Power Lead Engineer (Khost-Re-announced)

  Afghan Wireless Communication Company
Bachelor's Degree   Khost, Afghanistan Full Time 839
Date Posted:Oct 3, 2019
Closing Date:Nov 30, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Electrical Engineering
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:2 - 3 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Afghan Wireless Communication Company:


The Afghan Wireless Company is the first and the biggest GSM provider in Afghanistan.

Job Summary:

Responsible for defining preventive maintenance procedures for all GSM sites power, generators and cooling system including Hub sites, Main office/ GSM sites and AWCC sub contracts. In his region ensuring that all staff is properly trained in both preventative maintenance and repair procedures and is done as per requirement. Principle task will be to supply uninterrupted power to GSM telecommunications equipment for all GSM sites including main hub

Skills Required:


Provinces to travel:

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and perform preventative and corrective maintenance on all DGs and air-cons for GSM sites and HUB sites and other electrical equipment’s (UPS, Back UPs, Panels, DB boxes etc.).
  • Oversee and perform preventative and corrective maintenance on all critical power system (AC & DC) and making, recording reports.
  • Need to involve diagnose, trouble shoot and repair of Transformer, AMF panel, Distribution board, UPS, Rectifier, Battery bank and other electrical equipment installed at GSM sites/ hub sites.
  • Maintenance of different type power outlets, grounding, lights for GSM sites/ hub sites power system.
  • Be able to travel on the job site to visit the sites and solve the problems.
  • Perform other related duties as required.
  •  Ability to manage the team in hard situation and control it.
  •  Ability and properly preparation in noun security situation especially for important sits like BB and Hub’s. As we had a lot of experience before about this.
  •  Check, request and control the necessary materials for preventive maintenance and keep spars in stock for emergency statues.
  • Ensure Preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance for the total power system of MSC’s / Telecom Hub sites and keep record as well.
  • Oversee and perform preventative and corrective maintenance on all normal and emergency power system (AC & DC).
  • Maintenance of different type power outlets, grounding, lights and all general electrical works.
  • Work on shifts / nights according to a shift schedule execute CRQ if required.
  • Managing and controlling all of important sites for back up capacity and upgrading, check the load’s on sites, control and if it was necessary to upgrade them to higher capacity and reported to head quarter.
  • Fuel management: monthly sites fuel estimation, fuel consumption report, to take care on daily fuel delivery, sites fuel consumption & evaluate consumption & cost effect. 


  • Ability to follow safety system during work time with Generators, Air-con, power system, load equipment’s, all core network and tools.
  • Should be ready to support, supervise and manage 24/7 as needed for smooth operation of Core network power system under his responsibilities area.
  • Ability to manage the team for troubleshooting and maintenance of the sites.
  • Follow the site issues and tickets and confirm the MNOC for the restoration, isolation and check for cleaning any alarm.
  • Perform other related duties as required.
  • Capability and abilities for controlling and managing any problems in bad situation and non-security area including safety of staffs and company capital.
  • Good behaviour and ability to work with the team and other staff, and controlling and managing team to work together as team workers.
  •  to have initiative idea to find solution for the problems and managing of his team
  • Require to use test equipment to test generator critical power system including UPS systems, batteries, grounding system, isolated power, ground-fault circuits/outlets and other load conditions.
  • Should work with AC power system up to 440V and DC power system up to 48V.
  • Require to use test equipment to test generator power system, control circuit, UPS systems, batteries, grounding, isolated power, ground-fault circuits/outlets and other load conditions.
  • Following the installation of new equipment’s and improves him for terms of work and troubleshooting in all technical fields (Generators- power equip and etc)
  • A sound understanding of critical power system (400VAV, 220VAC, 110VAC) UPS, Generators, Transformer, Rectifier, AMF panel and Distribution panel, Battery bank (48VDC), air-cons etc.
  • Must have good work habits and able to work with other Engineers, technicians, management staff and all staff are working under his supervision.


  • Be able to give necessary training for all power / air-cons / mechanic staffs belongs to his region.
  • Be a ready any time for any training plan for the team to improve the staff.
  • Try to understand and improve him in technical and mechanical knowledge generator alternator, Transformer, AMF panel, Distribution board and other electrical equipment’s.
  • Try to improve him for team working and leading good manner with other staff and better communication.
  • Making plan for training the staff those are under his supervision specially guard mechanic – Technicians and other staff for new plans- equipment’s and company goals.
  • To be interested to join for any technical training or noun technical workshops for improving his knowledge.


  • Find some good solution for those expanses of company to decrease them like following and processing the city power or solar system instead of DG in his region if it was available.
  • Try for better managing and controlling to reduce the expanses of company in his filed by using usable parts that removed or upgrade in other sites.

Try to manage for troubleshooting of any technical equipment’s with less expanses, like fix or repair locally

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Khost


B.Sc. in Electrical from authorized University with minimum 2 years of experience in Telecom service provider.

Desirable Attributes:

1.     Deal with high demands, workload and emergencies.

2.     Willing to do the work under pressure and prolonged time.

3.     Agreed to travel all the regions

This job is expired