International Electro Mechanical Engineering Expert PTAP Member (Re-Announce)

Master's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Part Time 524
Date Posted:Jul 15, 2020
Closing Date:Jul 28, 2020
Work Type:Part Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Engineering
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:15 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Contractor
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:English

About DABS:


Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) is a self-sufficient and independent corporation established under Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s Joint Stock and Limited liability corporations’ act. This corporation changed legal entity and replaced Da Afghanistan Breshna Mosesa (Afghanistan electricity company), as a national electricity corporation on 15th of Sawr 1387 SH, in accordance with May 04, 2008. Da Afghanistan Breshan sherkat (DABS) commercially manages generation, import, transmission and distribution of the power electricity across the country.

Job Summary:

The primary objective of the PTAP is to provide an independent and high-level technical evaluation of the safety and optimization of power generation for Naghlu, Sorobi and Darunta Dam, and to propose solutions to improve safety of the dams and its associated structures to the acceptable safety standard corresponding to international practices. Specifically, PTAP will:

1.     Provide DABS with assessment of the safety condition of the Naghlu, Sorobi and Darunta Dam and its appurtenant structures in accordance with the international and national standards as well as the World Bank OP / BP 4.37 for dam safety;

2.     Make periodic, comprehensive and independent reviews of project design documents, and dam safety aspects plans, schedules, instrumentation and monitoring reports, supervision / site investigation reports, and specific technical assessments related to dam engineering, geotechnical, hydraulic, operation and maintenance and other aspects;

3.     Assess the potential risks and hazards due to potential failure of the dam to local communities and assets, including assets to be financed as part of this project; and

4.     Prepare mission report following every mission covering dam safety status including any safety issues and recommendation of remedial measures along with preliminary cost estimates. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

The main tasks of the appointed consultant are, but not limited to:

1.  Site Visit and Data Collection

·        Site visit to only Naghlu HPP is required for other plants such as Darunta and Sorobi HPP the site visit is optional and will be asked from experts to have site visit to Darunta and Sorobi HPP, also depend to their agreement. 

·        Meeting with the representatives and technical staff of the dam owner/operator to discuss safety condition of the dam and operation & maintenance procedures.

·        Conducting detailed field inspection of the dam and associated structures, such as spillway, outlet structures and gates/valves, control / monitoring instruments, etc.

·        Using a standard check list to check the safety level of the dam and associated structures along with the level of urgency and priority for remedial works.

·        Reviewing the design reports, drawings, construction supervision reports, as well as dam safety audit reports and post-event inspection reports if any.

·        Review construction records, and recent operation and maintenance records, including instrumentation data.

·        Reviewing the data and records of the monitoring instruments from the beginning of the operation to date and checking trends and anomalies if any.

·        Reviewing the design and condition of monitoring instruments and quality of data collection, storage, and analysis.

·        Review the criteria, methodology and determination of the design flood, flood routing studies and the sizing of the spillway. Examine spillway operation records and evaluate the adequacy of the capacity of the spillway.

·        Reviewing the O&M Manual, organizational structure, staff capacity, and training needs.

·        Assessing the downstream hazards, such as industrial/commercial/agriculture areas, approximate number of communities and houses, infrastructures (roads, railroads, etc.) that can be flooded by potential failure of the dam and providing TORs for detailed dam break and flooding analysis as required.

2.  Detailed Dam Safety Analyses and Evaluation and Optimization of Power Generation Assessment

·        Performing engineering analyses (geotechnical, structural or hydraulic) to assess the safety conditions of the dam and associated structures.

·        Undertaking stability analysis of the dam and associated structures, including factors of safety for normal, unusual and extreme loading conditions, and using internationally acceptable method.

·        Assessing the seismic hazard of the dam area and adequacy of loading criteria/ conditions used for design of the dam.

·        Assessing the upstream catchment and reservoir rim conditions in regard to formation of landslide or ice dams (glacier) and handling of floods and waving factors caused by such events.

·        Checking the seepage condition and analysis of the dam body, foundation and abutments to check the effectiveness of foundation treatment and seepage control measures.

·        Checking the flood hydrology and design flood (10,000 years, PMF, etc.), reservoir routing and spillway sizing, considering the present conditions of the catchment and reservoir silting.

·        Checking the hydraulic design and condition of the spillway, including gates and electrical / mechanical parts, as well as energy dissipating arrangements and downstream conditions. 

·        Checking the design and conditions of the intake and outlet works, including the capacity for emergency reservoir drawdown, sediment handling capability, selective thermal releases, regulation range and other factors, etc.

·        Reviewing the catchment conditions, silting level of the dam reservoir, sediment deposit volume, and condition of sediment flushing facility if any and providing TORs for bathymetric survey as required.

3.  Recommendation of Remedial Measures

·        Review the Dam Safety Report, summarizing its findings and recommendations on dam safety along with urgency and priority levels (as for Component 1 & 2) also provide suggestion and feedback.

·        Reviewing and advising on the TORs for a comprehensive Feasibility Study for the Optimization of Power Generation and capacity improvement for Naghlu ,Sorobi and Darunta hydropower plants.

·        Recommending additional field survey, investigation, and tests if required.

·        Recommending required remedial measures for ensuring the safety of the dam and associated structures if any along with priority levels (immediate, mid-term, and long-term) as well as conceptual design and preliminary cost estimates.

·        Recommending a set of suitable sedimentation management measures including catchment management, check dams, hydraulic suction/dredging, sediment flushing/sluicing measures, etc. if required.

·        Providing TORs for detailed design of remedial works and construction supervision as well as the consultancy’s estimated budget and duration as required.

·        Review the engineering designs and cost estimates for the proposed activities of mention components rest on Naghlu, Sorobi and Darunta hydropower plants

·        Recommending on the upgrading needs for the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Plan and Emergency Preparedness Plan, and if not available, provide the framework of those plans along with useful samples and formats.

a)  Based on the recommendations of the Dam Safety Audit and power generation optimization capacity improvement PTAP will:

-                  Prepare and submit dam safety audit report by submitting an inception report, a draft dam safety report, and the final dam safety report.

-                  Review the Terms of Reference for the Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Consultant for the recommended solution for the Improvement of the Dam Safety

-                  Review the Terms of Reference for the Detailed Engineering Design Consultant for the recommended solution for the Optimization of Power Generation

-                  Review the engineering designs and cost estimates for the proposed activities for Naghlu,Sorobi and Darunta hydropower plant rehabilitaion.

-                  Review the Instrumentation Plan to be implemented for Naglu, Sorobi and Darunta hydropower rehabilitation.

-                  Review the Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP). The EPP should be provided not later than one year before the projected date of the first impoundment of the reservoir. Review the final Operational and Maintenance (O&M) Plan including reservoir operation, dam safety monitoring, surveillance/inspection and reporting procedures and arrangements. The O&M Plan should be submitted not later than six months before the inception of the first impoundment after completing remedial works

-                  Review and advise on the actions taken for capacity development, training, preparation of operation manuals for electrical and electromechanical works, maintenance plans for equipment.

-                  If and when relevant, review overall construction arrangement and schedule, including flood diversion arrangement for construction works.

Job Requirement:

The PTAP experts should meet the minimum requirements as below. Each international expert besides having a master’s degree and National Experts bachelor’s degree in required majors should be fluent in English and have a minimum of 15 years of work experience in respective professional areas.

·Expertise in reviewing design and installation of major electromechanical parts.

·Expertise in electro-mechanical design and instrumentation and monitoring plan

·Expertise in electromechanical design, calculation, specifications and estimations.

·Experience in instrumentation monitoring, and O&M plan and EPP preparation

·Having worked as dam operation and maintenance engineer in home country and outside.

·Expertise in maintenance of hydro-mechanical & electric equipment

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired