Procurement Manager

  Tetra Tech -Women's Leadership Development
Bachelor's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 2016
Date Posted:Apr 5, 2017
Reference:WLD - 076
Closing Date:Apr 18, 2017
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Procurement
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About Tetra Tech -Women's Leadership Development:

The PROMOTE program is USAID’s largest ever investment in women’s empowerment. The Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) project is a PROMOTE component that provides capacity building, coaching, and mentoring to two groups of Afghan women: 1) The Primary Target Group includes women between the ages of 18–30 who possess at least a high school diploma, though many will also have undertaken some college, university, or technical vocational and educational training (TVET) study or possess a university degree. 2) The Secondary Target Group includes Afghan women between the ages of 15-24 who have completed primary school and perhaps some secondary schooling or TVET but who have not graduated from high school. WLD will provide opportunities for the Primary Target Group to develop advanced management and leadership skills that will enable entry and advancement into decision-making positions in mainstream social, political, and economic sectors at national or sub-national levels in Afghanistan. The Secondary Target Group will be provided with opportunities to acquire a high level of life and work skills through continued education and activities designed to promote social and economic development. Participants in each group come from diverse sectors of society and possess the aptitude, aspiration, and ambition to serve as leaders in their communities and country. Over a five-year period, more than 25,000 women will participate in WLD. As they assume leadership and decision-making positions, they are expected to enact new policies that will provide services and opportunities to benefit many more girls and women throughout the country.

Job Summary:

Procurement Manager shall assist the TT WLD Director of Contracts, Grants and Procurement (DCG&P) by performing procurement work activities and supporting TT WLD management to maintain a transparent, effective and efficient procurement process for all material resources in support of the TT WLD project. The PM shall be expected to crossover and learn the contract and grant work as well as the procurement work. This position is based in the Tetra Tech WLD Project Office in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. The expectation for this Procurement Manager (PM) position will require the PM to perform but not limited to management of procurement activities and perform hands on procurement work as required. To include but not limited to developing and creating as required Statements of Work, Memorandums of Record, Purchase Orders, Bill Of Quantities, Internal Cost Estimates, process invoices, perform actual detail review of all procurement work processed, review all procurement documents, perform the cross check calculations, review, edit and correct procurement requests, troubleshoot and resolve all procurement issues prior to submitting to finance, reduce the procurement backlog, maintain current purchase order files electronically and hard copy files, updating of the TT WLD CG&P trackers as required and oversee the work performed and delivered by the Sr. Procurement Specialist (SPS) and Procurement Specialist (PS). At times the PM may need to assist to scan, copy, file, hole punch and place documents in folders and binders, box, label and seal binders and files in boxes, assist to carry load and unload up to 50 lbs. (22.67962 kg) of boxed weight and climb stairs.

2. The Procurement Manager can assign activities to be performed by the SPS & PS and procurement assistant and coordinate with the Grant Manager and the Contract Manager but is responsible to ensure that the procurement work is completed as assigned by the DCG&P & the COP and will require the PM to self-perform the required procurement work if needed to meet the required assignments.

3. The Procurement Manager shall assist the TT WLD Director of Contracts, Grants and Procurement (DCG&P) by managing and working with the Sr. Procurement Specialist (SPS) and Procurement Specialist (PS) to process and complete all of the TT WLD procurements.

4. The Procurement Manager shall communicate with the DCG&P daily to ensure all procurement activities are on track and to understand shifting priorities as set by the TT WLD COP and TT HO.

5. The Procurement Manager shall ensure that all CG&P trackers are updated daily and report to the DCG&P the procurement department daily progress to ensure all procurement activities are on track.

6. Ensure daily that all vetting trackers are up to date and that any required vetting documents are prepared and ready to submit to USAID by reviewing, editing and correcting all documents prior to submittal to USAID Kabul VSU.

7. The PM will need to thoroughly familiarize (him/her) self with the Tetra Tech Local Procurement Handbook detailed procurement systems and procedures for management of procurement of goods and services. In addition to the current CG&P Department procedures implemented by the Kabul DCG&P.

8. Work with the DCG&P and other TT Procurement and CG&P Department personnel to complete the required and requested procurements for the TT WLD Program.

9. Ensure local procurements comply with Tetra Tech policies and procedures, FAR and all of the USAID, United States Government procurement rules and regulations.

10. The PM shall be willing to cross train to perform Grants and Contract work as well.

11. The PM will assist DCG&P by reviewing Draft Purchase Order agreements and other compliance related documents as needed, respond to procurement emails, ensuring that all documents are in compliance with Tetra Tech policies and procedures, and USAID rules and regulations, including Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) requirements.

12. The PM will assist DCG&P by managing and maintain the established filing system (electronic, paper, binder) for all procurement related documents. Ensure the filing system is kept clean and thorough. Ensure the management of all filing systems, binders, records, spreadsheets and documents are maintained audit ready at all times daily.

13. Coordinate and collaborate with all of the TT WLD departments as required to ensure the TT WLD procurement processes are incorporated and followed.

14. In collaboration with the Director of Contracts, Grants & Procurement (DCG&P) the PM will need to conduct periodic testing of the procurement processes from start to finish to ensure compliance, timeliness and cost effectiveness in line with all relevant policies, procedures, and regulations as noted above.

15. Work directly with local, regional or international vendors and service providers to obtain quotations and/or initiate procurements of requested commodities and services.

16. Provide training on procurement processes. Meet and negotiate with vendors in conjunction with the DCG&P requirements to meet the TT WLD project needs.

17. Support, prepare, review and edit as required request for quotations (RFQ) documents, perform technical and cost reviews, bid matrix, award memorandums and bid analysis processes in compliance with Tetra Tech policies and procedures, FAR and all of the USAID, United States Government procurement rules and regulations.

18. Facilitate communication and follow-up documentation with vendors during the bid phase to guarantee transparency. Negotiate costs and clarify SOW, BOQ, specifications etc... as required. Document all communications to include but not limited to email communication and responses, telephone calls and in person meetings.

19. Note taking is essential for all communications, meetings and interactions with vendors, TT WLD departments and TT WLD management. The PM shall ensure all files hard copy and electronic files are kept updated and that all notes are scanned. Ensure that the SPS & the PS, procurement assistant are creating, documenting and filing all meeting notes and communications.

20. Creating Memorandum of Record (MOR) is essential to document any verbal communications for pricing, vendor commitments and all issues relating to procurement actions. All MOR’s shall be signed and dated and filed electronically and hard copy to binder.

21. Assist and coordinate as assigned and or directed by the DCG&P with technical and operations staff in developing scopes of work and bid documents for procurement of goods and services.

22. Assist, and coordinate with the DCG&P on vendor and subcontractor negotiations regarding cost and terms of the purchase orders and service agreements.

23. Process and facilitate vendor and subcontractor payments timely.

24. Create excel spreadsheets and MOR’s as required and requested by the DCG&P.

25. Ensure that all files hard and electronic files are up to date daily. Maintain the TT WLD Procurement Department activity spreadsheet daily.

26. The PM will Draft purchase orders, bid matrix, technical and cost review documents, bid matrix, modifications, Memorandum of Record, prepare and document procurement issues and receipt documents, Request For Quotation, Negotiation Memorandums, Award Memorandums, payment memorandums, process invoices and other compliance-related documents as required. Ensure the SPS & PS are completing the same required documents in a timely manner.

27. Coordinate and perform cost and technical reviews on received RFQ’s in coordination with the DCG&P. Document and process all Procurement reviews.

28. Support effective and efficient receipt and assignment of goods for internal and external audiences and purposes. Ensure receiving process and payment is accurate by matching documents with the purchase request, purchase order, and invoice. Perform cross calculations and check and balances for accuracy.

29. Understand the Goods Receipt Notice (GRN) process requirement and how it impacts the subcontract process. Ensure a GRN and completion Certificates are completed and attached to all invoices for as required.

30. Complete timely monthly future cost projections on upcoming procurements and payments to ensure funding availability by the TT WLD Finance Department and communicated to the DCG&P.

31. Review, edit and prepare routine trackers, excel spreadsheets and special reports on procurement activities for submission to the TT WLD Management as requested by the DCG&P.

32. Ensure all Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) procurement related tax regulations for procured goods and services are followed as identified on the TT WLD Purchase Orders for payments.

33. Ensure that the SPS & PS are following up on all of the TT WLD property purchased on procurements and are tagged in accordance with USAID regulations as required. Notify the TT WLD Logistic Specialist of any property tagging requirements. Receive documents for filing.

34. Ensure all TT WLD procurement department property issued items are maintained. Assist with annual inventory reconciliation in coordination with the Logistics department yearly.

35. Review, verify, prepare and maintain the monthly inventory management reporting and Property Purchase Report and Purchase Order tracker. Assist and coordinate the submission of the (PPRPO) tracker to TT HO monthly.

36. The PM shall reply to all questions, issues, concerns identified by the TT WLD Compliance Department in conjunction with the DCG&P.

37. The PM is required to ensure that the procurement files are maintained and ensure that the electronic files are up to date in the share drive and hard binder folders. All documents shall be scanned and kept up to date.

38. Provide ongoing training to technical and operations staff and local partners in application of procurement policies and procedures. Facilitate communication between technical and operations staff as requested by DCG&P.

39. Print, copy, scan, file and box all procurement files as required and directed by the DCG&P.

40. Attention to detail is required. All procurement documents should be complete and accurate.

41. The PM shall detail review of all of the vendor submitted documents and all documents submitted by the SPS & PS prior to submitting to the finance department for processing.

42. The PM shall have a thorough understanding of Microsoft Office programs. Extensive hands on practical work experience in MS Excel and MS Word is required daily. Expanded understanding of Excel but not limited in relation to cell calculations, preparation, logical ties, cell formulas, print ready, headers, footers, sizing and orientation is mandatory.

43. The PM shall have the ability to create, review and correct Bill of Quantities (BOQ), Statements of Work (SOW), all CG&P Documents.

44. Prepare activity reports for submission to the DCG&P when required and as requested.

45. Prepare a procurement database and enter all relevant data in subcontract database, in a complete, accurate, and timely manner. Extract required reports from database as required and requested. This work can be assigned to the SPS & PS and followed up but when and as required the PM shall perform these duties.

46. Excellent English grammar skills, reading, writing and speaking are required.

47. Maintaining by reading, communicating and filing of the company email account emails is required.

48. Professional email communications is required at all times. Ensure that the SPS & PS are addressing the same.

49. Excellent math skills are required. The PM shall be required to perform calculations that include but not limited to adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, percentages, metric system dimensions, weights, liquids, area, measurements and averaging.

50. Experience and understanding of construction related project work in commercial, industrial and residential environment is desired. Craftsman, supervisory and or management level of construction expertise related to procurement is desirable.
51. Ability to read and translate accurately Dari and Pashto to English and vice versa is desirable.

52. The PM will provide support in all aspects of the subcontracts, grants and procurement implementation and works.

53. The PM will support operations staff specializing in finance and administration in monitoring, tracking, regulation, and accountability for contracts related finances.

54. The PM will work closely with technical and operations staff to ensure technical and financial documents are attached to all CG&P documents. Ensure all documents are clear, concise, and complete. As required for effective and efficient CG&P development. Ensure the documents are in compliance with the required CG&P deliverables, terms and conditions.

55. The PM shall work to ensure that the subcontracts, grants and procurements are approved, disbursed, and are in compliance.

56. As directed by the DCG&P, and in coordination with the M&E Manager, provide assistance and support in the monitoring and evaluation of subcontract implementation perimeters.

57. The PM shall ensure that the subcontract, grants and procurement database is prepared and entered and that all relevant data is included in the CG&P database, in a complete, accurate, and timely manner. Extract required reports from database as required and requested.

58. Required to support and perform any additional tasks and responsibilities as requested by the DCG&P. Contribute to team effort by undertaking additional tasks and responsibilities as requested.

59. Be willing to work in an identified location and cooperate with all the required procedures of the TT WLD office facility and property security for entering and exiting work daily. Similar to airport security entry.

60. Be willing to submit to a Biometric Automated Toolset System (BATS) screening for employment and entry to the TT WLD office work area. Provide all required documentation as requested in a timely efficient manner.

61. The PM must be willing to work after hours, late hours, off days and holidays as required to meet the TT WLD CG&P project requirements.

The current job description will be periodically revisited as required to reflect current realities and project needs. Amendments can be added to that effect.

Job Requirement:

Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in procurement management, business administration, engineering, construction management or similar field preferred.

Minimum of 6 years of management procurement, contract and or grant experience in an equivalent position.

Experience working in procurement and or a similar management position contracts, grants for an USG, USAID, NGO or an international organization is preferred.

Experience with USAID and United States Government (USG) project implementation, CG&P regulations and procedures.

Experience and understanding of the FAR, USAID, ADS 303 and USG procurement rules and regulations.

Demonstrated management experience with all facets of the procurement process in compliance with development organizational policies and procedures relating to procurements, grants and or subcontracts.

Experience and understanding of the different variety procurement actions to implement USAID work. IE… Purchase Orders but not limited to Blanket Purchase Orders, Ceiling Amount Purchase Orders, Firm Fix Price Purchase Orders, Indefinite Deliverable Indefinite Quantity Purchase Orders, Service Agreements, Ceiling Amount Purchase Orders and Purchase Orders.

Experience in developing one or all, procurement, grant and contract Statement of Work (SOW) and internal cost estimates (ICE).

Ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity and gender.

Must have the ability to work independently, effectively in a fast-paced, stressful environment.

Must be flexible and willing to perform other duties as requested by DCG&P.

Must be flexible and willing to work irregular hours. You may be required to work holidays, weekends and longer than 8 hours. Occasional Saturday work is required.

Shall be Proficient in Microsoft Office (MS) software, shall be proficient in using Excel, Word, Power Point, SharePoint, and Outlook. Especially in the actual application of excel in the work place.

Shall be able to create detailed, extensive and complex MS excel spreadsheets from scratch as required and requested by the DCG&P.

Excellent language proficiency in spoken and written English, Dari and Pashto,

Honest, dependable, punctual and willingness to work in a team environment.

Understand accountability and shall be willing to be held accountable for all actions.

Attention to detail is required.

Provide valid, current references for past performance.

Willingness to learn, desire to continuously improve and perform at the highest level.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work with all levels and functions within the company.

Requires an ability to work independently and as part of a team, accept responsibility, and be extremely discrete with sensitive information.

Perform last minute changes, edits, modifications as required by DCG&P.

Physically fit to climb stairs, walk long distance to office area and carry up to 50 lbs. (22.67962 kg) of boxed weight. Assist to load and unload boxes as required and requested by the DCG&P.

Must pass a Biometric Automated Toolset System (BATS) screening for employment and access to the TT WLD Office Facility.

Note: Failure to satisfactorily pass the security screening will result in non-hiring and or termination of employment.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired