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Bachelor's Degree   Jawzjan, Afghanistan Full Time 553
Date Posted:Jul 14, 2019
Closing Date:Jul 27, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:4 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English


Founded: 2002

Rural livelihoods in Afghanistan are threatened by the impacts of climate change, specifically those associated with climate-induced disasters. Total annual precipitation will decrease, with greater variety between seasons. This leads to increase in severity and frequency of climate-induced disasters such as flooding, drought, and landslides; resulting in loss of life, agriculture crops and livestock, and displacement of communities. Rural communities in Jawzjan and Nangarhar provinces have limited resources to invest in adaptation measures to reduce risks associated with these disasters.

The Adapting Afghan Communities to Climate-induced Disaster Risks project aims at promoting community-based and gender-sensitive adaptation to the impacts of climate change in the two provinces through implementation of activities under four complementary components: Firstly, the project will build capacities for decision-making on and implementation of gender-sensitive climate-induced disaster risk reduction measures. Secondly, community-based early warning systems will be established to improve monitoring and response to climate-induced disasters. The third component will introduce climate-resilient livelihood options within the target communities with focus on women, youth, and other marginalized groups; and construct climate-resilient habitats and shelters. Finally, the project will develop capacities of national and sub-national institutions to integrate climate change into development planning. The project is a joint intervention between MAIL and UNDP, and will be implemented by MAIL as part of the ministry’s Central Programme Office for Natural Resources Management (CPO-NRM). 

Job Summary:

The Livelihood Officer will report and work under the direct supervision of Project Manager (PM) and Senior Livelihood Specialist. He or she will also liaise with the project core team and UNDP to ensure technical soundness and compliance of the project document with the requirements of the GEF and LDCF. The Livelihood Officer will work in a team of several other experts, in particular in collaboration and guidance by the National Project Manager in order to deliver the outputs above. During the assignment, the Livelihood Officer will also liaise and work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and livestock (MAIL), and relevant provincial departments and government officials, in particular from MRRD and the UN agencies like UNEP.

The Livelihood Officer to perform the following tasks as part of the baseline assessments to inform the design of the project as follows:

Skills Required:

Communication Interpersonal Skills

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

·        Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

·        Excellent English written communication skills, with analytic capacity and ability to synthesize project outputs and relevant findings for the preparation of quality project reports;

·        Ability to speak, read and write technical and conversational English;

·        Ability to understand new terminology and concepts easily and to synthesize information from different sources into a coherent project document;

·        Skill in negotiating effectively in sensitive situations;

·        Skill in achieving results through persuading, influencing and working with others;

·        Skill in facilitating meetings effectively and efficiently and to resolve conflicts as they arise;

·        Maturity and confidence in dealing with senior and high-ranking members of international, regional and national institutions;

·        Displays sensitivity and adaptability to different cultures, genders, religions, races, nationalities and age groups;

·        Good oral communication skills and conflict resolution competency to manage inter-group dynamics and mediate conflicting interests of varied actors;

·        Good team player, self-starter, has ability to work under minimum supervision and maintain good relationships.

Experience and Skills Required:

·        Bachelor degree with 4 years of relevant experience

·        Proven experience in conducting assessment and analysis of agriculture and livelihood related options/activities

·        Strong knowledge of Disaster risk management, Early warning systems and climate shelters

·        Strong knowledge and understanding sub-national institutional contexts of Afghanistan.

·        Experience in working with local government or NGOs on agriculture/livelihood related activities in remote areas of Afghanistan

Duties & Responsibilities:

·        Provide technical support to the Senior Livelihood Specialist and the project task team;

·        Management of livelihood resources as identified in the project document in the field;

·        Implementation of livelihood operational plans in the field;

·        Development of livelihood assessment at the community level;

·        Provision of technical consultations to PM and Senior Livelihood Specialist;

·        Contribute technical specifications for the market surveys, training of beneficiaries on various skills;

·        Provide technical guidance for the marketing and market forward and backward linkages for the alternative livelihoods

·        Contribute to rangeland management strategies, reforestation and disaster risk management;

·        Map out existing livelihood related support that exists in the target districts/communities and facilitate a dialogue with provincial government authorities about ways in which these agencies can be more effectively integrated into the sub-national development planning process;

·        Assess the existing livelihood practices in the target sites; assess to what extent these practices (including the livelihood support provided by agencies listed above) take into account future climate change scenarios such as an increasing monsoon rainfall, decreasing dry season rainfall, and increasing variability in rainfall;

·        Carry out a preliminary costing exercise along with a calculation of potential beneficiaries (individuals or households), which will feed into the Total Budget and Work Plan section and Socio-economic Benefits section of the project document; 

·        Establishment of Community Disaster Management Committees based on existing stakeholder groups and ensuring representation of all vulnerable groups

·        Design climate-resilient habitats and disaster/emergency shelters that can serve multiple purposes before and during disasters (e.g. schools, clinics, emergency evacuation centres), taking into account the needs for different groups during disasters

·        Provide trainings to communities on building climate-resilient habitats and emergency shelters.

·        Undertake a market assessment to identify opportunities for high-value products

·        Promote alternative income-generating activities and value-addition activities to diversify livelihood options.

·        Identify the delivery mechanism for such measures taking into considerations financial and institutional sustainability options; and

·        Perform any other duties as required by the Project Manager and Senior Livelihood Specialist.

Expected Results:

·        Mapping and Assessment report of existing livelihood assistance, socio-economic aspect, describing ways in which they are integrated into the sub-national development planning process

·        Research on the identification of recommended livelihood adaptation measures and proposed delivery mechanism for such measures that can be introduced through the project

·        Facilitation consultations and dialogue to formalize partnership agreements and contributions to project implementation

·        Community resilience is strengthened

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Jawzjan


Bachelor’s degree with 4 years’ experience in Agriculture, Environment Science, Natural Resources Management, and/or related fields.

Job Keywords:

Livelihood Officer
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