Microwave and Fiber Expert

Bachelor's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 296
Date Posted:Oct 17, 2020
Closing Date:Nov 3, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Telecommunication
Salary Range:NTA, Grade B
Years of Experience:6 Years
Contract Duration:2 year(s)
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Pashto,Dari,English

About ATRA:


Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (ATRA) is the independent regulator of the telecom sector. It is responsible for implementing the Telecommunications Sector Policy and enforcing the provisions of the Telecom Law. ATRA strives to create an enabling environment for the private sector to invest in developing telecom and Internet infrastructure and services. ATRA aims to achieve an enabling private sector-backed telecom market and services in Afghanistan through creating and enforcing regulations, applying standards, providing universal access to the services, regulating the market, overseeing and fostering competition in the telecom market-- all in a non-discriminatory and transparent manner. ATRA works closely with its stakeholders, the private sector, government entities and end-users and telecom services recipients to improve the level playing field in the telecom and Internet domains in Afghanistan.

Job Summary:

ATRA through its contractor is developing a Realtime Data Management System (RTDMS) in order to ensure transparency on 10% TSF (telecom service fee) collection and telecom sector revenue.

The candidate is expected to undertake all functions and responsibilities relevant to Microwave and Fiber-optic infrastructure of RTDMS.

The candidate will make sure that microwave and fiber-optic infrastructure is operated professionally, effectively by following confidentiality and performance standards. The candidate must have a strong aptitude for networks, information systems, technology and infrastructure

Duties & Responsibilities:

●     Provides oversight, maintenance, and technical support for the system development team.

●     Installs, aligns and tests any type microwave products and associated multiplexing equipment, and maintains equipment control log and failure reports.

●     Prepare documentation for design, planning, requirements, specifications, test and results for all kinds of microwave links.

●     Responsible to configure and troubleshoot all types of microwave point to point and point to multipoint equipment’s and related accessories.

●     Responsible for installation of microwave equipments on poles, towers and rooftops.

●          Capacity analysis and teletraffic engineering of MW links.

●      MW Link troubleshooting and fault restoration.

●     Make and analyse link budgets for MW Links.

●     Ability to make, compile and generate daily reports on bandwidth usage by sites.


●     Ensure that microwave network infrastructure is secure and available all the time.

●     Excellent Knowledge of TCP/IP.

●     Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware/software systems.

●     Ability to work independently on LAN/WAN.

●     Assist RTDMS team members to develop their skills and knowledge in wireless products, especially NERA ,MikroTik and Infinity products.

●     Responsible to install new cable lines, both underground and on telephone poles.

●     Responsible to cut and splice fiber optic cables, locate problem areas and perform other repairs as needed.

●     Identify necessity of any network expansion/upgradation ahead of time based on usage of data.

●     Perform site survey of remote locations to ensure quality installation of all racks, equipment power plants, fiber cable, etc.

●     Connects fiber optic cables to networking outlets and between network outlets.

●     Responsible to perform maintenance on existing cables, including evaluation tests and repairing old or malfunctioning cables.

●     Creating sensors and performing inspections to make sure that the fiber optic systems do not have defects that could undermine performance.

●     Ensure smooth operation and maintenance of the OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) and copper cable.

●     Install       telecommunication equipment, racks, cabinets, cable ladder and misc. equipment, including transmission equipment, power, punch-down and dressing / labeling of components.

●     Performing fiber characterization tests: OTDR, CD/PMD, ORL/OLTS testing,

●     Constructing a proper slice case as well as preparing and maintaining records, diagrams and schematics relating to the splice case.

●     Install and maintain       low voltage category cabling, fiber optic cabling, communications cabling, communication equipment and other various low voltage related systems such as Category 6 and Fiber Optic Structured Cable Distribution Systems.

●     Excellent Knowledge of TCP/IP

●     Ability to work independently on LAN/WAN

●     Any other related task assigned by the supervisor.

Job Requirement:

●     The candidate must be at least a Bachelor Degree holder, Master’s preferred, in Information Technology, Computer Science or any other related field.

●     At least have 6 years of experience with a Bachelor's degree and 3 years with a Master's degree in the relevant field.

●     Experience in configuring and maintaining NERA and Mikrotik Microwave products

●     Ability of NERA and Mikrotik outdoor and indoor units and ability to install microwave equipment’s on poles, towers and rooftops.

●     Knowledge of operating principles of microwave systems. Ability to apply this knowledge to the extent of modifying standard types of equipment.

●     Knowledge of the standards, materials, techniques and equipment used in the installation, maintenance, and repair of OSP and ISP fiber optic and copper equipment

●     Competence in using standard fiber optic preparation and splicing equipment, and OTDRs.

●     Fluent in Pashto and Dari

●     Be an Afghan Citizen, and with no crime record

●     Strong technical and organizational skills.

●     Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and with written documentation.

●     Problem solving

●     Positive attitude toward working in a team

●     Results Oriented

●     Proactive

●     Skilled in Stress management

●     Flexibility with working hours

●     Good report writing skills    

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul

Submission Guideline:

●     All applications (CVs and cover letters) should be submitted via email to: jobs@atra.gov.af Please, clearly indicate on the subject line the title of the position. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

●     The deadline for submission of the application is: November 03, 2020

Submission Email:



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