Security Guard

  FINCA Afghanistan
  Afghanistan Unspecified 485
Date Posted:Feb 21, 2011
Closing Date:Mar 14, 2011
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Security/Safety
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:2 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About FINCA Afghanistan:


Job Summary:

The Guard will provide security of the staff, visitors, clients, property, premises and equipment of FINCA Afghanistan where he/she is stationed. The Guard will help maintain the premises, by completing tasks involving routine maintenance, repairs, gardening, and cleaning of the guard quarters. The Guard will support the administrative department in office management, including procurement, driving, and other tasks assigned by the Administrative and Logistics Manager. The Guard may also be called on to accompany other FINCA staff to locations away from FINCA property in order to assure the security of the premises.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Guarding (70%)

 Observe and maintain the weekly guard schedule and be present at the office 15 minutes before the start of the work shift.
 Work 12 hour shifts either from 8 am to 8 pm or from 8pm to 8am) for 5 days in a row, followed by either 2 or 3 days off.
 Work with the Office Manager or Administrative Assistant to keep the weekly guard schedule. Ensure that the schedule is prepared at least one month in advance.
 Observe all visitors and staff by phone-monitor or peep-hole before letting them into the premises.
 Register all visitors to the office. Note their name, employer/organization, staff member which they have come to visit, the time in, the time out and their signature.
 Contact the person the visitor is here to see and confirm that the visitor is welcome. If the visitor is welcome, escort the visitor to the FINCA employee that the visitor has come to see.
 Keep track of all employees arriving on and departing the premises at all times of day and night. Employees do not need to sign in but they need to register when they came and left.
 Check the premises inside the building every two hours. Make sure all office doors are locked.
 Maintain a back-up set of keys in a sealed envelope, signed by the CD or OM. Only open the envelope if instructed to do so by the CD or OM.
 Ensure that all visitors and staff follow the office attendance policy set by management, including permission to be at the office on non-working days.
 The guard is financially responsible for damage or loss of property. After work, at 6pm or whenever the last employee has left, the Guard should make sure that all electric equipment has been switched off and all the doors are locked.
 The guard accepts the premises from and hands the premises over to the employees, appointed by FINCA Internal Auditor. The Authorized Manager can monitor the guard’s work any time when he is on duty.

Emergency Prevention (15%)

 The Guard is responsible for assessing the security profile of the office and operations every 3 months. The Guard must identify the top 5 threats to FINCA staff and the top 5 threats to FINCA assets. The Guard must report this information to the Admin/Log Manager and make sure that a plan is in place to counter those threats.
 The Guard must work with external security service companies to identify and counter threats to FINCA.
 The Guard should read, understand, follow, and memorize all of the requirements of the Emergency Operations/Security Manuals. The Guard must periodically help the Admin/Log Manager to update the Emergency Operations/Security Manuals as needed.

Emergency Management (5%)

 Emergencies can take numerous forms, can not be predicted, and may not be easy to recognize. They include natural disasters (flood, earthquake), medical emergency (sickness, trauma), property damage (fire, structural collapse to a building), small attacks (robbery, mugging, intimidation, arson, attacks) or large scale threats (civil war, lawlessness, military rule, etc). The Guard must be prepared and have thought through a response to each circumstance.
 In case of emergency first of all the guard should call the appropriate public service: police, fire department, ambulance etc. and inform them with the situation. He should also call the Admin/Log Manager and inform her, and do his best to prevent the danger.
 The Guard’s main duty is to monitor the premises and respond quickly by calling in the necessary support from the government. The guard must work with the government (police, fire department, security services) to deal with the emergency.
 Unless another visitor, client or employee’s life is endangered, the guard’s duty is not to physically put himself between the threat and FINCA staff or property.
 The Guard’s first priority should be to safeguard FINCA staff and clients. He should never do anything to increase the risk exposure to staff members. Any response to an emergency must be calm, rational, thorough and prompt.
 Any emergency must be immediately reported to the Office Manager, CD and OM. The Guard is responsible for a written report as to what occurred, when, who was involved, what damage to FINCA staff or property may have been incurred, where exactly the incident was located, why it may have occurred, and what should be done to manage or prevent the situation in the future.

Facilities (10%)

 Respond to the day-to-day maintenance needs of the office. Ensure that all office commodities and equipment (chairs, desks, computers, etc.) are properly maintained and serviced or repaired.
 Answer the office phone after regular business hours
 Assist the Admin/Log Manager in obtaining additional office space or market rooms as necessary.
 Ensure that the Kabul office complies with the procedures of the Emergency Operations Manual, including (but not limited to), maintenance of fire extinguishers, alarms, bars on windows, emergency exit, illuminated signs, evacuation plan, and visitor sign-in sheet.
 Ensure that the Kabul office complies with the security procedures dictated in donor agreements, including the use of seatbelts by FINCA employees and the maintenance of safety kits in all vehicles operated by FINCA staff for business purposes
 Help move furniture and equipment around the office as needed. Help set up and dismantle equipment as needed.

The Security Guard will be expected to perform other tasks not listed in this Job Description but that are reasonably associated to the position. The Guard must show initiative and complete all tasks by his supervisor promptly and to the standard expected. The Guard can draw on the support and advice of his supervisor and colleagues but is nonetheless ultimately responsible for completing the above tasks without being asked. The Guard must be able to work independently when asked and take initiative to solve problems without being asked. The Guard must do his job without being reminded of routine tasks or requests made by his supervisor.

Job Requirement:

• Good health;
• 12 Grade Graduation is essential
• No less than 28 years old
• Detail-oriented, honest and brave
• Sound judgment; ability to stay calm and rational in an emergency
• Knowledge of English an advantage.
• At least 2 years providing security to offices, personnel and equipment
• Experience with small repairs and maintenance
• Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
• Helpful and positive attitude
• Accuracy, attention to detail, commitment to transparency.
• Ability to learn quickly, strong self-training readiness.

Job Location:

This job is expired