Senior Advisor to Minister

Master's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 524
Date Posted:Jul 11, 2019
Closing Date:Jul 16, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Business Administration
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Contractor
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of communication and IT:

Founded: 2009

Ministry of Communication & Information Technology

Job Summary:

1-     Assist the minister, policy & planning and other directorates of the ministry in the area of formulation and implementation of strategic, policies and road maps;

2-     Assist the ministry in designing and implementing of fiscal year budget and follow up with Ministry of Finance and other stakeholder on the financial issue;

3-     Assist and advise the HR department in recruitment process and designing of recruitment plans, Tashkeels and capacity building programs;

4-     Assist the planning & policy department and other department of the ministry in designing and preparation of project proposals and project implementation plan;

5-     Interaction with all national and international stakeholders on different tasks and negotiation, project follow up and recommendations for enhancement;

6-     Provide regular reports to the minister in the accomplishment and prepare brief for minister office on different ICT and technical projects.

Skills Required:

Policy and Planning

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Senior Advisor to Minister will work under direct supervision of the MCIT Minister and report on his activates/ accomplish directly to the minister; He/she will perform the following duties but not limited to:

·        Work in close collaboration with policy and planning department, national and external partners on different policies and development approaches addressing the vison, mission and mandate of ministry ;

·        Prepare briefing analysis and recommendations on various policies and reform highlighting the areas of concerns and improvements.

·        Under the guidance of minister ensure coordination and follow up with all departments and stakeholders on tasks bound activities to ensure the desired results and objectives.

·        Advice and assist the policy and planning department in preparation of effective project tracking system and regular follow-up on the assigned tasks and action work plans with the relevant departments.

·        Provide inputs and analysis towards preparation of project assessment and MoUs with national and international stakeholders.

·        Provide assistance to all internal departments of the ministry in preparation of the directorate’s work planning, budgeting and reporting; as well as regular monitor the directorates work plan and budget and provide periodic reporting to the minister.

·        Assist the ministry and minister office in providing regular and on time information to the president office, cabinet, High Economic Council, ICT Council and other stakeholder on MCIT progress, Achievements and establish coordination and cooperation among different government ministries.

·        Assist the MCIT in identify opportunities for direct private sector investment in the Afghan economy, consistent with government policy to increase economic growth, employment and to provide goods and services required by the afghan people.

·        Assist in Negotiation contributions and partnership agreements and pipeline management of new partnership opportunities. Management of a portfolio of current partnerships, gather and analysis information about fundraising trends, regulations, and practices; accurate timely briefs prepared in issues concerning fundraising.

·        Assist the ministry and provide in designing and organizing of events, conferences and workshops and assist the relevant department in the planning and logistic of the events.

·        Assist the chief of Staff Office, Policy and Planning and other departments to prepare funding proposals, reports and respond to donor/government queries.

·        Precreation of concepts and proposals prepare briefing to the leadership e.g Hight economic council, Cabinet, council ministers and others.

·        Develops and maintains collaborative relationship with international donors, ITU and IPU and follow-up on negotiations and dialogues, project implementation and technical contracts.

·        Prepare analysis/ reports, briefs and recommendations to the minister as required to needed for cabinet, Minister Councils, Parliaments etc.

·        Accompany the minister in international dialogues and trips inside and outside of the country.

·        Any other duties assigned by the minister.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul



University Degree (Masters or bachelors) in Business administration and management, finances or economics.


With master Degree 5 years of experience and with bachelor degree minimum 10 years relevant professional experince is required with government or international agencies.

Job Keywords:

Senior Advisor to Minister
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