Provincial Energy Officer

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Date Posted:Jun 10, 2010
Closing Date:Jun 23, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:2
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:2 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: Yes
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

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Job Summary:

PEO is expected to be approachable and responsive to the needs of the community where the pilot projects are being carried out as well as to other communities interested in energy projects. As the familiar face of the project in the field, the PEO is expected to always behave in a culturally sensitive manner and uphold high standards of professionalism. In addition to assisting the energy projects, the PEO will assist the community in their development planning process. This will give the ERDA an opportunity to understand the other developmental investments being made by the community where energy might be linked in to achieve synergies.

By virtue of being located in the district, there will be an expectation from the community that the PEO can respond to their requests for information which will sometimes transcend the energy, livelihoods and environment sectors. The PEO’s responsibility will then be to suggest the community members to the relevant government departments or other development organisations active in the area. The PEO will be assisted through constant capacity building provided by the Capacity Building Expert as well as the Energy Expert and rest of the ERDA team.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Supervise Community Mobilisers in increasing awareness at the community level about the renewable energy options available to the community to meet their needs.
2. Support community mobilisation process at the community as per the guidelines of the project.
3. Mainstream gender into the energy project by maximising both the benefits to and participation of women and girls into it.
4. Supervise in conducting baseline survey of the beneficiary families/households.
5. Facilitate in forming the Functional Group to implement the energy project.
6. Assist the community to prepare work plan for the energy projects.
7. Build community capacity through specific training of community representatives in accounting and book keeping.
8. Facilitate regular mass meetings (including all the beneficiary members) and present the achievements of the project and present future plans.
9. Provide support to carry out feasibility study for the energy projects.
10. Provide support to carry out detailed project design as well as environmental and social assessments.
11. Assist the community to mobilise the necessary resources and implement the project.
12. Carry out construction supervision and monitoring of pilot energy projects
13. Assist community for selection of suitable manufacturer for implementation of micro hydro and other rural energy schemes.
14. Support the community to sustainably operate the energy project.
15. Assist the community to select suitable candidates for operators and managers as per the guidance given by the ERDA.
16. Assist the community to handle challenges that come up in the implementation and operation of the project.
17. Carry out a needs assessment for improving livelihoods of community members.
18. Support ERDA to conduct the various institutional development, livelihood, environmental, and energy operation training in the community.
19. Provide knowledge on the productive end-uses of energy. Assist entrepreneurs to set up or expand their enterprises to take advantage of available energy.
20. Provide training/awareness about safety in the use of electricity and in the operation of energy system.
21. Raise awareness on the need to establish Energy and Environment Office at the district as a resource centre.
22. Help District Development Assemblies to establish Rural Energy Cells and provide necessary support on the decentralized energy planning process. Help build-up the capacity of DDA technicians and supervise their activities.
23. Provide services to other communities in the districts based on demand to provide awareness about energy needs and options, and benefits as well as costs and constraints of various options.
24. Identify renewable energy projects suitable for serving the needs of communities in the district and adjoining districts and carry out preliminary assessments.
25. As the team leader in the field, PEO will be responsible for all administrative and financial matters and will also supervise the activities of community mobilizers and the office assistant.

Job Requirement:

Qualifications required:
The Provincial Energy Officer will have university level education in engineering and at least 2years’ experience of working in rural energy projects preferably development of micro hydropower plants. The PEO must be able to communicate effectively in English.


1. PEO will report directly to ERDA unit head and submit an inception report describing how the outputs mentioned above will be realized and the detailed workplan.
2. PEO will keep a log of daily activities and submit it to ERDA by the end of each month.
3. A Monthly Progress Report will be submitted to ERDA.
4. PEO will participate in the Monthly and Quarterly Review Meetings organized by ERDA.

The NABDP/MRRD shall place no restrictions on the eligibility of men and women to participate in any capacity under conditions of equality in its principles and subsidiary organ.

Job Location:

This job is expired