Senior Finance and Economic Specialist

Master's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 421
Date Posted:Jul 14, 2019
Closing Date:Jul 24, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Economic Growth
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 - 8 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Contractor
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA):

The capital region of Afghanistan comprises the Kabul, Wardak, Logar, Kapisa and Parwan Provinces. The total area of the capital region is more than 7735 km2. In order to make safe urban environment and tackle the problems caused by ever increasing population growth in the capital of Afghanistan considering the concentrated economic activities and services provision, Dehsabz City Development Authority (DCDA) has been promoted to Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA) (As per the Presidential Decree No. 44 dated 23rd June 2016 based on Cabinet Resolution no 3 dated 30 April 2016 of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan). CRIDA is an Independent Budgetary Unit and Governmental profitable entity within the organizational structure of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA), not only develop Kabul New City project but also pave the ways for the development of Capital Region with broader visions which are briefly narrated as follows: 1. Transforming the Capital Region by turning it into a mega city that is clean, environmentally friendly, cultured with booming industries and commerce, sports and tourism and ultimately a metropolitan city that is self-reliant and sustainable, a city that has infrastructure and facilities of high standards with healthy physical environment. 2. Building a diverse community that is free of ethnic, linguistic, racial and religious prejudices. 3. Promoting urban culture and enhancing the standard of life through development of the Capital Region. 4. Development of cities (through decentralization for balanced development) within the Capital Region by protecting the originality, historical value and organic linkages with the existing Kabul city to transform the entire capital zone into a symbol of national unity.

Job Summary:

CRIDA is currently looking for Senior Finance and Economic Specialist to play an active role in performing wide range of economic analysis and studies on projects under the CRIDA strategic plan. The incumbent shall develop the relevant activities/tasks for achieving the goals of CRIDA on objective basis.

Reporting Line:

The Senior Finance and Economic Specialist would directly report to Investment Regulation Director.

Skills Required:

Business Management Skills

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:


·                       Training in resource economics, environmental economics, recreational economics, or related field strongly preferred.

·                       At least two years’ experience in policy related position is strongly preferred, but applicants with extensive research experience in applied microeconomics will be considered.

·                       Knowledge of economic strategy development.

·                       Knowledge of principles and practices of economic analysis.

·                       Knowledge of principles of economics, including econometrics and forecasting.

·                       Knowledge of micro and macro-economic theory and their application.

·                       Strong technical economic skills, specifically in relation to quantitative, statistical analysis

·                       Knowledge of economic research and survey sampling techniques.

·                       Knowledge of graphic and narrative techniques for the presentation of economic data.

·                       Knowledge of mathematics and statistical theory.

·                       Knowledge of economic indicators relative to national and local economic trends.

·                       Ability to conduct research studies and economic feasibility analysis.

·                       Ability to gather and analyze economic data and present findings.

·                       Ability to maintain records and prepare reports and correspondence related to the task.

·                       A proven track record of conceptualizing and executing your own research in economics.

·                       Excellent skills with Microsoft Office suite including relevant statistical and data computation software such as SPSS etc. 

·                       Strong analytical skills, resourceful, self-motivated, a good team player.

·                       Diligent and enthusiastic, willing to work long hours and under pressure.

Excellent oral and written skills in Dari, Pashto and English.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of Business Development and Donors’ Attraction Manager, the Senior Finance and Economic Specialist will be responsible for the duties and responsibilities that includes, but are not limited to:

1.                    Supervise external socioeconomic research conducted.

2.                    Analyze and assess economic research and economic arguments presented by stakeholders and contractors.

3.                    Assist managers on economic questions that arise in the development of plans.

4.                    Manage market assessments required in annual review of deemed values.

5.                    Present economic data in formats that is understandable to stakeholders, to other staff, and to senior government decision-makers.

6.                    Conduct economic analysis relevant to operational and policy issues.

7.                    Provide well-written economic advice on short turn-around times for variety of management issues.

8.                    Provide microeconomic training relevant to job requirements of non-economists on staff involved in operations.

9.                    Working with CRIDA Programs and individuals in helping shape and inform project proposals and project implementation with sound economic thinking.

10.                Reviewing and advising on the technical quality of economics research in CRIDA projects.

11.                Leading on the conceptualization, development and funding of certain priority projects.

12.                Provide overall economic analysis for project implementation and contractual agreements within Capital Region.

13.                Assist in developing and formulating strategies and mechanisms specifically the economic strategy to rationalize key aspects of business and economic activities.

14.                Complete knowledge of economic strategy development.

15.                Provide sound economic framework on the economic strategy to ensure that Business Development and Donors Attraction Department implements its plans in accordance to sustainable and sound economic principles.

16.                Conduct various economic and financial analysis i.e. economic and financial feasibility and survey analysis using relevant research and survey assessment tools.

17.                Thorough knowledge of econometrics and their application in various project analysis.

18.                Write clear reports and briefings on economic and financial sustainability matters of the projects.

19.                Assess and analyze terms and conditions of contractual agreements.

20.                Assist with the development of new policies, programs and project proposals.

21.                Provide input/analysis for use in annual budgets, work plans, investment proposals and strategic plan of CRIDA.

22.                Advise IR team with systematic and routine monitoring of contractual activities, economic compliance issues with relevant stakeholders, public authorities, private sector investors (national & international) and donor agencies.

23.                Organize and conduct consultations with stakeholders, donors and private sector investors (national & international).

24.                Enlist stakeholder participation through networking, building partnerships, knowledge sharing and information exchange.

25.                Develop new indicators/data and conduct economic impact evaluations for use in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system and economic forecasts/projections.

26.                Technical support to design and analysis of surveys, researches and feasibility studies.

27.                Conducting effective and accurate financial management and oversight, implementation of financial strategies and procedures on CRIDA projects.

28.                Supporting the preparation and agreement of cost estimates and a financing plan, which are based on verifiable data and are sufficient to support project implementation.

29.                Preparing financial projections and conducting financial analyses of the CRIDA projects to determine their financial sustainability.

30.                Conducting financial evaluations (financial cost-benefit analyses) including sensitivity analyses of projects.

31.                Where significant risks are identified to project financial sustainability or viability, proposing relevant financial performance indicators to be incorporated in financial covenants.

32.                Assessing and reaching agreement on financial reporting and public disclosure arrangements for the projects, and as appropriate, identifying and agreeing arrangements for receiving financial statements from private sector and other agencies.

33.                Financial analysis and oversight for all the projects managed by CRIDA and provision of high-quality professional advice to the business development and donor attraction department.

34.                Proper financial planning of the projects in accordance with CRIDA rules and regulations.

35.                Prepare and oversight of the projects portfolio management.

36.                Drafting the quarterly investment reviews that discuss in detail the investment activity, performance and financing characteristics of each project.

37.                Continuous analysis and monitoring of the financial situation, presentation of forecasts for development and management of projects.

38.                Routinely monitors financial exception reports for unusual activities, transactions and investigates anomalies or unusual transactions of the specified projects.

39.                Management of all financial resources through planning, guiding, monitoring and controlling of the resources in accordance with CRIDA policies and regulations.

40.                Manage revenue generation of the projects and prepare cost estimations for Business plans.

41.                Prepare presentations and represent CRIDA in all the high level meetings with stakeholders if necessary.

42.                Excellent knowledge and experience in preparation of business plans, financial plans, feasibility studies and financial research and studies.

43.                Develop appropriate Business Models for different projects.

44.                Elaboration of proper mechanisms to eliminate deficiencies in business plans.

Other activities as requested by IR director.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


  Master's Degree or equivalent in Economics, Business Administration or related field with a significant component of quantitative economics is required. Masters’ degree in Economics is advantageous.

·                       5 years or more, of relevant experience at the national or international level in the economic development or research and analysis.

Job Keywords:

Finance and Economic
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