National Consultant to support health system review and development of policy and strategy for the

  Ministry of Public Health
Master's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 522
Date Posted:Jan 4, 2020
Closing Date:Jan 10, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Health/Medical
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of Public Health:


The Ministry of Public Health is the lead governmental institution for the health of the people of Afghanistan. Its mandate falls within the areas of leadership and governance, institutional development, policy and strategic direction, and health for all through public health interventions and health services. The work of the Ministry is undertaken within the framework of the wider political context, the desired functioning of the state and the implications for a government institution. In addition, the Ministry is responsible for undertaking reforms and sustainable changes in the functioning of the ministry in order to have better, more sustainable financing and quality results towards improving the health of the people of Afghanistan.

What the Ministry is saying is that on behalf of the State of Afghanistan, the Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with citizens, the public and private sectors, organizations, institutions, and development partners will, between 2015 and 2020, lead on ensuring that there is a policy shift towards a better balance between downstream health and medical care and upstream ‘health’ – public health.

The existing Health Policy and Strategy of Ministry of Public Health that was developed on 2016 will end on 2020. There for there is the need for developing a new strategy for next five years.

The main objective of the Health System Review is to evaluate the outcome of the current policy and strategy and generate enough evidence to develop the new Health Policy and Strategy 2021-2025 on timely manner. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Health is looking for an expert to accomplish this assignment. He/She will be fully engaged in health system review process along with other involved parties and will support the Ministry to develop the next five years National Policy and Strategy. 

Job Summary:

1-    Purpose & Objectives

2-    The purpose of this job are as follows:

3-    Purpose 1:

To document all steps of a comprehensive review of the health sector in Afghanistan with regards to the functions of the MoPH five Policy areas of the health system (governance, institutional development, Public Health, Health Services and Human Resources) and assess the quantitative and qualitative achievements related to five policy areas of the MoPH Strategic Plan 2016- 2020.

4-    Purpose 2:

To identify the trends of health system, reasons, and barriers to change, strategic priorities and formulate the strategic framework for the development of the strategic Plan 2021-2025 of the Ministry of Public Health.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The specific objectives are:

·      Assess progress against the goals and outcomes of the policy and strategy, including what has/hasn’t worked well in the delivery of them so far.

·      Provide recommendations for strengthened delivery of the Policy and strategy and identify areas which need to be explored further and Policy Areas and strategic decisions required as a result of the analysis.

·      Assess relevance of the Policy and strategy and addressing health issues in the Afghanistan context

·      Analyze how the Policy and Strategy are being monitoring, whether it is adequate and whether changes are required.

·      Considers some questions in terms of efficiency, impact and sustainability while recognizing limitations in assessing these features given the duration of implementation.

3- Scope of Work

Afghanistan National Health Policy 2015-2020 and the Ministry of Public Health National Health Strategy 2016-2020 have been implemented for almost 3 years now. The MoPH is planning to renew the outcome of these two national document and update the national health policy and strategy which will be used for improved planning and decision making process for upcoming years. The review will help to find the strengths and weakness of the policy, Strategy and identify any challenges that have led to poor implementation of some of the activities.

The consultant will be responsible to contribute to the processes of both the performance review of health system and development of the MoPH policy and strategy, 2021 -2025.

The consultant will carry out the following activities:

Contribute and document mid-term health system performance review of MoPH’s implementation of its Policy and Strategy to date, in particular assess the:

·      Appropriateness of MoPH mission (goal) and strategic objectives in achieving the vision and delivering MoPH’s mandate,

·      Appropriateness of the design and content of the strategy and Policy relative to MoPH’s mandate and mission,

·      Extent to which the strategy and Policy have been used to guide the MoPH’s performance framework, its annual operating plans and activities,

·      Extent to which annual operating plans and activities - to the level that they have been funded - have been implemented in an effective manner and achieved the outcomes and outputs intended,

·      Fitness of purpose and effectiveness of MoPH’s decision-making and management systems, from board to field level,

·      MoPH’s financial performance over the period in terms of the extent to which MoPH has secured its budgeted operating costs through donors, government and other sources

·      Extent to which MoPH has effectively implemented monitoring and evaluation as designed,

·      Extent to which MoPH has been able to respond to key emerging challenges and to manage risk,

·      Extent to which staff competencies and capacity sufficiently exist in order for MoPH to deliver on its mandate and strategic plan,

·      Nature of other relevant factors that have enabled and/or prevented MoPH from successfully implementing its Strategic Plan.

·      Develop a transformative but realistic road map of change for MoPH which enables the organization to transition towards much stronger institutional performance as measured against key targets and indicators of achievement

·      Provide a set of prioritized recommendations for ongoing institutional support to MoPH to better enable it to implement strategic plan

·      Ultimately support the MoPH to develop five years strategy and Plicy

4-    Output

The consultant will deliver the following outputs:

·      A concept paper developed indicating the methodology for the Performance Review and clearly showing a detailed schedule of work.

·      A Strategic Plan Mid-term Performance Review report with recommendations for improving MoPH’s management, strengthening MoPH’s capacity in implementation of Strategic Plan, and revision of MoPH Strategic Plan

·      Setting out a road-map for improving MoPH’s performance

·      Recommendations for further institutional support to MoPH.

·      Policy and strategy have been developed

Job Requirement:

The person hired to undertake this consultancy should have a minimum of an advanced (Masters or PHD) degree in Public Health or relevant field and should possess the following qualifications and traits, at a minimum:

·      A proven minimum track record of five-year professional experience in providing quality management consulting services, including performance assessments and strategic reviews, and in facilitating organizational change management processes, both for public and private sector organizations.

·      Good project management skills.

·      Research experience and the ability to analyze qualitative and quantitative data and compile and summarize results.

·      Strong writing and communication skills.

·      Strong relationship management skills.

·      Being involved in Policy and Strategy Development process

·      Adherence to agreed-upon timeframes and deadlines

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired