Highway Project Quality Control Engineer

  Aziz Group
Bachelor's Degree   Badakhshan, Afghanistan Full Time 621
Date Posted:Jul 31, 2019
Closing Date:Aug 31, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Civil Engineering
Salary Range:80000 - 100000 AFN monthly
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Aziz Group:


Rauf Aziz Construction Company established in 2008 to participate in reconstruction of Afghanistan.

RAUF AZIZ Construction Company is an afghan national based construction company with over 10 years of experience as a general contractor, construction manager and design builder. Our specialties include highway, roads, bridges, buildings, transportation, logistics and supply.

RAUF Aziz Construction is a company that has been built on recommendations. Our architects work closely with the client to create designs from the affordable to the high end of the construction market. They are modern thinking plus professionally trained, and dedicated to quality workmanship using the latest techniques and innovations.

Rauf Aziz Construction Company has completed many medium size and large size project within the country for Afghanistan government and international clients. Below is the list of mail projects completed or being completed:

Job Summary:

The proposed Road is located in the South East side of Badakhshan Province with almost 108km. The alignment of the access road passes through Baharak, Wardooj, Zebaak and Connect to Eshakashem district. The area is hilly, not flat or level. There is need for more cases of land donation in this project because it has surrounded by river mountainous terrain and green land. The design road width is about 11m. The road needs cutting, filling, Sub- base course, base course, Asphalt carriageway and Double Bituminous Surface Treatment (DBST) with  side drain and construction of structures (Culverts, Retaining and breast walls (Stone masonry and RCC), Washes, Bridges (RCC, PSC) along the road.

·      The Role (Highway Project Quality Control Engineer)

The role, Project Quality Control Engineer is a project based critical and responsible position that complements the project technical team in the specialization required in the construction quality management processes of the Asphaltic & RCC road pavements in compliance with the applicable contract documents, design package, USACE CQM three-phase quality management regulations, and the applicable industry standards and codes. The role is in coordination with the project design department, project management team and other project QC engineers responsible for the Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling of quality requirement in the construction and laying processes of the asphaltic and non-asphaltic pavement layers of the road structure under the project geometric and structure design and in accordance with the industry recognized technology, applicable quality standards and regulations. The role is fulfilled with specialization in the technical understanding of, and the operational & engineering utilization purposes of the construction material testing laboratory and applicable testing procedures in the road/highway construction processes, as well as the specialized understanding and the practical quality management knowledge for road geometric and structure designs for sub-surface, subgrade, the upper base structure and the Hot Mix Asphalt or Cement Concrete pavement construction. The position requires proficiency in the physical, chemical and mechanical (working) properties of the consistent proportionating materials’ used in the road structure, and proficiency in the industry recognized methods and know-how for their preparation, placement and treatment in the flexible or rigid pavements. The position is responsible and accountable for the perfection of the Sub-Grad, Sub-Base, Base, Primer, Binder, Tack, Pavement and Seal layers individually and for the excellent construction of the pavement as a whole in strict conformity with geometric design and contract documents.

The position is a project site level independent managerial position responsible for the project success in response to the applicable quality requirements for the geometric and structure excellence in the road/highway construction. The position is a leadership role who will direct, manage, monitor and control construction teams including surveyors, engineers, foremen, equipment sets, tradesmen and unskilled labour toward the quality goals in their day-to-day works. The position is under the immediate leadership of the project quality manager/project manager and will report to the technical department stationed and the leadership in the headquarter office.

The position is responsible for the incorporation, testing and verification of the required standard of quality both in the geometric aspect of the road and highway as well as for the structural aspect of the road & highway under the applicable standards and technical cods most of the time the AASHTO and MPW Design standards. 

Skills Required:

Management Team Working skills

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

ü Expert in the recognized industry practices for quality management of construction processes for prime coat spreading toward the pavement construction.

ü Expert in the recognized industry practices for quality management of construction processes for binder course preparation, laying, treatment and testing toward the pavement construction.

ü Expert in the recognized industry practices for quality management of construction processes for tack coat preparation, spreading, treatment and testing toward the pavement construction.

ü Expert in the recognized industry practices for quality management of construction processes for surface course preparation, laying, treatment, testing toward the pavement construction.

ü Expert in the recognized industry practices for quality management of construction processes for seal coat preparation, laying, treatment, and testing toward the pavement construction.

ü Expert in understanding of critical pavement distress factors, operational defects, and pavement construction deficiencies, and proficient in solution development and process improvement. 

ü Expert to lead and manage teams toward targeted goals and progress milestones.

ü Expert to work on the construction site and mobile office environments.

ü Expert to work independently and accept responsibility for his works.

ü Expert to progressively learn and change to fit the role requirements.

ü Proactively deal the role requirements and develop role oversight.

ü Having good written and verbal communication skills.

ü Being able to incorporate lessons learned and implement new processes toward optimization.

ü Possess strong interpersonal and proven leadership skills.

ü Able to work in, manage and lead the teams of labor and equipment operators and motivate others toward collaboration and teamwork on pathway to the project goals.

ü Having high attention to details.

ü Having supervisory skills.

ü Having experience in the pavement construction safety and health requirements.

ü Being able to work alone or within a team.

ü High Knowledge in auto cad.

ü Be Able to Work Under Pressure

ü Be Able to Plan, Organize and Manage site survey team.

Duties & Responsibilities:

In general, the position will be responsible for but not limited to:

  1. Trace and interpret the design, construction and quality requirements of the project as identified in the contract documents, required by the applicable referenced codes and accepted in the official communications throughout the project lifecycle.
  2. Identify, implement, monitor and control the approved responsive specifications for design, material and CQM methodology in response to the quality requirements used in the road/highway construction and process their testing, verification and approval requirements with the project consultant and client.
  3. Identify, utilize, monitor and control the responsive specifications and the required operational capacity of the pavement construction equipment & capabilities and the heavy machinery plant in response to the referenced technical CQM requirements and process their testing and approval with the project consultant and client.
  4. Inspect, Test and control the day-today utilization of the pavement construction material, construction processes and the outputs based on the DFOW plan and keep the record of inspections and approval in connection with the resulted outputs.
  5. Inspect, Test and control the day-to-day construction operations of the Sub-Grad, Sub-Base, Base, Primer, Binder, Tack, Pavement and Seal layers individually and the construction & functionality of the road pavement as a whole by responsible utilization of the CQM plan & other inputs.
  6. Launch, Direct, Supervise, Monitor and Control the day-to-day pavement construction quality inspection, three-phase quality control, CQM laboratory testing and pertinent communications & approvals in support of the road construction quality management goals, and the defect prevention responsibilities.  
  7. Manage the pavement construction quality control related communications, collaborations and coordination with project stakeholders and project internal team.
  8. Develop quality related lessons learned record and progressively elaborate the defect prevention and process improvement bank and regularly incorporate the defect prevention practice into the project works.  

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Badakhshan


The following qualifications are required to be possessed for the referenced position and are not subject to be compromised, therefore, only the matches for below criteria are encouraged to apply.

ü Bachelor Degree of Road Engineering, Transport Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Masters’ Degree is desirable.

ü Certificate in USACE CQM Training.

ü 5 Year of Experience as Road Construction QC/QA Engineer.

ü Excellent knowledge of construction blueprints & terminology and the practical knowledge of highway project contract & drawing package reading and interpretation, including but not limited to the contract conditions, specifications, method of measurement, schedules, design specifications, minutes of meetings, contract variations, design drawings general plans, sections, profiles, details.

ü Excellent knowledge and experience of road construction material (asphaltic and non-asphaltic) properties and specifications and practical proficiency in the road material production, testing procedures and utilization in response to the requirements of end product.

ü Excellent knowledge and understanding of industry recognized quality standards for road and highway geometric and structure aspects including AASHTO and MPW Design standards and proficient in the quality requirements control of road construction process inputs, tools and technics and outputs by process inspections, material and product testing in strict conformity with the applicable standards and procedures.

ü Excellent English Language Skill in Speaking and Writing

Job Keywords:

Highway Project Quality Control Engineer
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