HMIS performance & Data Analytic Senior Advisor

  Ministry of Public Health
Bachelor's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 620
Date Posted:Nov 22, 2020
Reference:HMIS performance & Data Analytic Senior Advisor
Closing Date:Dec 2, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Health/Medical
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of Public Health:


The Afghanistan health system has made considerable progress and the health indicators have also significantly improved over the period of 2003-2017. The key enablers for the improvements have seen in the health sector are strong local stewardship, development of sound and stable policy frameworks, prioritization of investments in primary care and implementation of BPHS and EPHS. The BPHS and EPHS have been implemented through NGOs in 31 and the MoPH Strengthening Mechanism in remaining 3 provinces. Sehatmandi project mainly finances the BPHS and EPHS implementation across the country for 3 years - July 01, 2018 to June 30, 2021. In order to manage the health program effectively, the project finances the system development and stewardship functions of the MoPH though support of short-term technical assistance and supports the contractual staff required for implementation of project activities

Job Summary:

Scope of services:

The scope of Service for HMIS Performance & data analytic Senior Advisor is to support HMIS activities focusing on SEHATMANDI project related requirements. The successor candidate will help the department to ensure proper health management information system is in place and functioning with regularly accountability to SEHATMANDI project related requirements through Sehatmandi coordination Unit. The Specialist will report technical on day to day activities to the his/her direct line manager/supervisor. However, contractually, the , the advisor is accountable to Sehatmandi Coordination Office and will report project related activities/deliverables to Sehatmandi coordination Office on regular basis.


To enhance HMIS accountability in provision of on time reports to third party verification process through Sehatmandi coordination office and also provides analysis of HMIS data mainly focusing on performance management service indicators.

Duties & Responsibilities:

·    Contribute Sehatmandi coordination office and GCMU in target setting for performance management indicators in Sehatmandi project (setting minimum, and maximum) to be incorporated in the RFP

·   contribute in development of SOP for performance management system as a core member

·   provide quarterly data to the performance management members of MOPH for their monitoring purpose at province level

·   provide required data to the third party firm for the project semiannual field verification activities

· Provide technical support in order to analyse and measure NGOs performance and communicate with relevant departments including Sehatmandi coordination office, performance management members and GCMU

·     Analyse the HMIS data from Sehatmandi provinces in quarterly basis and provide necessary feedback to different levels (BPHS/EPHS implementers, Province) in line with EHIS report.

·  Review, analyse, and interpret HMIS data received from the provinces through PPHO and Implementing NGOs by Quarterly and annually basis.

· Attend WB, Sehatmandi coordination and GCMU meetings and report update on HMIS.

· Provide assistance to the Director General of Evaluation and Health Information System (EHIS) in terms of EHIS quarterly and annual reports in terms of HMIS data.

·  Conduct HMIS refresher trainings based on the training need assessments

·   Provide technical assistance to HMIS Department for revision of routine data collection tools (HMIS) that enable MoPH to analyse performance indicators of Sehatmandi project.

·   Contribute in provision of technical assistance and capacity building to provincial and NGOs HMIS officers to enhance the quality of data collection , processing and analyzing of routine data collection tools;

·   Regular travel to provinces to ensure the regular supervision and monitoring quality of HMIS data in provinces;

·    Participate in the Semiannual and annual performance review workshops

·  Carry out other activities based of DG EHIS and Sehatmandi coordination request and ensure proper HMIS monitoring functions;

· Any other tasks assigned by the head of HMIS for improving the health information system

·   Submit a one-page monthly report to Sehatmandi Coordination office about project related work and deliverables

Job Requirement:

· Having bachelor degree in medicine or public health

·    Five years of public health experience with minimum three years of experience in HMIS at the government, or UN agencies or Non- governmental organizations or donor agencies


 Being familiar with MoPH Tools is an advantage

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English language and fluent in a local languages

·  Demonstrate computer skills (MS. Office package)




·     Revised minimum and maximum level of targets set and documented for Performance Management indicators with collaboration of GCMU and Sehatmandi coordination

·     Quarterly HMIS data timely provided for performance management key contact person

·     Semi-annual HMIS data timely provided for third party firm

·     HMIS data verification analyzed and result shared with stakeholder.

·     At least 6 annual field monitoring mission conducted

·     12 monthly report submitted to Sehatmandi Coordination Office

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired