Programme Officer (Human Security Portfolio)

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Date Posted:Apr 11, 2010
Closing Date:Apr 23, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:

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Job Summary:

UNDP Afghanistan is supporting the Government to find innovative solutions to its development challenges based on the Country Programme Document approved by the Executive Board for the period 2010 – 2013. The Country Programme Action Plan was approved by the Government and UNDP in 2009. UNDP Afghanistan is organized into (1) Policy and Results Management Directorate, (2) Policy and Programmes and (3) Operations. The Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit is part of the Policy and Programmes. The Policy and Programme consists of the following units: (1) Democratic Governance Unit, (2) Local Governance and Administration unit, (3) Crisis Prevention and Recovery unit, (4) Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Livelihoods unit, and (5) Natural Resources and Environment Cluster. The Programme Officer will be a specialist with the Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit.

The Programme Officer will work under the guidance and supervision of the Assistant Country Director. She/He will provide specialist advice to the Senior Management in the subject area and, in general, on all aspects of the Country Programme. She/he will be responsible for leading the assigned policy and programme portfolio through planning, implementing and managing the delivery of innovative policies and practices, program development, capacity building, project monitoring and assurance, marketing and advocacy and knowledge services.

In carrying out her/his responsibilities, She/he will advocate and promote the work of UNDP in Afghanistan and will also closely work and network with UNDP operations team and programme clusters, UNDP specialized project teams, programme staff in other UN Agencies, Government officials, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors, private sector, non-government and civil society organizations. She/he should be a core member of the regional and global network of UNDP specialists in the subject area.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Programme Officer will be a specialist in the area of Crisis Prevention and Recovery-Human Security. The summary of key functions are:

Summary of Key Functions:

• Policy Advisory services;
• Programme Development Services;
• Project Assurance and Oversight: support to project implementation teams;
• Knowledge Management and Services;
• Marketing and Advocacy;
• Partnerships and Resource Mobilization.

1. Top quality policy advice:

• Scanning for global and local knowledge and experience in the subject area. Map on a consistent basis the development issues, covering the situation and strategic opportunities in the form of professional papers and reports;
• Provide intellectual or substantive leadership in the subject area through identification of key policy issues and formulation of best possible and alternative policy options for UNDP;
• Stimulate strategic thinking in the subject area and tap into opportunities. Organize strategically important policy dialogues, workshops or seminar. Contribute as a resource person and prepare policy papers or products;
• Organize network of prominent policy based prominent national and international experts and support a series of policy dialogue workshops or roundtables. Build alliances for policy reform and development amongst the national and international development institutions.

2. Programme Development Services:

• Thorough analysis of the political, social and economic situation in the country and support the collaborative preparation/revision of PRSP, CCA, UNDAF, CPD, CPAP and other planning instruments. Support the management in the operationalization of UNDAF and CPD through CPAP;
• Identification of strategic and innovative programme areas of cooperation. Accordingly, prepare programme strategic frameworks;
• Document best practices, covering concepts, strategies and implementation approaches and support the management in streaming programmes policies and practices;
• Prepare project proposals and project documents to effect the implementation of the CPD and CPAP.

3. Project Assurance and Oversight:

• Lead the preparation and implementation of the annual results based work plans and result frameworks as endorsed by the management;
• Prepare monthly and quarterly progress reports and organize, correspondingly, monthly and quarterly progress reviews;
• Ensure regular monitoring of progress, preparation of progress reports and organization of regular evaluations and reviews;
• Use Results Based Management (RBM) /M and E techniques, methods and their applications. Effective application of RBM tools, establishment of management targets (BSC) and monitoring achievement of results;
• Use programme management and monitoring modules of ATLAS in particular and knowledge of ATLAS operational services in general;
• Ensure organizational set-up and project management systems are fully functional and create best possible enabling environment for high level performance of Project Implementation Teams. Ensure timely recruitment and availability of high quality and specialized Project Teams;
• Strategic oversight of planning, budgeting, implementing and monitoring of the programme, tracking use of financial resources in accordance with UNDP rules and regulations. Accordingly, organize annual and quarterly work planning and progress reviews;
• Effective monitoring, reviews and evaluation to measure the impact of the projects. CO programme and evaluation. Constant monitoring and analysis of the programme environment, timely readjustment of programme. Ensure that results and lessons learned feed into the analytical and project work (i.e. results used to make decisions);
• Organization of cost-recovery system for the services provided by the CO to projects in close collaboration with Operations Manager;
• Ensure timely preparation of progress reports and submission to the Government and other development partners.

4. Knowledge Management and Services:

• Lead the process of knowledge captures of national, regional and global know-how in the subject area and production of knowledge-based products;
• Partner with practitioners and members of the UNDP regional and global networks, leadership of the practice and sub-practice teams in RBAP, BDP and other related Bureaux;
• Develop country based intelligence on country situation, opportunities, interests and prospects covering governments, UNDP and major development stakeholders.

5. Marketing and Advocacy:

• Support the management in creating positive and appreciative atmosphere for team-based work in UNDP and be an advocate for the work of UNDP;
• Disseminate the information on best practices and be active member of the UNDP global and regional networks;
• Ensure preparation of brochures, publications, press releases for dissemination of UNDP assistance and experience;
• Prepare professional articles and papers;
• Expand outreach o the UN, national government, local authorities, private sector, non-government and international development organizations.

6. Strategic partnerships and resource mobilization:

• Analysis and research of information on donors, preparation of substantive briefs on possible areas of cooperation, identification of opportunities for cost-sharing;
• Mobilize and network with the experts of international development community, government partners, UN Agencies and prominent think-tanks. Build and maintain excellent relations with partners;
• Prepare proposals for mobilization of human, technical or financial resources from international development organizations, non-government organizations and the private sector;
• Mobilize resources to support the achievement of program outcomes.

Any other functions, responsibilities or portfolio which may be assigned by the UNDP management. The Staff Member should expected to be linked and contribute to the work of UNDP in all practice areas; and, as appropriate in UNDP, may be assigned to other practice or sub-practice portfolios.

Job Requirement:

Education and Experience:
• Master’s Degree or equivalent in Political Security studies, post conflict development and reconstruction, political sciences, law or business administration;
• 2 years of relevant experience in the area of security, peace building and development or related field at the national or international level, in providing management advisory services, hands-on experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and establishing inter-relationships among international organization and national governments;
• Female applicants with Bachelor’s degree in Political Security studies, post conflict development and reconstruction, political science, law or business administration and 4 years of experience in the area of security, peace building and development or related field at the national or international level, in providing management advisory services, hands-on experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and establishing inter-relationships among international organization and national governments will also be considered;
• Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, experience in handling of web based management systems.
Language Requirements:
• Fluency in written and spoken English and Pashto and/or Dari.

Job Location:

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