Hydroelectric Plant Technician

  Amin Kapisa Construction and Road Building Company
Bachelor's Degree   Konar, Afghanistan Full Time 325
Date Posted:Sep 12, 2019
Closing Date:Sep 20, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:2
Functional Area:Electrical Engineering
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:2 - 3 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Amin Kapisa Construction and Road Building Company:


Amin Kapisa Construction and Road Building company is a major Afghani construction and Road Building Company with a total capability across the spectrum of roads networks, building and civil engineering work, including Design, implementation and Finance developments. AKCC Consultants is Afghan National, Non Governmental and Nonpolitical Company established in Kabul by the most eligible, experts and experience National Engineers as a Nation private unit to participate activity in Reconstruction efforts of Afghanistan and pay great pleasure to work jointly with other Companies and Organizations to provide services for the war effected Countrymen of Afghanistan of different areas and to Assist the Government in Rehabilitation and Rebuilding of Afghanistan through Designing and Implementation of Construction and Reconstruction Projects throughout the Country funded by the PRTS, US Army of corps and other National and International Donor Agencies. To implement and conduct such Rehabilitation and Rebuilding activities AKCC Consultants developed a Network of qualified staff and labors. Beside AKCC Consultants has strong base of light and heavy-duty tolls and Equipments possibilities. This company is registered with AISA (Afghan Investment Support Agency).

Job Summary:

AKCC is currently looking for a Hydroelectric Plant Technician / to play active role and operated the Hydropower plant.

Skills Required:

Team Working skillsWritten CommunicationMs.Office Programs

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

·        Good knowledge of M.S office Word, Excel, Power Point and Project

·        Excellent writing and spoken Pashto, Dari and English are a plus.

Able to work independently and under the stressful conditions 

·        Previous similar experience in operation and maintenance of power supply projects;

·        Ability to perform effectively under pressure and with short deadlines;

Experience in working with MEW projects and DABS is an asset.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Job Duties and Tasks for: "2.1MW small Managai Hydroelectric Plant Technician"

1) Identify or address malfunctions of hydroelectric plant operational equipment, such as generators, transformers, or turbines.

2) Monitor hydroelectric power plant equipment operation and performance, adjusting to performance specifications, as necessary.

 3) Start, adjust, or stop generating units, operating valves, gates, or auxiliary equipment in hydroelectric power generating plants.

4) Communicate status of hydroelectric operating equipment to dispatchers or supervisors.

5) Implement load or switching orders in hydroelectric plants, in accordance with specifications or instructions.

6) Inspect water-powered electric generators or auxiliary equipment in hydroelectric plants to verify proper operation or to determine maintenance or repair needs.

7) Install or calibrate electrical or mechanical equipment, such as motors, engines, switchboards, relays, switch gears, meters, pumps, hydraulics, or flood channels.

8) Maintain logs, reports, work requests, or other records of work performed in hydroelectric plants.

9) Maintain or repair hydroelectric plant electrical, mechanical, or electronic equipment, such as motors, transformers, voltage regulators, generators, relays, battery systems, air compressors, sump pumps, gates, or valves.

10) Operate high voltage switches or related devices in hydropower stations.

11) Operate hydroelectric plant equipment, such as turbines, pumps, valves, gates, fans, electric control boards, or battery banks.


12) Take readings and record data such as water levels, temperatures, or flow rates.

13) Test and repair or replace electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers, station batteries, cable trays, conduits, or control devices.

14) Change oil, hydraulic fluid, or other lubricants to maintain condition of hydroelectric plant equipment.

 15) Connect metal parts or components in hydroelectric plants by welding, soldering, riveting, tapping, bolting, bonding, or screwing.

16) Cut, bend, or shape metal for applications in hydroelectric plants, using equipment such as hydraulic benders or pipe threaders.

17) Erect scaffolds, platforms, or hoisting frames to access hydroelectric plant machinery or infrastructure for repair or replacement.

18) Lift and move loads, using cranes, hoists, and rigging, to install or repair hydroelectric system equipment or infrastructure.

19) Perform preventive or corrective containment or cleanup measures in hydroelectric plants to prevent environmental contamination.

20) Perform tunnel or field inspections of hydroelectric plant facilities or resources.

21) Splice or terminate cables or electrical wiring in hydroelectric plants.

 Any other task assigned by senior manager of AKCC Department .

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Konar


  • Minimum B.Sc. degree in Power Supply, Electrical Engineering, mechanical engineering or other similar field;

Minimum 2-3 years’ experience in related field;

Job Keywords:

Hydroelectric Plant Technician
This job is expired