Quality Assurance Manager

  OXUS Consulting Group
Bachelor's Degree   Multi City Full Time 1739
Date Posted:Jun 21, 2020
Closing Date:Jul 4, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Electrical Engineering,Information Technology
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:5 - 10 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Project Based
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About OXUS Consulting Group:


OXUS Group brings together the knowledge and experience required to meet our client’s needs. This enables our clients to succeed in government-funded contracts or private sector projects in Afghanistan and other markets in the region. Our team has a deep-rooted understanding of the political, legal, economic, cultural, and social challenges of the countries in which we operate. OXUS Group’s team members spread across the United States, Japan, Afghanistan, UAE and Italy. Our team is comprised of former senior government officials, retired military and police generals, former cabinet ministers, governors and parliamentarians, a former attorney general, a former senior commercial officer as well as a broad range of the private sector elite professionals from the region. Moreover, we have staff that speak not only fluent English, but also the language of their local region. This allows us to facilitate our clients’ needs with a better understanding of the issues that are important to them.

Job Summary:

The OXUS Consulting Group seeks a full-time Quality Assurance Manager to support installation, operations and maintenance for Data Centers in and around Kabul, Afghanistan. Through this program, the Quality Manager would oversee standards for a government agency transforming and automating its business operations with the support of Information Technology (IT) to improve transparency and productivity with the goal of becoming a commercially successful and sustainable. As part of this program, the client  has implemented the “mPower” software application suite to automate its core business processes, including metering, billing, revenue collection, customer care, mobile workforce, energy auditing, asset registration and asset management. The client also initiated the implementation of Microsoft Great Plains (GP) for automating its internal functions, including finance, accounting, procurement, HR and Inventory Management System (IMS).

Duties & Responsibilities:

1)    HQ Data Center in Kabul: Currently the data gathered by the client is not backed up. In case of any interruptions, the business operations of the client will be adversely affected. To mitigate disruption of business operations, the client plans to establish a Disaster Recovery Data Center in Tarakhil.

a.    Key Program Tasks:

·      As-is Study/Baseline Assessment

·      Surveying and documentation of the existing network connectivity

·      Re-configuration of existing data center, as applicable

·      Supply of minor equipment as needed

·      Update of all the Systems and Applications

·      System Operation and Maintenance (O&M)


2) Disaster Recovery Data Center in Tarakhil, Kabul: All the critical business applications including mPower and Microsoft GP ERP are centralized at the client Data Center in Kabul without any backup data center. To address the lack of data backup, the client intends to establish a disaster recovery data center to be housed in the National Load Control Center (NLCC) building located in Tarakhil, Kabul. The disaster recovery data center IT infrastructure will mirror the existing IT infrastructure at the client’s HQ Data Center.

a.    Key Program Tasks:

·      Assessment, Design and Configuration of IT infrastructure

·      Supply of Equipment

·      Equipment Configuration and Data Migration

·      Networking and Installation of Equipment infrastructure

·      System O&M

3) Load Centers: The mPower application suite and Microsoft GP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application have also been deployed in five major Load Centers in Kabul, Kandahar, Balkh, Herat and Nangarhar provinces. To support the full implementation of mPower, the client needs IT equipment and accessories.

Key Program Task:

·      The five (5) load centers involves only the supply of equipment to support and improve the current applications. Client will be responsible for distribution and installation at the load centers.


4) Training and Knowledge Transfer for Data Centers

Job Requirement:

At a minimum, the QCM shall possess a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or IT and minimum five (5) years of relevant experience in a similar development setting. At a minimum, the QCM shall:

a. Have adequate knowledge of IT related international standards.

b. Have ability to understand Employers requirement and ensure addressing those requirements in engineering, procurement and installation stages of the project.

c. Review and validate quality control reports,

d. Communicate quality control reports to the Employer and report any irregular issues, incident or shortage in meeting Employer’s requirement,

e. Review installation and configuration drawing markups and prepare As-built (layout) drawings.

f. Be able to identify technical shortcomings of the systems and plan adequate rectifications,

g. Have ability to work against deadlines,

h. Have command over English language and be able to communicate in English language, and

i. Be familiar with Afghanistan environment and cultural aspects of Afghan life and shall address those in the system design and installation.


Technical Skills Needed:


·      At least 5 years of experience in managing large value ICT Projects.

·      Experience in developing and reviewing project quality plans, contract documents and project specifications

·      Coordinate Test Pack preparation and Final Handover documentation activities to ensure smooth handover.

·      Tools: MS Project, Excel, Word and PowerPoint; Chat tools

·      Technically competent with various software programs, including but not limited to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio), Microsoft Projects or Trello and Instant communication tools

·      Strong skills in ICT documentation and Standard including ITIL.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kandahar, Herat
This job is expired