Land Acquisition and Resettlement Specialist

  Kabul Municipality
Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 508
Date Posted:Jul 13, 2020
Closing Date:Jul 27, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Social Science
Salary Range:NTA, Grade C
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:1 year(s)
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Kabul Municipality:


The Kabul Municipality (KM) has received a grant from the World Bank toward the cost of the proposed Kabul Municipal Development Project (KMDP). That builds upon the now closed Kabul Urban Reconstruction Project (KURP) which financed upgrading similar to the works envisaged under the proposed project.

The Kabul Municipality is responsible for implementing Kabul Municipal Development program (KMDP) and Eshteghal Zaiee Karmondena (EZ-KAR) Project on behalf of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The primary focus of the KMDP is to increase access to basic municipal services in selected residential areas of Kabul City and strengthen municipal finance management of Kabul Municipality and the project development objective of EZ-KAR is to strengthen the enabling environment for economic opportunities in cities (including Kabul Municipality) where there is a high influx of displaced people.

The KMDP Development Objectives are to: (i) Increase access to basic municipal services through investments in critical infrastructure in selected residential areas of Kabul; (ii) redesign KM’s Financial Management system to support better service delivery when reforms are implemented. In the event of an eligible emergency or crisis, this operation will also enable early emergency response through the provision of a quick access to funding. During the project restructuring for the Immediate Response Mechanism (IRM), the results framework will be adjusted to capture the results from the use of the funds for the IRM and reflects any significant changes expected in the original PDO.

The EZ-KAR Development Objectives are to (i) Support for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan, (ii) Short the term employment opportunities and market enabling infrastructure under IDLG, (iii) Prioritized urban investments in four provincial capital cities, (iv) Market enabling infrastructure and reforms for Kabul Municipality and (v) Project Management, Implementation support and national regulatory reforms.

Job Summary:

The PIU at KM intends to hire a Land Acquisition and Resettlement Specialist to support the work of the Kabul Municipal Development Program (KMDP). Under the overall supervision of the KMDP director and direct supervision of Senior Environmental and Social Safeguard Specialist, He/she will be responsible to support the KMDP environmental and social team to guide KMDP offices in the preparation and conduction of project Land Clearance and Transfer, Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP), stakeholder consultation, Socio-Economic Survey and information discloser and other related tasks which will recommend by senior environmental and social safeguard specialist. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

Specific responsibilities and duties include; (a) Project Land Clearance and transfer issues under KMDP and EZ-KAR (b) Preparation of Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP), (c) Socio-Economic Survey, (d) Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and (c) Stakeholder consultation and information disclosures. The Land Acquisition and Resettlement Specialist has to support the Senior Environmental and Social Safeguard Specialist at KMDP on overall social safeguard duties and will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following tasks: 

  • Ensuring the proper implementation of the ESMF and RPF of the KMDP and EZ-KAR projects.
  • Organized and manage consultations meetings with all stakeholders and affected parties.
  • Provide technical social and environmental safeguards advise to site engineers and contraction safeguard officer, engineers and workers to ensure safeguard aspect are properly during project implementation.
  • Ensure that the land donation has been done based on the procedures and standard provisions of KMDP-RPF. He/she will be also responsible to prepare land documentation and recorded to confirm all due government process for land clearance and land acquisitions have been followed and prepare Resettlement Action Plan if required.
  • Assist the senior environmental and social safeguard specialist in the review and clearance of reports and documents submitted by consultant by confirming compliance with safeguard policies.
  • Prepares reports pertaining to overall implementation of environmental requirements under the project.
  • Support the project team on implementation of Citizen Engagement mechanisms and ensure the delivery of satisfaction surveys with the level of affordability and reliability of services
  • Assesses the overall socio-economic impacts of the Project including the sustainability of the Project interventions.
  • Development and successful delivery of stakeholder engagement plans in accordance with the overarching stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Prepare and manage workshops, roundtable and forum logistics including developing agendas, project plans, minute taking and production of reports
  • Preparation of a social impact assessment (SIA) and land acquisition and resettlement plan (LARP) for project under the KMDP/EZ-KAR.
  • Assist the KMDP-ESS team to implement the LARP Including managing proper disclosure to the public, preparing detailed action plans for the delivery of compensation, ensuring that all affected parties receive payments or other rehabilitation based on the LARP and assisting the KMDP-ESS team to hand over the site to the contractor free from all encumbrances.
  • Ensure that the displaced persons are properly consulted and adequately resettled and compensated in accordance with the provision of the LAR. This task entails among other things proper review of compensation rates and consultation with local governments and community organization to ensure compensation at replacement Cost.
  • Developing grievance mechanisms for reporting complaints from affected people, civil society
  • organizations and other project stakeholders.
  • Ensure livelihood restitution measures for relocated households or those losing land are designed as a project activity with associated budget and implementation arrangement. Include activities, outcomes, budget, implementation arrangements, outline terms of reference for implementing agencies and indicators for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Identify key stakeholders (poor and vulnerable groups in particular), their project- related interests, identify their likely barriers to participate in and benefit from project resources, and suggest possible strategies for addressing the concerns of these stakeholders.
  • Negotiate land purchases, perpetual easements, lease extensions and prepayments with landowners.
  • And any other task given by the senior environmental and social safeguard specialist or senior management. 

Reporting Relationships

The Land Acquisition and Resettlement Specialist will report to the Senior Environmental and Social Safeguard Specialist (SESSS) and works closely with KMDP environmental and social team members, Citizen Engagement & Grievance Redress focal point, Gender Specialist, technical, procurement and contract management teams in liaison with the SESSS to ensure that all project related tasks implemented. 

Job Requirement:

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s in the social science, e.g. sociology, anthropology, human geography, Business Management, development economics, environmental science or related fields.
  • At least 3 years of experience with Master’s degree and Bachelor’s with (5) years of demonstrated experience in support of knowledge management, land acquisition and resettlement, stakeholder’s engagement, environmental and social safeguard, monitoring and evaluation, communication and other similar performance of the tasks described above, preferably experience with World Bank funded projects.
  • ·        Full computer literacy in internet searching and Microsoft Office programs i.e. MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-Power Point.
  • Being fluent in English language; and should have good command on both national languages (Dari and Pashto).

Technical Skills

  • Understanding of environmental and social safeguard framework and policies of WBG.
  • Fundamental knowledge of construction projects and their social and environmental effects.
  • Experience in preparation and implementation of land acquisition and resettlement plans, livelihood restitution measures for project affected people, planning, implementing and interpreting social surveys
  • Excellent interpersonal communications and coordination skills, and proven ability to work constructively with a variety of stakeholders to achieve common goals
  • Sound organizational skills and ability to prioritize and deliver assignments in a timely manner often under severe time pressures.
  • Ability to work under pressure and work extra hours when required.
  • Direct work experience with the World Bank funded projects.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired