Risk Officer

  OXUS Afghanistan
Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 497
Date Posted:Sep 8, 2019
Closing Date:Sep 18, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Administrative
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:3 - 5 Years
Contract Duration: 1Year & 11 Months
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:English,Dari,Pashto

About OXUS Afghanistan:


OXUS Afghanistan started Operation in 2005 under support of ACTED, a development and relief NGO, which is operating in twenty five Countries of the world, and Micro finance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA). Currently, OXUS Afghanistan has a portfolio of over AFN 819 million with an outreach of about 24,000 customers managed through 25 Branches, 10 provinces. OXUS Afghanistan is a part of OXUS Group, a global network of Microfinance Institutions created by ACTED, a leading international NGO operating in 25 countries. OXUS Afghanistan was created with funding from the Micro finance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA), a Government Apex agency set up by international donors in 2003 in order to develop and support the micro finance sector in Afghanistan. OXUS Afghanistan Provides conventional and Islamic financing. OXUS -Afghanistan has individual and group lending which helps Afghan people have access to finance. OXUS-Afghanistan provides financing for youth and women as women improvement process and support them for better access to finance. Job Summary The Operation Manager is the guardian and the architect of the compliance system all over the institution. Through the analyze of reports as well as mission on the field he is in charge to ensure the conformity of OXUS activities and as well improve our systems of control to improve the overall performance of the institution. He is as well in charge of following the overall performance of the branches and suggest actions accordingly.

Job Summary:

  • He will be assigned by Risk Supervisor to perform regular monitoring missions in the field;

Skills Required:

Business Management SkillsRisk Management

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

Fluent in Dari and English welcome but not essential.

 Good knowledge of accounting;

 To be fluent, in reading, writing, and speaking of the local languages;

 To be flexible, having positive attitude and the ability to work under pressure;

Duties & Responsibilities:

Risk Officer Responsibilities;

a) Field Verification

 He/she will be assigned by Risk Manager or his Deputy to perform regular monitoring missions in the field.

 He/she must be able to check all clients in the field and assess the business physically and verify the repayment capacity, business stability and availability prior to loan disbursement.

 He/she must immediately report to Credit Risk Supervisor/Risk Manager for any serious issues he/ she identifies in the field prior to any loan disbursement.

 He/she must have well respect to the clients in the field and have a good attitude with all staff in branches;

 He/she must consolidate the report and direct report it to Credit Risk Deputy Manager /Risk Manager;

b) Compliance Check

 Ensure Cash Count is Exactly Correct, matching with cash books and done According to cash operating procedures;

 Check all Vouchers since last visit compliant with HQ approval attached and bills matching;

 Ensure availability of proper key management in branches;

 Ensure the 3 activity Follow-up white boards are present and up to date;

 Ensure empty Survey Forms, Empty personal monitoring form and empty application forms are available in the Loan Officer rooms. Each Loan Officer is

 picking some up every morning;

 Ensure that at the end of the day each Loan Officer is dropping his "Daily activity documents" on the desk of the Branch Manager for review and the BM is giving feedback on the performance the next morning during meeting;

 Ensure each Loan Officer has a folder containing the copies of his client files and this according to the Personnel client filing Memo;

 Ensure collaterals are in the safe and ordered properly and all original Loan contracts are kept with collaterals in safe side;

 Ensure that the originals of the client files are locked in cupboard and the keys are 1

 with BM and 1 with DBM;

 Ensure that attendance sheet is filled with the exact time of reaching the office;

 Ensure that BM/DBM is reporting all people not having reached the office at 8:15;

 Check the last updated Inventory with what is present in the Office;

 Check that the asset assignment Forms are being filled for each asset;

 Check an office supply assignment is properly used;

 Consolidate report and report it direct to Credit Risk Supervisor/Risk Manager;

c) Loan Officer Work quality check

 As per mission schedule given to Risk Officer he/she must be attached with at least one Loan Officers (further as instructed by Credit Risk Supervisor/Risk Manager) in

 loan process to check work quality of Loan Officers;

 Consolidate report and report it direct to Credit Risk Supervisor/Risk Manager;

d) Special investigation/surprise checks

 Be able to travel to the branches any time she is assigned to travel;

 Keep copies of loan documents as sample for issues identified;

 Take written consent from Loan Officers, Loan Supervisors and clients when required;

 Take written consent from clients for miss use of Loan and any possible misconduct by branch staff;

 Consolidate report and report it direct to Credit Risk Supervisor/Risk Manager;

e) Market Study

 Risk Officer will do market study in branches as per schedule;

 Risk Officer will use MAP and point potentials/interested people and

 population in the area with a formulized market study briefing;

 If possible Risk Officer must visit area Leader (Wakeel Guzar) or any other government offices and get more information about area and people in the area;

 Risk Officer must consolidated and direct report it to Credit Risk Supervisor/Risk Manager;

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


 A Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Finance or Economics;

 1 to 3 years’ experience in microfinance, commercial banking or in the financial sector;

 At least 35 years old for Risk Officer

 Mature, honest and punctual.

 Integrity, honesty and commitment;

 Experience in the field of internal control, internal audit or external Risk

a)   Experience handling cash (business or household), experience with a Microfinance Institution preferable;

b)   Fluent in Dari and English welcome but not essential

c)   Computer skills in Word and/or Excel

d)   Strong organizational and interpersonal skills

Able to work independently and in a group, willing to take initiative, and energetic; Able to learn quickly

Job Keywords:

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