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Date Posted:May 3, 2010
Closing Date:May 12, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Architecture
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

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Job Summary:


Duties & Responsibilities:

The QC Manager will be responsible for ensuring that work carried out and materials being used on a construction project meet quality and safety standards, and conform to government specifications. He will work under the overall supervision of Senior QC Manager. He will ensure the effective and efficient application of project resources (materials, personnel and equipment). This will include materials quality, installations, fixtures, method of construction of civil works.
As part of work, he will take measurements and samples of materials to carry out quality control checks; make visual inspections of the work; identify defects and propose changes to rectify these in discussion with the Project Manager; liaise with construction professionals, such as Sub-contractors, engineers and surveyors to plan site inspections; collect the reports from QC engineers and report regularly to the Senior QC Manager, detailing progress and any problems encountered.

Main Tasks
The QC Manager should also be conversant with quality of construction methods and materials. In addition to the regular supervision of project activities to ensure that the government receives the quality of workmanship needed, he will perform vital reporting functions; using precise and concise daily (outline format provided). The tasks will include but not limited to the following:

• Checking the setting out, quality of materials and workmanship of installations and civil works, including those of Sub-contractors, for compliance with the contract documents.
• Developing and maintaining and effective CQC system
• Preparation of acceptable documentation of CQC activities
• Familiarity with USACE Quality Control System (QCS)
• Maintaining records of hidden work including those under form works or scaffolding, for the information of the government.
• Witnessing (when QC Engineer is not present in job site) the proper carrying out of any tests required by the government, including retests, maintaining records of materials, labour, equipment, location, dates and durations, results and other relevant information and reporting as necessary, maintaining a register of tests and contact the government for instructions in the event of unsatisfactory test results.
• Interpret drawing details, clauses of specifications and other instructions by the government.
• Collecting from the QC Engineers daily periodic reports and submits reports on quality, general progress of the works (including progress photographs), labour force, weather, etc., as per standard format to Senior QC manager and AED.
• Conduction and running of Preparatory initial and follow up meetings/phase for each DFoWs.
• Preparing the minutes of the meeting held with AED and submitting the minutes to CoE for approval.
• Prepare and complete all needed quality control documents for each definable feature of work as per the AED quality control requirement and submit them to CoE for approval.
• Keep and record filing of all QC documents, product data submittals, correspondences, meeting minutes, test results; photographs and punch lists,
• Carry out inspections at completion stages, check that the Sub-contractor addresses the defects lists and prepare a final schedule of outstanding defects...
• Checking the quality of the materials arrived to stocks to meet the technical requirement and approved submittals
• Supporting the logistic department in proper storage and balance of materials in stocks; correct delivery of materials to the sites
• Supporting the construction department for raising the stock release request.
• Advising the QCEs for controlling the proper storage and balance of materials in the site by subs.
• Attending the red zone meeting and preparing the minutes and required documents
• Preparing the punch list in close coordination with AED.
• Leading the implementation of commissioning process and documentation gathering for final approval and filing.
• On time action and supporting of the QCEs for deficiency correction
• Traveling to sites for checking the quality and progress of the activities
• Quality checking and controlling of materials and workmanship that manufacture locally in their region.
• On time responsive to main QC department instruction advices and instructions.
• Random checking of laboratories for qualification of technicians; method of testing and instruments calibration.
• Checking of test result prior submittal to AED.
• Any other task(s) assigned by the President and upper management of company

Job Requirement:

The minimum level of the QC Manager should be Bachelors of Engineering (Civil). The QC Manager will need to have at least 3-5 years worked in civil works construction and quality control. He will need to be:
• Fluent in spoken English.
• Fluent in written English.
• Have experience with US Army Corps of Engineers QC procedures.
• Proficient at least in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, Power point, Auto Cad.
• Able to converse with Sub-contractor, and the Senior QC/Project Manager
• Excellent observational skills and to be able to pay attention to detail
• A broad knowledge of the construction materials and methods,
• Good analytical skills
• Excellent communication and negotiating skills
• Good management and coordination with sub ordinate QC engineers
• The ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with staff at all levels
• Be physically fit and comfortable working in rugged site conditions

Site Control:
• The QC Manager is to provide on-site guidance to the QC Engineers, Sub-contractor. This guidance correction of the construction methods, standards and the properties of the building, materials use and production (e.g. Production of concrete). If the QCM feels that the Sub-contractor is not complying with the design drawings or specification the Senior QC/group Manager is to be contacted immediately.
• The QC Manager is to pass directions and information from Senior QC Manager and upper management to the Sub-contractor.
• The QC Manager is to be conversant with the Construction Contract and Conditions of Contract.

Quality Control:
• Undertake inspections as per the Building quality and Inspection Record.
• Check materials to ensure that they have been approved by government and that the correct materials are being used on site.
• Undertake inspections to ensure that correct building practices are being used.
• The QC Manager is to request materials sample testing as per the Construction Contract (e.g. concrete tests). The QCM is to record the results of the tests and forward the results to Senior QC manager for submitting to the government for review and approval.

• Record the daily activities on Daily QC report.
• Take photographs of the site activities and quality control inspections. The photographs are to be labelled including building number/name and date. The photographs are to be recorded on the building inspection record.

• The QC Manager is to forward the Daily reports weekly to senior QC Manager for exporting to the QC system and submit the signed hard copy to CoE for approval.
• The QC Manager is to contact the design manager on any design issues, or doubtful points, raised by the Sub-contractor.
• Held meeting and communicate with AED resident engineer for the resolving of the quality control concern and problems.

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