Senior Legal Advisor

Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 521
Date Posted:May 13, 2019
Closing Date:May 24, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Legal and Legislative
Salary Range:NTA, Grade B
Years of Experience:7 - 10 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English


Founded: 2014

1.        Project Background:

During 2015 and 2016 SHAHAR was implemented in the Deputy Ministry of Municipalities (DMM)-Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) and 20 provincial municipalities across Afghanistan: Aybak, Maymana, Mazar-e-Sharif, Puli Khumri, and Shibirghan in the North Region; Asadabad, Chaharikar, Gardiz, Ghazni, Jalalabad, Maydan Shahr, Mihtarlam, and Puli Alam in the East Region; Kandahar, Lashkar Gah, Qalat, and Tirin Kot in the South Region; and Feroz Koh, Hirat and Qala-I-Naw in the West Region. For 2017, the program focused on DMM, the two regional hub provincial municipalities of Mazar-e-Sharif and Kandahar, and the following 12 small- and medium-sized provincial municipalities: Aybak, Maymana, Puli Khumri, Shibirghan, Chaharikar, Gardiz, Ghazni, Mihtarlam, Puli Alam, Lashkar Gah, Feroz Koh, and Qala-I-Naw. 

In 2018 and 2019, to support the government of Afghanistan in establishing and maintaining long-term stability in key cities, SHAHAR will focus its program activities and technical support on DMM and the four regional hub provincial municipalities of Kandahar, Hirat, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Jalalabad. Kabul Municipality is also included as a key beneficiary of the program. 

IDLG’s Deputy Ministry of Municipalities is responsible for supporting/strengthening, coordinating overseeing, managing, and regulating the affairs of all municipalities in Afghanistan, with the exception of Kabul as the national capital. DMM envisions municipal institutions that are responsive to citizens’ needs and priorities and bring in a positive change to the lives of urban citizens through good urban governance and the provision of municipal services and infrastructure.

Job Summary:

The Senior Legal Advisor will be responsible for managing the SHAHAR activities in DMM related to the development of legal frameworks, guidelines, directives and the interpretation of laws affecting DMM and municipalities. S/he will be physically located at DMM and will provide mentorship, facilitation, training, and other technical assistance as needed.

Skills Required:

Legal Familiarity

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Senior Legal Advisor’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing guidance to DMM and municipalities in meeting legal obligations;
  • Serving as technical guide/lead to manage and maintain the technical content of the IFMS Legal Module:
  • Supporting the Senior Municipal Law/Regulations Advisor (international STTA) with the revision of the pending Municipalities Law.
  • Supporting the Senior Municipal Law/Regulations Advisor (international STTA) with the development of the regulatory and administrative framework plus the governance structure and charter for the Afghanistan Municipalities Union (AMU).
  • Supporting DMM in the development of legal training manuals and training modules and in the conduct the legal training courses for municipalities
  • Supporting DMM in the development and introduction of legal awareness packages for citizens and municipalities
  • Supporting DMM in the assessment of legal compliance of municipalities on an annual basis and when necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned by SHAHAR’s Senior Technical Director and/or DMM’s Director General for Urban Governance.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


  • A Master’s degree with five (5) years relevant governance experience in Afghanistan, with at least two (2) years’ experience at the municipal level or a Bachelor’s degree with 07 years relevant work experience, particularly in the areas of public and administrative law, and the development and interpretation of laws and implementing regulations.
  •  Excellent interpersonal communication skills;
  • Experience providing institutional and capacity building/strengthening through training, mentor ship, and facilitating;
  • Strong analytical skills with good problem solving skills & creativity, supported by good writing skills.
  • Fluent in Dari and/or Pashto and strong written and spoken English skills (FSI 3S/3R) required.
  • Previous experience and familiarity working in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Job Keywords:

Senior Legal Advisor

Submission Guideline:

Please submit you application with subject line = Senior Legal Advisor-Kabul before 20-May-19.

Submission Email: