Human Resources and Leadership Development Advisor (ANDSF)

  National Security Council
Bachelor's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 1422
Date Posted:Jul 12, 2017
Closing Date:Jul 20, 2017
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Human Resources
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:4 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About National Security Council:

Office of National Security Council (ONSC) is a strategic coordinating entity of national defense and national security organizations of the country that operates in the following working sectors; • Leading and managing the secretariat of national security; • Strategically coordinating the national defensive and security sectors; • Arranging the affairs related to the office of Chief Commander of Security Forces; • Investigating the information and strategic threats for the purpose of national security interests (from one until five years); • Solidifying relations with media from national security perspective; • Supporting the peace and reconciliation process; • Consolidating and coordinating security of the President; • Monitoring proper implementation of policies, presidential decrees, and minutes of National Security Council.

Job Summary:

The purpose of the Human Resources and Leadership Development position is to lead and coordinate entire human resources and explore capacity building programs in National Security Council (ONSC.)

Duties & Responsibilities:

The individual would be responsible for the following activities:
1. Draft and develop monthly, quarterly, and yearly working plan in conformation with the strategic plan of the organization to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.
2. Conduct proper analysis of the available human capital in defensive and security sectors in full consideration of the present and future leading human resources.
3. Identify productive human capital in defensive and security entities for the purpose of building their professional capacities towards achievement of the planned organizational goals and objectives.
4. Evaluate the capacity building policies and provide human resource support to the security and defensive entities and develop inter-ministerial capacity building programs.
5. Accumulate information related to national personalities, access to the documents related to the human resources of the line ministries, and provide continuous support to develop capacities of women.
6. Provide consultation to draft and develop learning and capacity building policies and design developmental and inter-ministerial programs for military capacities.
7. Confess ideas and provide consultation in regards to the draft and development of capacity building programs subjecting to the development of proper security frameworks through developing inter-ministerial programs to achieve organizational goals.
8. Review and scrutinize the structural reform processes of the security and defensive sectors subjecting to the achievement of the organization’s mandate.
9. Identify and recommend the budget needs of the department based on the working plans to implement developed programs.
10. Provide monthly, quarterly, yearly, and in need working reports to the management regarding the activities and achievements.
11. Ensure sound management, recruitment, encouragement, capacity building, and human capital development for the purpose of delivering quality services.
12. Manage all subordinate staff members for the purpose of recruitment, capacity building, and conducting operations meeting the organization’s work qualities.
13. Evaluate activities of the employees in conformation of the Civil Servants Law and in coordination with the line departments of the organization.
14. Conduct any other task as assigned by the management in conformation with the laws, regulations, and goals and objectives of the organization.

Job Requirement:

The Human Resources and Leadership Development Advisor would have the following qualification and experience:

Shall have a relevant bachelor degree from a reputed institution or master degree in relevant field is a plus;

Shall have 4 years work experience in human resources or recruitment and or, in a related field;

Shall be fluent in communicating in Pashto, Dari, and English languages;

Shall be proficient in computer applications;

Shall be able to plan, organize, lead and monitor a large section;

Shall be competent and have aptitude in managing operations;

Shall have excellent inter-personal skills;

Shall have ability to deal with a variety of people and situations;

Shall have flexibility and ability to work under stress and within limited time frames.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired