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Date Posted:Apr 20, 2010
Closing Date:Apr 25, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:IT - Software
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
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Job Summary:

Background ‎
The Afghanistan Revenue department is currently installing ‎the SIGTAS integrated tax management system to support ‎its revenue collection process. The System is Oracle based ‎and will run on Windows based systems architecture. As ‎there are a number of remote revenue locations (provinces ‎and other remote offices) to be served as well as a number ‎of interfaces into other government departmental systems ‎‎(Customs, Budget, Treasury, Commerce) etc that need to ‎be facilitated, the provision of a stable communications ‎network architecture (of sufficient capacity and security) is ‎a mission critical pre-requisite for the successful ‎implementation and roll-out of the Sigtas system for the ‎Afghanistan Revenue Department. The need exists for an ‎international advisor to assist with the planning, design and ‎implementation of this supporting architecture.‎
Objectives ‎

To assist in the implementation and roll-out of the Standard ‎Integrated Government Tax Administration (SIGTAS) ‎system in the Afghan Revenue Department – Ministry of ‎Finance (MOF) in Afghanistan.‎
To assist in the design and planning, and implementation of ‎network infrastructure for the system while achieving ‎maximum alignment with other core system requirements ‎within the MOF to ensure that the highest possible level of ‎conformity is achieved with the requirements of these ‎systems in order to leverage the network infrastructure to ‎the highest possible extent while maintaining optimum ‎performance for the Sigtas system wherever it is ‎implemented in Afghanistan.‎

Assist with the planning, design and implementation of a ‎network security model to ensure the highest level of data ‎security and integrity in the Sigtas system.‎
Identify and resolve network issues in the ARD affecting ‎the SIGTAS project.‎
Assist with the installation, support and maintenance of ‎server hardware/software in all ARD sites (including 5 ‎priority provinces).‎
Improve the ARDs IT department’s knowledge of the ‎network infrastructure requirements of the SIGTAS project ‎documenting configurations and working with the ARD IT ‎staff to diagnose and resolve network issues and faults ‎where necessary. ‎
Liaise with MOF ITC department and system stakeholders ‎to assist in the coordinated design and planning of a ‎common network infrastructure to support various systems ‎used within the MOF. This includes investigation into, and ‎implementation of infrastructure sharing where existing ‎infrastructure has already been created by other ‎government projects.‎

Duties & Responsibilities:

Liaise with CRC Sogema (system vendor) consultants, ‎SIGTAS technical team, ARD IT department, other IT ‎project teams in the Government of Afghanistan and MOF ‎ITC staff.‎
Document Revenue Building local area network ‎installation and make suggestions for its improvement ‎where necessary. This includes the design and ‎implementation of Domain security services, Anti-virus ‎and spam protection, provision of and control of email ‎facilities and internet access.‎
Assist with the planning, design and implementation of the ‎necessary wide area network capacity for the roll-out of the ‎Sigtas system. This includes vendor relationship ‎management and the obtaining of competitive quotations ‎for services to be provided where required as well as the ‎objective comparison of vendor proposals in order to ‎ensure optimum provision of facilities to the project and the ‎Government of Afghanistan.‎
Assist with the planning, design and implementation of ‎local area networks in all the remote sites of the ARD ‎where Sigtas needs to be implemented. This includes the ‎offices of the 5 priority province Mustufiats.‎

Job Requirement:

The person in this role will have at least 5 years experience ‎in a Network Administrator role or similar with strong ‎knowledge of in TCP/IP based network architectures, Cisco ‎routers and switches, firewalls, VPN implementation and ‎domain management and configuration. Experience with ‎Wireless, WiMax, VSAT and Satellite technologies and ‎able to provide and implement best solutions for remote ‎connectivity. Experience in a Windows Server environment ‎is also a requirement. Experience of Oracle SQL*Net ‎implementations is a strong recommendation.

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