (Stone masonry and RCC), Washes, Bridges (RCC, PSC) along the road. 

Job Summary:

Highway road project management is not an easy task. It is a demanding job that requires good communication skills, knowledge in geometric design, experience, working knowledge of AASHTO guidelines, dealing with local authorities, labor and material management.

  • Highway Road Project Management

The road project manager is the person who will apply their road project management skills to the construction of roads. His or her tasks are to make sure the completion of road project is not delayed, is successful, and meets the requirement stated by AASHTO’s guidelines and standards for road construction.

  • Required Skills for Road Project Managers

 The following are skills that are required for a road project manager handling road construction.

  • Having Good Communication Skills and Proper Written English

Proficiency in communication and writing is important for a road project manager, especially when dealing with local authorities. Road project manager will deal not only with local authorities, but construction workers as well. Thus, he or she must have the ability to communicate effectively at all levels both in writing and orally.

  • Knowledge about Road Design (Geometric Design/Pavement Design)

A good road project manager must be able to read construction drawings very well, and that includes understanding the geometric and pavement design of roads. Whenever there is some discrepancy or errors in the construction drawings, the road project manager should reach out to the road design engineer, discuss the problems thoroughly, and a find a good solution for it.

1. Highway Geometric Design;

·        Reviewing design and drafting works completed by colleagues or other parties for compliance with original design intent.

·        Analyze survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, and other topographical or geologic data to plan projects.

·        Road network damage assessments leading to and in flood-damaged areas.

·        Leading the site in critical points.

·        Supervise and assessment of all site projects.

·        Prepare technical plan for implementation.

·        Prepare technical reports site verification before design.

·        Attending in technical meeting for Highway issues.

·        Ensuring that all designs are completed to the highest standards, based on initial survey data provided to the Design Unit by the Surveyors.

·        Analyze and solve technical problems and provide solutions in a timely manner.

·        Critical review of design and site condition.

·        Provide any changes requested by site after smart analyzing system.

·        provide positive changes after technical consultant comments.

2. Pavement design;

·        Pavement design using AASHTO methods and MoPW standards.

·        Check and evaluation of pavement design by consultancy.

·        Analyze of highway portion need to replace the type surface treatment.

·        Analyze and control Geotechnical investigation for pavement design.

·        Specifying the embankment height to the geometric design engineer for low value CBR areas.

·        Subgrade preparation and subgrade stabilization. if required.

·        Axle load and traffic changes assumption. 


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Road Structure Design and Implementation Skills (Bridges, Culverts and R. Walls)

·        Design the basic horizontal structures of the road Brides (RCC, PS) and other structures (culverts, Retaining wall, Breast walls, RCC drains, Washes etc.).

·        Support the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

·        Preparing and estimation of the road structures BoQ.

·        Provide overall leadership, management, and technical guidance to ensure the achievement of project objectives and performance indicators; the quality and timeliness of the project work; effective management, effective human resources allocation; and accurate project reporting.

·        Basic knowledge of road implementation and design.

·        Need to evaluate and control the CAD drawings of the structures (Culverts, retaining walls, Washes, RCC drains etc.).

·        Economical and engineering analyzes of structures in order of replacing.

·        Familiar with international structures codes like IBC,UBC, AASHTOO LRF, ACI 318-02 AIS, BS 5896 - pre stressing steel and etc.

·        Must able to make site visits of all the road and bridge projects faced problems in the construction stage and solve technical problems on the site.

·        Continuously follow up the on-going projects and coordinate with the construction management unit of the RACC.

·        Monitor the implementation of the works by conducting site visits and providing guidance for improvement and good results.

·        Review QA/QC site visit and materials testing reports to ensure sampling, testing and inspection of materials are carried out regularly and works are implemented in compliance with design specifications.

·        Provide technical backstopping and training to project’s engineers and local contractors in bridge design and construction techniques including good practices and troubleshooting methods.

  • Highway Topographic Survey Skills

·        Planning and conducting an engineering survey for the selected roads, structures and civil works, including a Topographic survey and recording all site related details.

·        Checking the layout of the structures e.g. center line, culverts, bridges

·        Conducting post-construction survey and ensuring the construction/design is in accordance with the BoQ.

·        Responsible to ensure surveying equipment is in good working order.

·        Co-ordinate with Bridge and Roads Design Units, and other units as applicable, to ensure dissemination of surveying data

·        Frequent travel to project sites, in all sites of the projects, and supervise survey team and field work.

·        Prepare and maintain sketches, maps, reports and legal description of the survey in order to describe certify and assume liability for work performed. 

·        Verify the accuracy of survey data including measurement and calculation conducted at survey sites.

·        Record the results of survey, including the shape, contour, location, elevation and dimension of land or land features.

·        Analyze survey objectives and specifications in order to prepare survey proposals or to direct others in survey proposal preparation.

  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Skills

·        Review and check the site hydrological analysis and report.

·        Give instruction to site for preparing the hydrological analysis and report.

·        Prepares written and oral reports, and makes suggestions and recommendations for inclusion in reports on hydrological study findings.

·        Carries out hydrology-related study procedures for assigned projects.

·        Monitor the implementation of the works by conducting site visits and provide guidance for improvement and good results.

  • Monitoring and Progress Controls


·        Weekly reporting on the progress of work to the Consultant, PMO/MoPW and RACC technical coordinator.

·        Ad-hoc and regular communication with the Design Manager/ Engineer, Construction Manager, technical coordinator, consultant, PMO/MoPW and ADB main office regarding work plan and activities.

·        Timely and accurate submission of final technical, social and financial report for project sites.

  • Experience in Supervision of Road Construction

Experience can be defined as taking part in activities where knowledge and skills are gained. In the engineering world, it is one of the measuring sticks of a person’s ability. This concept applies to the road project manager as well, because with experience he or she learns what is good or bad and the effects of certain implementations or methods on the road project.

  • Working knowledge of AASHTO

AASHTO’s standard guidelines must be followed whenever road construction is going to be made. AASHTO’s guidelines on road construction cover from road and pavement design to soil investigation and testing, which is called the “AASHTO Soil Classification System." Thus a working knowledge of AASHTO’s guidelines are important for the road project manager, and he or she should refer to the guidelines whenever there is doubt about certain implementations or methods that are going to be used.

  • Material Management

The ability of a road project manager to manage construction materials that will be used on site, and coordinate the progress of road’s construction to it, is crucial to the efficiency and smoothness of the construction progress. Road construction is done phase by phase. For example, the road’s subbase must be done first, before the base course materials are poured onto the subbase. Before that can happen, the material for the subbase should be provided a few months early, because you will never know when the hardware store has run out of base course materials.

  • Labor Management

 A good road project manager is one who can utilize labor efficiently and at the same time, improve the productivity of the labor.

  • Dealing with Local Authorities

Water sources for road construction must be supplied to the road construction site at a reasonable distance, but this water source cannot be simply connected to the existing main water supply at any convenient time. Instead, the road project manager must deal with local authorities over this matter before connecting a pipe from the existing main water supply.

  • Budget Management 

Assist in the preparation of the annual budget including preparing cost estimates for capital projects. Prepare project budgets, monitor expenditures to ensure costs do not exceed budget, forecast financial requirements, approve payments, analyze variances, and initiate corrective actions.

Job Requirement:

-         Bachelor’s Degree in Highway Engineering or Civil Engineering with specialization in construction Management (Master degree is preferred) plus an additional 10 years of over all work experience and 7 years related.

-         Certification in Project Management and/or Prince 2 desired

b. Work Experience


-      At least 7 years’ experience as a project manager Minimum 200 KM Highway should have implemented.

-      Previous experience working with ADB and international organizations and projects will be an advantage.

-      Highly skilled in the use and operation of the latest survey equipment, Survey instrument,

-      Should able to converse easily in English, both verbal and written. Fluent in both Pashtu and Dari, verbal and written.

-      Demonstrated ability to training and build capacity of counterparts, side staff and joiner staff.

-      Must able to demonstrate attention to detail and patience.

Ability to overcome challenges and work in difficult work environments/conditions

-      Must be able to deliver cost effective structures/bridges designs

-      Must able to prepare the bill of quantities of road and bridge projects.

-      Must able to use Auto CAD 2D and 3D.

-      Medium knowledge in Auto CAD.

-      Must be able to use AutoCAD Civil 3D.

-      Strong MS Excel knowledge is compulsory to design the design spread sheets and knowledge of MS project will be an advantage.

-      Strong MS Project and Prime Avera p6 is essential for planning and scheduling.

-      Excellent English skills, both written and verbal. Fluent in Dari and Pashto, both written and verbal.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Badakhshan, Helmand
This job is expired