MIS Senior Technical Manager/ Specialist

Bachelor's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 514
Date Posted:Apr 6, 2021
Reference:HR-TVET/ CapED’s 02
Closing Date:Apr 17, 2021
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Information Management
Salary Range:NTA, Grade B
Years of Experience:7 - 8 Years
Contract Duration:10 month(s)
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About اداره تعلیمات تخنیکی و مسلکی:


CapED’s original focus area in Afghanistan is TVET. The programme has supported the Government of Afghanistan at the upstream level, with the development of policy and monitoring tools to guide, monitor and improve the sector, and at the downstream level, with targeted support to institutions and vocational training centres (VTCs) to improve capacities for demand-driven, market-oriented TVET service delivery. Key interventions in Afghanistan to date have included (1) Strengthening the strategic focus of the TVET system through support for the development of a first sector-wide strategy for TVET; (2) Supporting the government to develop and strengthen its TVET management information system (TVET-MIS) for formal TVET, integrating both demand and supply-side data for better monitoring, evaluation and planning of TVET delivery; and (3) Improving capacities for school-level provision of non-formal TVET through a comprehensive quality review of the VTCs. The Covid-19 pandemic has posed new and unprecedented challenges to the TVET system. TVET institutions remain closed since March 2020 and more than 60,000 students in the formal TVET system have been affected by the health crisis. In response to the school closures, the TVET-Authority (TVET-A) has rapidly assessed its readiness in addressing the learning crisis and proposed a non-conventional learning approach for TVET institutions. The intervention of the CapED workplan for 2020-21 on TVET will capitalize on the key achievements on TVET to date and contribute to the implementation of the immediate response and recovery measures outlined in the TVET-A’s non-conventional learning approach for TVET institutions. Strategic areas that form the basis of intervention for 2020-21 are the further strengthening and refinement of the existing TVET-MIS in place at the TVET to move towards a more holistic, open and agile system capable of generating analytical reports based on more qualitative data for evidence-based decision making, and to improve the quality of TVET provision during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. A second area of intervention is to support the TVET in its efforts to build capacities at central, provincial and school level to develop and implement comprehensive improvement plans for all formal TVET institutions based on relevant resources, guidelines and templates. 


Job Summary:

This assignment involves technical inputs required to deliver support service for Handling of a voluminous data, confirmation of the validity of data & transaction, complex processing of data and multi-dimensional analysis, quick search and retrieval, mass storage, communication of the information system, fulfilling the changing needs of the information as well as reporting the progress against plans. The successful applicant will be expected to work with and through his/her Afghan national counterparts, and to progressively transfer skills and responsibilities to them. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

·      Within two weeks of employment, draft a report and an action plan detailing the priority activities for expansion of TVETMIS and timeline during the period of the contract for approval through a rapid assessment of the current TVET MIS.

·      Draft request for proposal document for TVET-MIS redevelopment and upgrade based on the rapid assessment

·      Work with UNESCO to review technical proposals and select a developer through a competitive selection process

·      Work with UNESCO to follow up with the selected developer on the programming and redevelopment of the TVET MIS including review, testing and launch of the new system

·      Work with UNESCO to follow up on the procurement of equipment for the TVET MIS at different levels

·      Develop training materials to train statistical staff at central, provincial and school level to use the new TVET MIS and carry out data collection and analysis.

·      Prepare for and deliver the training workshops for statistical staff.

·      Translation of instruments and the final report between English and Dari.

·      Printing of the reports.

·      Work closely with persons responsible for M&E and other directorates at TVET to collect, analyze and consolidate data as well as verify the internal consistency and validity of data received from the provinces, schools and TVET institutes.

·      Work with the database Developer to develop and maintain a TVET-MIS system that keeps and tracks records of all students, teachers in all TVET institutes, ensuring accurate data is stored, analyzed and disseminated.

·      Support TVET-MIS staff in maintaining the system, data analyzing and report generating.

·      Assist in MIS expansion to provincial centers, TVET schools and Institutes to allow them to upload data through data collection tools directly to the MIS system.

·      Provide on job training to the TVET-MIS staff of TVET on data input/report generation and develop user MIS manuals and training materials.

·      Help improving the structure and status of existing MIS of TVET.

·      Analyze and resolve instances of data duplication or error.

·      Transform, validate and model data with the purpose of understanding the data suited to the need of TVET-MIS.

·      Develop graphs, reports, maps and presentations of data and analytical result for preparing different type of reports.

·      Support and manage the process of data collection, validation, compilation, analysis and dissemination through automated reporting/Mapping for both spatial and non-spatial data.

·      Support software developers in requirement analysis process and databases implementation

·      Support the reporting section in reporting requirements analysis, policy implementation and data quality issues.

Key Deliverables

·      A rapid assessment report of the current TVET MIS.

·      Draft of request for proposal document for TVET-MIS redevelopment and upgrade based on the rapid assessment.

·      A training package on the new TVET MIS for statistical staff

·      Organization of training workshops

·      TVET-MIS system to be established and functional.

·      Support the development and production of the annual statistical report by utilizing the new TVET-MIS.

·      Pilot the national tools at selected institutions and assess schools for improvement purpose.

·      Support the development and production of the annual statistical report by utilizing the new TVET-MIS.

·      Train statistical staff at central, provincial, and school level to use the new system for standardized and streamlined data collection, analysis, reporting and utilization.

·      MIS to generate reliable reports 

Job Requirement:

a.      Education and experience:

·      At least Bachelor’s degree in any of the following; Information Technology or Computer Science. Master Degree in one of the mentioned fields is preferred.

·      Strong quantitative and qualitative skills.

·      Minimum 7 years relevant work experience.


b.     Skills and Abilities:

·      Ability to design templates for data collection and analyse data.

·      Understanding of monitoring and evaluation concepts, tools, methods, and strategies.

·      willingness to undertake regular field visits and interact with stakeholders/beneficiaries.

·      should be able to work with very little supervision and should be results oriented.

·      Strong report writing and analytical skills.

·      Fluency in one of the local languages (Pashto/Dari) and familiarity (written and spoken) with English language.

Must be an Afghan National

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired