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Date Posted:May 2, 2010
Closing Date:May 14, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:Fresh
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
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Job Summary:

This internship opportunity is to support strategic communications, reporting and information functions of the organisation. This is a short term position for 6 months duration. However, this internship opportunity is part of a substantive full time post, which will be available contingent to securing additional funds as well as on the performance of the post holder in this short term role. The terms and conditions of the employment contract for the full time substantive position will be different from this short term internship opportunity.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables
Under the overall direction of the Managing Director and direct line management of Director (Advocacy and Partnership Development Department), the incumbent will be required to perform the following specific tasks:

Deliverable 1
Updating of programme information, re-design of the website in close consultation with relevant stakeholders within organization, including London Office, identification and contract with a Kabul based qualified and professional web designing firm
This deliverable has a wide audience from a common supporter in the UK to a policy maker in various capitals whose governments are interested in supporting humanitarian and development assistance delivered by NGOs and those whose military is engaged in action in Afghanistan, Government of Afghanistan, civil society in Afghanistan and outside, private sector, etc. Hence, there is a need to produce information for Afghanaid website that will ‘speak’ to this diverse audience effectively.
Key Tasks:
a. Review of existing / ongoing project proposals and donor reports to develop synthesis of work under various streams of Afghanaid’s programme (i.e. livelihoods, which includes agriculture, NRM, economic development etc, local governance and humanitarian aid, including cross cutting themes such as DRR and gender Equality)
b. Visits of programme areas to collect human stories
c. Develop and system of developing and updating programme coverage and its profile (i.e. of beneficiaries gender, location specific info, age, etc.)
d. Working closely with Director (APDD) and London office identify a professional and qualified web designing firm based in Kabul, work with them to ensure redesigning and management of the website, and support London office to put in place an arrangement with UK based hosting company to continue with ‘UK’ domain identity of the official website

Deliverable 2
Support and input in the 2010-14 Strategy development process
Afghanaid initiated and completed an internal reflections and review exercise with over 50 staff from its head office, provincial, districts and London offices to identify what is achieved vis-à-vis previous strategy and what elements of it are still relevant to the current context and priorities of poor rural Afghan families. Next steps include a desk research which will critical review and analyse the development policies, strategies and national/large programmes of Government of Afghanistan and its key donor partners and their relevance with the expressed needs and priorities of rural population and their effect/implications on NGOs work in the country. The second part of the desk research will review, critically analyse and synthesise major research work done over the last 3-5 years by think tanks, military, donors, government to develop patterns and trends of poverty, inequality, vulnerability and risks rural population is exposed to, and based on this trend and policy environment analysis, build future scenarios.
Key Tasks:
a. Lead desk research of policy environment in Afghanistan of Government and other key stakeholders and actors (including the World Bank, United Nations, governments whose national military forces are engaged in action in the country) to scan and critically analyse:
• Development, reconstruction and humanitarian policies, strategies and large / national programmes vis-à-vis declared needs and priorities of the rural poor Afghan families
• The impact and implications of these policies, strategies and large / national programmes on NGOs space and work in the country
b. Share draft strategy with staff and other key stakeholders of Afghanaid, getting their feedback and incorporating it in the draft
c. Assist in production, publication and dissemination of the full and a ‘public’ version of the 2010-14 strategy
d. Support in development of indicators at strategic level to measure relevance, effectiveness and impact of the 2010-14 strategy and a system to track progress against them

Deliverable 3
Production of Annual Report (2008-2010)
Afghanaid has not produced its annual reports for last two financial years. This report will cover Afghanaid’s work, evidence of its achievements/impact on poor rural people’s lives, and income/expenditure for last two financial years i.e. 2008-09 and 2009-10. For income and expenditure data and analysis, the primary source will be annual audited accounts of the organisation. Whereas for qualitative data and reporting the primary source will be donor reports whereas the post holder will generate anecdotal, but measurable evidence from staff and communities through visits of the programming areas. Annual report will have a widely diverse audience, like in the case of official website and hence will need to be in a format and language that will be accessible and friendly to all readership; a template with guidelines is already drafted and will be followed by the post holder.
Key Tasks:
a. Review of donor reports and based on the anecdotal sharing form staff and community groups discussions, synthesise key achievements and the ‘measurable evidence’ of impact vis-à-vis bringing qualitative and sustainable change in the lives of poor rural families directly or indirectly targeted by Afghanaid programmes over the reporting period
b. Drafting of annual report using the template and guidelines provided for this task
c. Get feedback of relevant staff on the draft and incorporate the feedback
d. Final production of annual report, its publication and dissemination

Deliverable 4
Production of programme brochures and other visibility and promotional materials
Afghanaid needs to update and produce a range of different visibility materials including, but not limited to, organisational and programme specific brochures, newsletters, calendars and other materials.
Key Tasks:
a. Based on the information synthesised from review of active/ongoing programme proposals and donor reports, undertaken for the completion of the above three deliverables, the incumbent will produce agreed number of programme and update present organisational brochure and other visibility materials if and when required
b. Cooperate closely with London office team to package information to raise funds at UK end through production of relevant visibility and promotional materials for UK based supporters and for specific Appeals and Newsletter

To perform any other job as and when assigned by either the direct line manager and/or the overview manager.

Ways of Working
The incumbent will be required to work under the overall steer of Managing Director and direct line management of Director (APDD) in line with the following ways of working:
• Inputs required from various staff/teams for the successful delivery of the above assignment will be discussed and agreed on time with relevant teams, besides with members of APDD; this will include Thematic Teams under the Programme Quality Department, Technical Sector Specific Teams under the Programme Operations Department including provincial and district teams, and the London Office Team
• Will take proactive measures to keep regular communication (verbal and in written form, as agreed) between APDD and other departments of the head office as well as with London and provincial/district offices on areas of work falling under this internship
• Share on time template, guidelines, checklists to get structured input
• Work closely with London Office team on website management and on updating of website contents, and provide support on other areas of work relevant to London Office fundraising activities (e.g. merchandise, fundraising events)

Job Requirement:

Master degree in relevant research-based discipline (Development, Sociology, Social Anthropology). Essential skills required for this assignment include creative and analytical report writing including graphic production of quantitative data; proficiency in computer software including word processing and spreadsheets; desk top publication; command over English language; sensitivity to Afghan culture and Islamic values and traditions; personal integrity, sense of humour, intuitive and self motivation; ability to cope well with simple shared living conditions, manage stress and meet deadlines.

Job Location:

This job is expired