Regional Security Assistant

  Afghanistan Unspecified 1114
Date Posted:Feb 27, 2011
Closing Date:Mar 12, 2011
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:6
Functional Area:Security/Safety
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:Yes
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:

About UNOPS:


The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Afghanistan is responsible for implementing a number of projects on behalf of the Government of Afghanistan and the aid donor community. The Afghanistan Operations Centre (AGOC) has been set up as an organizational mechanism to deliver a range of projects for which UNOPS has been designated as the Implementing Agency. The functional objective of UNOPS AGOC is to deliver its projects in an efficient and effective manner, so as to achieve the outcomes sought by the project and to assist in the development goals of the Government of Afghanistan. The stated goal is to provide implementation services to the Government of Afghanistan, the donor community and partner agencies in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan. The adopted mission of UNOPS is to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

Job Summary:

The functional objective of UNOPS/AGOC is to deliver its projects in an efficient and effective manner, to achieve the outcomes sought by the project and assist in the development goals of the Government of Afghanistan. Capacity building must always be considered and encouraged.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Under the overall supervision of the NERAP Regional Engineer, the Regional Security Assistant will be responsible for the following specific duties and responsibilities:

 Ensure access control and visitors procedures are strictly followed.
 Act as Fire Marshall.
 Place all the UNOPS Guesthouses and Offices on Google earth map via GPS.
 Brief the Wardens on security procedures and their responsibilities (where applicable).
 Liaise with UNDSS and other UN Agencies Security Assistants/Officers on security related matters.
 Attend daily security briefs with UNDSS.
 Act as Incident Focal Point during times of crisis.
 Ensure timely passage of security related information as received from liaison partners to
Regional UNDSS and the UNOPS Field Project Security Specialist.
 Ensure all radio procedures are adhered to by all UNOPS contracted personnel.
 Ensure all UNOPS road missions are tracked by the UNOPS Regional radio room.
 Ensure Logistics/Transport and ICT Assistants are fully informed of UN security
procedures regarding road missions, transport and assets management and road mission
 Provide regular training on procedures and policies as required.
 Assist the Logistics/Transport Assistant to ensure all management of UNOPS assets are
in full compliance with security requirements.
 Oversee the work of the ICT Assistant to ensure road mission tracking procedures are
followed for all road missions using UN vehicles.
 Provide accurate and timely incident reports on security events.
 Ensure, to the extent possible, the safety and welfare of UNOPS personnel, their
dependents, property and the proper of the organization.
 Disseminate up-to-date Security Situation Briefs to MOI Armed Guard Supervisor and
internal facility Security Guards.
 Ensure the needs of the MOI guards are met in a timely manner.
 Prepare and forward incident reports.
 Perform MOSS and MORSS assessments of UNOPS offices, guesthouses and reporting
to the Field Project Security Specialist that the appropriate measures have been
 Perform all security administrative jobs e.g. update of guesthouse, offices, MOSS and
MORSS inspections are regular.
 Arranging the deployment of armed guards to the new offices and guesthouses in the
Region as required.
 Conduct monthly inspections of armed guards in all UNOPS Locations in the region.
 Prepare monthly attendance sheets for armed guards and local guards in UNOPS office
and worksites for submission to the regional Admin/Finance Officer.
 Check physically the armed guards (MOI) for all UNOPS guesthouses and
 Patrol and inspect guards in UNOPS Offices, Guesthouses and Worksites.
 Deploy and train local guards in all UNOPS Offices, Official guesthouse and worksites.
 Receive daily reports form guards’ supervisor in all UNOPS offices and worksites.
 Translate of investigation statements, report form sources and official documents from
local language into English.
 Update all security related documents and ensuring the full set of security documents and
SOP’s are present in the Regional office.
 Ensure all mandatory training is carried out in a timely manner.
 Conduct regular security drills and maintain a log.
 Maintain strong links with the Field Project Security Specialist.
 Perform other security related duties as assigned.

3. Monitoring and Progress Controls
(Clear description of measurable outputs, milestones, key performance indicators and/or reporting requirements which will enable performance monitoring)

 Work towards the goal of all office and accommodations to meet MOSS and MORSS
Security requirements.

 Draft and disseminate weekly security reports to the Field Project Security Specialist and
Heads of Office.

 The Field Project Security Specialist will provide oversight.

4. Final Product
(Define the final product, i.e. survey completed, monitoring system set up, workshop conducted, etc.)

 Ensure timely passage of security related information as received from liaison partners to Regional UNDSS and the Field Project Security Specialist.

 Assist in providing safety and security for UNOPS personnel, their property and the property of the Agency.

Job Requirement:

a. Education (Level and area of required and/or preferred education)
 Secondary education required. Bachelor’s degree is considered an asset.

b. Work Experience
(List number of years / area of required work experience. Clearly distinguish between required experience and experience which could be an asset.)
 3 – 5 years experience in the relevant field
 Previous UN experience is considered an asset.
c. Key Competencies
(Technical knowledge, managerial competencies or other personal competencies relevant to the performance of the assignment)
 Comprehensive computer literacy, drafting and organizational skills.
 Ability to communicate effectively with others and follow procedures.
 A working knowledge of English, both written and oral.
 Excellent interpersonal skills, including patience and diplomacy.
 Must be capable of working as part of a team and individually.
 Must have the ability to work under pressure.
 Generally to have Tactfulness and enthusiasm that the job requires.

Job Location:

This job is expired