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Date Posted:Oct 13, 2010
Reference:CTAP Secretariat -060
Closing Date:Dec 30, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Administrative
Salary Range:-1 - -1 USD undefined
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
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Job Summary:

1. Organizational Context

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation (MoTCA) is a key governance authority in the transport sector and government of Afghanistan. The mission of the MoTCA is the creation of a reliable and secure civil aviation infrastructure and smoothly running ground transportation within Kabul and national-wide. The MoTCA vision is to a) - create human and institutional capacity for regulatory and oversight functions in the area of civil air traffic; b) preserve and protect current infrastructure and c) restructure and commercialized the state-owned-enterprise the Kamaz Trucking and the Milie-Bus Enterprises. MoTCA’s currently organizational structure consists of 15 departments for civil aviation.

On the aviations side, best practices suggest a phased transition to a Directorate of Civil Aviation and a civil aviation regulatory authority, which would ensure safety and security in accordance with international, promoting efficient, cost-effective and orderly growth of air transport.

The main objectives of the MoTCA in Civil Aviation sides are as follows:

1. Increased domestic and international passenger and freight traffic;
2. All stakeholder are informed about the viability of air transport system;
3. Improved government civil aviation sector.

On the Road transport side, the MoTCA’s Department of Private Sector inspects and issues commercial transit permits and collects fees from all domestic and international commercial vehicles for each trip they make.

The main objectives of the MoTCA in Road Transportation are as follows:

1. Improve interface between road transportation and civil aviation department within Afghanistan and connectivity to countries outside of Afghanistan
2. Lower road sector cost;
3. Business environment for private sector development improved as well as job creation and poverty reduction;
4. Less journey time lost due to congestion;
5. Lower accident fatality rate (Personal injury accident per million vehicle kilometer).

1. Civilian Technical Assistance Programme (CTAP)

The Civilian Technical Assistance Programme (CTAP) is an Afghan government programme that aims to create stronger government institutions with more effective structures, efficient processes and skilled personnel. It assists Afghan government organizations to implement capacity development and performance improvement programmes by providing them with skilled international technical experts and capacity development Specialists.

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, CTAP is now seeking to fill the position of Procurement Specialist to work in the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation’s Directorate of Administrative and Finance, under the management of the Minister and Administrative and Finance Deputy Director. This position is open to international passport holders only: Afghan expatriates and nationals of regional countries are especially encouraged to apply.

Duties & Responsibilities:

2. Position

2.1 Nature and Scope of Assignment

This assignment involves supporting a government-led capacity development programme within the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Directorate of Administrative and Finance. Under the supervision of the Deputy Minister of Administrative and Finance, the successful candidate will provide technical advice, management support and technical inputs required to allow the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation to achieve its objective of building a procurement function that can provide an efficient and timely supply of all the goods and services that it needs to implement its strategy.

The successful applicant will be expected to work with and through his/her Afghan national counterpart, and to progressively transfer skills and responsibilities to them. This position does not involve management or line responsibilities.

2.2 Duties and Responsibilities

Working with Head of Procurement Unit as counterpart, with assistance from the CTAP Capacity Development team, the international Public Financial Management Advisor and other relevant individuals, the Procurement Specialist will:

1. Complete an evaluation and process mapping of the existing procurement processes used by the Ministry
2. Work with relevant stakeholders to design a new streamlined procurement process, document it and ensure that it is authorized by internal and external stakeholders
3. Create the necessary tools to operate the streamlined procurement process including manuals, planning tools, standard Requests for Quotations and Requests for Proposals, standard designs, bills of quantity and other items
4. Train and coach procurement staff in all aspects of the procurement cycle including bid preparation, bid evaluation and contractor management
5. Assist in the implementation of Public Administration Reform activities relevant to procurement staff and processes, such as Paying and Grading
6. Provide technical assistance and backstopping to the procurement team in order to ensure that reformed work practices are introduced smoothly and everyday activities are carried out efficiently
7. Support the Monitoring and Evaluation of the procurement function
8. Coach and mentor the designated counterpart in order to support his/her professional development and to enable him/her to discharge his/her responsibilities more effectively
9. Any other tasks assigned by the ministry

2.3 Deliverables

The deliverables of the Procurement Advisor are:

1. Process mapping of existing procurement process
2. Re-designed, authorized procurement process
3. Comprehensive set of tools and resources to support procurement process
4. Staffed, qualified and trained procurement team

Job Requirement:

2.4 Skills, Experience and Qualifications Required

The successful candidate should have the following skills, experience and qualifications:

1. Masters degree or undergrad degree in a business or finance-related subject such Business Administration, Finance, Public Administration, or professional qualification in procurement a strong plus
2. At least 7 years of work experience, with 4 years of experience working in procurement
3. Good team-worker, able to work in challenging environment
4. Previous experience in under-developed, insecure or post-conflict environments is a plus
5. Fluency in Dari and/or Pashto a plus

Job Location:

This job is expired