Senior Contract Management Specialist

  Ministry of Education (MoE)
Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 868
Date Posted:Oct 30, 2019
Closing Date:Nov 13, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Management
Salary Range:NTA, Grade B
Years of Experience:5 - 7 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of Education (MoE):


The aim of the EQRA Project is “to increase equitable access to primary and secondary education, particularly girls, in selected lagging provinces, and to improve learning conditions in Afghanistan.” EQRA introduces a shift from monitoring only the enrollment of students (which also includes attention to students designated as ‘permanently absent’) to focusing on bringing children into school as well as student attendance. The Education Quality Reform for Afghanistan (EQRA) is fully aligned with the goals of the Afghanistan National Strategic Plan (NESP III). The project is designed to (A) increase equitable access in disadvantaged districts especially for girls; (B) improve quality of instruction/education service delivery and (C) enhance MoE governance and management capacity. The project focuses on the construction and expansion of schools, provide community-based education to out of school children, reform curriculum for all grades, improve and ensure textbooks delivery to schools, enhance academic supervision, strengthen teacher & TTC quality, improve execution of budget, strengthen and increase use of EMIS, implement capacity building reform, and reform recruitment process for civil service.

Job Summary:

The Senior Contract Management Specialist is overall responsible for carrying out all the contract management issues of EQRA project. He/she will advise on contract implementation, modification, termination and/or extension. He/she will report to the relevant directorate.

Skills Required:

Contract Management

Skills Description:

a.     Sound knowledge and understanding of procurement law and procurement rules and procedures for public procurement in Afghanistan;

b.    Sound knowledge and understanding of World Bank procurement regulations;

c.     Sound judgment and interpretative skill for dealing with procurement-related issues and procurement and contract documents;

d.    Effective communication and interpersonal skills including (i) a full working knowledge of English (ii) fluency in at least one national language and good reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the other and (iii) the ability of interact and coordinate with MOE procurement department staff, contractors, government officials, consultants and the World Bank staff.

e.     Familiar and received the training on World Bank Procurement Regulations;

f.     Familiar and received the training on Contract Management of the World Bank;

g.    Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point),

h.    Proposal and report writing skills,

i.      Effective Project Management skills,

Must be able to travel provinces

Duties & Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of the Senior Contract Management Specialist the following and but will not be limited to:

A-  60% responsibility of the incumbent:

·        Design and implement a system for the effective management of all contracts entered by the EQRA MoE. This system is to include all goods, works, non-consultancy and consultancy contracts in under the project;

·        Manage all contractual files for procurement requiring prior review i.e. World Bank’s no-objection-letters (NOLs) and/or Government of Afghanistan’s National Procurement Commission’s (NPC’s) approvals and ensure such files are documented both in hard and soft copies in an easily-referenced, central system;

·        Maintain all documentation, work schedules and correspondence between PD and contractor,

·        Ensure timely issuance of notice to contractors,

·        Ensure that Variation Order (VO) and/or Change Orders (CO) are issued in a timely manner,

·        Ensure that construction schedules are regularly monitored,

·        Issue periodic notice to the contractor in cases where the performance progress is not in line with the schedule agreed to in the contract and advise the employer and the engineer regarding poor performance,

·        Ensure the contractor has deployed the requisite machinery and manpower as required in the bid documents and the contracts,

·        Ensure that time extension are issued before the contractual completion dates,

·        Advise the engineer and employer when to apply liquidated damages,

·        Issue timely notice for Liquidated Damage (LD) where they arise,

·        Keep a separate file for each contract from circulation of the contract to final payment.

·        Maintain physical and financial progress of each contract,

·        Prepare an inventory of contractor,

·        Hold workshops with contractors on performance improvement;

·        Prepare monthly; and quarterly reports regarding the progress of the Contract management activities and as otherwise requested by Procurement Director; and

·        Any other duties assigned by Procurement Director

B-   40% responsibility of the incumbent:

·        Capacity building and training of civil servants, on effective contract management policy and procedures,

·        Prepare a standard format for variation of contracts, payment documents, filing system and train for the civil servants,

·        Prepare a “Contract Management Manual” keeping the base of the World Bank Procurement Regulations and Afghanistan Procurement Law, train that well to the Contract Management and Procurement Staffof the procurement directorate.

·        Hold regular face to face trainings for the civil servant staffs and be sure that they can be able to process the assigned jobs,

·        On-job training for all the staffs in contract management department,

·        Any other official duties which are assigned by Procurement Director.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


1)    Education

At least bachelor degree in Procurement, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Civil Engineering or other related fields.

2)    Experience

a.     5 years of relevant professional experience in Contract Management field out of which 2 years must be in the capacity of Contract Management Specialist with government development projects, donor funded projects or any national and international NGO in the management of goods, works and services, contracts and procurement.

b.    7 Years of related work experience with Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of related work experience with Master’s degree.

Have familiarity with the World Bank Procurement/Contract Management is a plus.

Recruitment, work condition and evaluation


1.     Recruitment:

1.     The recruitment will be done through transparent and competitive processes.


2.     Work conditions

1.     The Senior Contract Management Specialist will work according to Afghanistan MoE’s and donors' rules and regulation.

2.     MoE will provide a proper work station at MoE main building.

3.     Evaluation

1.     The initial three months will be considered a probationary period.

2.     A formal performance evaluation shall be conducted annually jointly by the Ministry of Education leadership as well as by the WB with observers of the key donors.

3.     An exit interview will be conducted upon completion of the contract. This exit interview constitutes condition for final payment.

4.     These reporting obligations would be in addition to any reporting and evaluation obligations decided and directly conducted by the Ministry and/or World Bank.

5.     Contract Extension is subject to fund availability, organization’s need and satisfaction performance.

This job is expired