Nurse Sterilization

Diploma   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 1571
Date Posted:Jul 28, 2021
Closing Date:Aug 2, 2021
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Health/Medical
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:3 - 4 Years
Contract Duration:12 month(s)
Possibility of Contract Extension:Yes
Contract Type:Project Based
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Afghan Midwives Association:

Founded: 2005

Afghan Midwives Association

The AMA is the technical body for midwifery education, professional development and policies that enable every midwife in Afghanistan so midwives can practice the highest level of care for the mothers and new born of the country. The AMA is a member of key national and international forums. For example AMA is an active member of the Human Resource Development Task Force, National Reproductive Health Task Force, The Maternal New born Health committee, Afghan Women Network and Secretariat for National Nursing and Midwifery Steering Committee. Similarly, at regional and international level AMA is an active member of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) for the safe motherhood and women empowerment; also member of the Asia Midwifery Regional Resource Center.

Job Summary:

The MLMCC nurse sterilization will responsible for sterilization and sterile surgical sets and medical devices based on infection prevention guideline and MLMCC procedures. Sterilization and decontamination of instruments and medical devices play a very important role in the prevention of health care-associated infections. The processes of sterilization and decontamination are complex, require specific infrastructure and equipment and involve several steps that need to be correct, from devices collection, receipt by the unit, processing, storage and distribution them throughout the facility.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Key Accountabilities

Choosing the correct sterilization process is important so as not to cause damage to the item or compromise sterility. Sterilization and the provision of a sterile device for a patient procedure is dependent on the whole cycle of decontamination, including cleaning, packaging, sterilization, storage/transport, and even to the point of preparing and using the device on a patient.

  • Perform sterilization and registration of sterile surgical sets and medical devices.
  • Pre-disinfection, cleaning and disinfection of soiled medical devices.
  • Check and reassemble instrument set making sure that it is in good condition.
  • Proper folding of surgical drapes and gowns according to the protocols.
  • Responsible for the correct packaging of surgical sets, medical devices and surgical drapes with double crepe paper.
  • Ensure that sterilization and/or high disinfection step by step process is correctly, followed as indicated as AMA protocol.
  • Respect the working circuit of dirty, clean and unsterile within the service.
  • Proper registration of sterilization circles and devices undergoing high level disinfection.
  • Identify each sterilized pack according to the respective wards / departments in the register book.
  • Proper storage and management of sterilized / high disinfected services.
  • Proper cleaning and disinfection of working equipment and surface every end of the shift.
  • Supervise the cleanliness of the sterilization room and surroundings.
  • Run monthly inventory of equipment and materials and timely fill up the monthly order request.
  • Guarantee the strict complaints of standard precautions.
  • Respect general rules in the sterilization room.
  • Respect of soiled medical devices and instrument.
  • Check and reassemble the instrument sets and medical devices according to pre-established standard list.
  • Replace defective instrument.
  • Organize the storage and distribution of sterilized materials.
  • Give regular feedback to the line manager and report directly any issue or incident.
  • Perform any other task given by line manager.


Skills and Behaviors: AMA Values in Practice


- Commitment to AMA Values: Demonstrates knowledge of and accepts AMA values

- Cross-cultural Awareness: Demonstrates an open attitude

- Behavioral Flexibility: Adapts behavior to the needs of the situation

- Stress Management: Manages own stress

- Results and Quality Orientation: Performs his/her work

- Service Orientation: Responds em-pathetically to clients and understands their concerns/needs

- Planning and Organizing: She organizes her work

- Teamwork and Cooperation: Acknowledges the importance of teamwork and cooperation


·        Ensure that you work to the best of your ability and demonstrate high levels of commitment to AMA Afghanistan in order to ensure the objectives of your role.


·        Ensure the effective and efficient use of AMA resources in order to keep costs low and ensure safety in the workplace


Other duties as directed 

Job Requirement:


1.            Registered Midwives/Nurse.

2.            Three year experience in similar position desirable

3.            Good communication skill both in writing and oral in Dari/Pashtu essential

4.            Communication skill in English oral and written desirable

5.            Two positive references from previous employers or educators.

6.            Ability to communicate clearly and work well with others in a team environment

7.            Strong commitment to midwifery profession and Midwifery Association

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired