Junior Officer Compliance

  Afghanistan International Bank
Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 1115
Date Posted:Sep 29, 2019
Reference:HR 18/09/2019
Closing Date:Oct 31, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:3
Functional Area:Banking,Law,General
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:3 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Afghanistan International Bank:

Founded: 2004  http://www.aib.af

Afghanistan International Bank (Incorporated in March 2004) is the first private bank in the country promoted by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and some of the prominent business houses of the country headquartered at Kabul. Within 15 years of commencing business the Bank has grown rapidly throughout the country. AIB believes in developing its people through continuous investment in training and giving larger opportunities to those who grow with the bank. With professional management team ensuring high standards of corporate governance and a professional work environment where every manager is committed to train and develop his people is what makes AIB an employer of choice. https://www.aib.af/

Job Summary:

Compliance Department is responsible for Reviewing / Monitoring / Detecting / Reporting “STR/SAR to MIU Unit” Approving and/or Rejecting supporting documents of all International and Domestic Wire Transfers routed through the Payment and Settlement Department of the Bank. Compliance Junior Officer is responsible for day-to-day operation / oversight / Control/ Follow up on collecting the missing supporting documents of customers on timely basis, accurately processing of the transfers according to the Bank AML Policies / Procedures, related Banking laws, and regulations.   

Skills Required:

TeamworkMs.Office Programs

Skills Description:

  1. Having proper knowledge of Office Packages
  2. To properly communicate in DARI, PUSHTO and English Languages
  3. To act as a best team player
  4. Work in tough and under pressure environment

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.        Responsible that branches have uploaded complete set of documents pertaining to fund transfers as per customer’s nature of business. In addition, the documents must be in accordance with;


a)        The Bank Policies & Procedures /

b)        Related Banking Laws

c)        AML / CFT Laws & Regulations and other

d)        DAB Laws or Instructions


2.        Responsible to check and approve all different types of documents for remittances based on the check list provided, such as: Commercial Payments, Personal Payments, account to account transfers, payroll transfers, property sales payments, intra-company payment, advance payments etc… deals carrying supporting documents for their any types of wire transfers.

3.        Responsible to print all outgoing fund transfers, which have been uploaded and sent through bank’s centralized database “File-up” from all branches of the bank to PSU on daily and timely basis.

4.        Responsible to check and process all International / Domestic Fund Transfer Forms and reconnaissance with their supporting documents provided according to the check list available with the PSU Unit as a part of standard operating procedures, on daily basis.


5.        Responsible that all nature of payment’s supporting documents are checked, approved and/or rejected as per Compliance/Branch Standard Operating Procedure’s (SOPs) and AML Policy. In addition, in case if any document(s) is missing; the file up should be reported back to the related branch for rectification. (SAR/STR process may be applied).

6.        Responsible that fund transfers’ check list are ticked according to the nature and/or availability of the accurate / complete supporting documents with the fund transfer form(s) before checking and/or approving of the wire transfer form is taking place.

7.        Responsible that every transaction or fund transfer details are checked against blacklisted countries “The list which has earlier provided to branches”.

8.        Responsible that all payments to high-risk countries are submitted to MIU (Monitoring & Investigation Unit) for pre-screening purposes. In addition, the manager is responsible to check that all submitted payments to MIU Unit are properly screened by them before submitting the transfer forms to PS department for further process.

9.        Responsible to ensure that all transfers (Domestic / International) are processed on timely basis as indicated in procedures / instructions.

10.      Responsible to ensure having accurate records of all MIS reports and report on timely basis to PSU Manager. 

11.      Responsible to ensure recording the receipts of all accurate / reliable pending documents of customers in relation to PSU follow up database.

12.      Responsible to ensure follow up database is properly updated on daily basis and / or inform branches on status of the pending documents on timely basis as per procedures.

13.      Responsible to report the Suspicious Activities / Transactions to MIU Unit for their further investigative actions.

14.      Responsible to ensure the highest level of accuracy in processing of the payments (Domestic / International) from AML / CFT / Sanction prospective.

15.      Ensure to attend weekly or of the monthly meetings / training hold by PSU Manager / Compliance Officials.

16.      Responsible to properly and accurately issue NOCs (Non-Object Certificates) to Business Units.

17.      Responsible to act as per policy for processing of payments after cut off time.

18.      Ensure that, all payments are checked, approved, signed, screened against list and then are submitted to responsible officer of PS department.

19.      Responsible that TTs should not be kept pending with no reasons, the J/officer is directly responsible on either processing of the transfer forms or rejecting it as per policy by informing the related branch through the file up centralized database.

20.      Responsible those payments should not be PRINTED / PROCESSED as DOUBLE from file-up database.

22.      Ensure accuracy and audit issues on daily basis during the operation.

23.        Any other tasks getting assign to you by your respected line managers.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul



  1. Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Law Studies will be given priority.
  2. Familiarized with Bank , General Polices, AML / CFT Laws will be asset.
  3. Holder of certificates in banking, if any is preferred.


  1. At least 3 years of experience in General Banking and Compliance Department

This job is expired


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