International Technical Adviser (Individual)

Master's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 658
Date Posted:Oct 31, 2019
Closing Date:Nov 13, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Engineering
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:English

About DABS:


Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the national electricity utility of Afghanistan, has the responsibility for the management and operation of the electricity system in the country. Until 2009, DABS was a department of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW). DABS’s corporatization has been accompanied by a strong program of commercialization supported by the World Bank and more recently by USAID. 

DABS are responsible for the installed domestic generation capacity, including about 293MW of hydropower and with it Naghlu Hydropower Plant, although about 301MW is currently in service. Since 2006 the World Bank has been financing the rehabilitation of the electrical and electromechanical parts of Naghlu hydropower plant which was built with Soviet assistance during the 1960s. DABS World Bank funded projects Unit currently handling four projects namely:

1.                  Naghlu Hydropower Rehabilitation Projects (NHRP)

2.                  CASA-1000, ± 500 KV, HVDC Transmission Systems.

3.                  DABS Planning and Capacity Support Project (DPCSP)

4.                  Herat Electrification Project  

Job Summary:

The key objectives of Technical Adviser to assist Project Director in technical and contractual aspects as well as monitoring of below projects components (but not limited to the followings):

Skills Required:


Skills Description:

·      Working experience in conflict zone is preferred.

·       Analytical ability, practical problem-solving skills and resourcefulness in performing varied tasks in the area;

·       Demonstrated skills in retrieving, gathering and obtaining information from various sources;

·      Sound organizational skills and ability to prioritize and deliver assignments in a timely manner often under severe time pressures;

·      Demonstrated initiative in developing practical approaches that improve efficiency and effectiveness of the project;

·      Strong inter-personnel skills and commitment to work in a team-oriented, multi-cultural environment;

·      Language skills: Fluent oral and written skills in English;

·      Computer literacy: Proficient in PC based applications such as Word, Excel and Power Points etc.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Support NHRP team in proper monitoring of Rehabilitation of Unit#2 and Unit#4 
  • Provide support to NHRP team during in procurement of contractors as well as supervision and monitoring including review of technical documents for the Darunta hydropower rehabilitation activity.
  • Provide support to the team in closing reports of all projects like Sarobi Substation, Rehabilitation of Unit#1 and 3 of Naghlu HPP.
  • Support NHRP team in procurement of bathymetric equipment and performing bathymetric survey of Nahglu Reservoir.
  • Provide support to the NHRP team on executing sediment assessment and selective removal included unexploded ordnance by providing (i) inputs to the bidding document, (iii) compiling all related technical document for bids, (iv) assisting in procurement of the contractor, (v) review technical document of the contractor and (vi) support in supervision and monitoring of the contractor.
  • Assist NHRP team in conducting interim sediment assessment prior to hiring of the contractor.
  • Support NHRP team in procurement and installation pumps in drainage gallery of the Naghlu Hydropower Plant.
  • Provide support and advice to NHPP personnel and power plant manager to improve their performance in operation and maintenance of the power plant. 
  • Provide support during the procurement stage and supervision stage of the consultant for operation and maintenance training of NHPP personnel
  • Overall support to NHRP team for all packages of DAM safety
  • Provide support to the DPCSP project manager in monitoring contractor for construction of training center and supervision of consultant for DABS staff capacity building.
  • Advise World Bank funded projects’ director and projects’ managers to effectively plan and timely execute projects’ activities.

Project Implementation

1.      Provide technical expertise and strategic guidance to all project components, assuming quality control of interventions, and support the Project Director in the coordination of the implementation of planned activities under the Naghlu Hydropower Rehabilitation Project as stipulated in the project document/work plan;

2.      Develop and review term of reference, technical documents as well as design including drawing, technical specification, bill of quantities and related documents for all project components.

3.      Review of technical documents and design, including drawings, technical specifications and bills of quantities for all project components submitted by contractors with an aim to confirm their appropriateness and to identify possible deficiencies

4.      Participate in the tender evaluations as an observer and provide expert input during the evaluation of bids for all project components.

5.      Advise on the national legal procedures, international standards, obtaining of necessary permits for NHRP project works and other requirements related to launching construction works for all project components.

6.      Support to develop and execute all NHRP program reviews.

7.      Provide technical advice for all project components as well as expertise to systems development technical project groups.

8.      Develop and maintain strong human relations as well as convey required skills .

9.      Promotes continuous improvement practices in the implementation of the all project components.

10.  Conduct administrative and coordinate the work of all consultants and sub-contractors, ensuring the timely delivery of expected outputs, and effective synergy among the various sub-contracted activities, specifically in the implementation of components.

11.  Ensure that technical contracts meet the highest standards; provide input into development of Terms of Reference for sub-contracts, assist with selection process, recommend best approaches, provide technical peer function to sub-contractors;

  1. The Project Technical Adviser shall work in close association with Project Director in organizing PTAP missions and represent NHRP for coordinating the inputs from PTAP and follow up.

13.  Review the technical specifications of the Project and if required, ask the consultant to revise them to a high professional standard, ensure that they are in line with DABS/ Afghanistan rules, and duly approved by the Project Technical Advisory Panel (PTAP) and accepted by World Bank. And permit the consultant for final submission,

14.  Consultant shall visit the site during construction and ensure the quality of the work and submit visit report to Project Director to issue notice to the contractor if required.

15.  Provide assistance in advancing the procurement processes of the different activities.

Project management and monitoring for all project components

1.      Provide hands-on support to the Project Director, project staff and other government counterparts in the areas of project management and planning, management of site activities, impact assessment, monitoring and final evaluation of the project;

2.      Assist the Project Director in the preparation and revision of the Management Plan as well as Annual Work Plans;

3.      Assist the Project Director in preparation and modification of TORs for various consultancy services required under the project

4.      Assist the Project Director in monitoring the technical quality of project M&E systems (including indicators and targets);

5.      Assist the Project Director in adjusting the project Results Framework, as required and in line with corporate requirements;

6.      Coordinate preparation of the periodic Status Report when called for by the Project Director;

7.      Review/Annual Project Report (APR), inception report, technical reports,

8.      Assist the Project Director in the preparation of the Combined Project Implementation

9.      Assist and supervise the project phasing out required activities such as project final evaluation, completion report as required.

10.  Assist the Project Director in managing the international experts working in the PIU and ensuring their services are being utilized properly.

Relationship building

Assist the Project Director in liaison work with project partners, World Bank, NGOs and other groups to ensure effective coordination of project activities.

The consultant will be present in all World Bank missions to be able to advice on progress on challenges.


Assist in knowledge management, communications and awareness raising and document lessons from project implementation and make recommendations to the Project Team for more effective implementation and coordination of all project component activities.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


·     Education: Advanced University (Masters or higher) Degree in civil/hydraulic engineering or any other related engineering field;

·     Experience: Minimum of 10 years professional experience in construction/ Rehabilitation of dams and managing of large-scale hydropower plants, including preparing TORs for various studies, preferably dealing with large hydropower plant, and providing guidance and direction to consultants’ activities, bid evaluation and contract management. 

This job is expired