Senior Irrigation Dam Engineer Specialist

  Afghanistan Unspecified 306
Date Posted:May 25, 2010
Reference:MOEC 005
Closing Date:Jun 9, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Construction
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:50 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

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Job Summary:

The senior irrigation and Dam Engineer will work under the direction of Head of Project Development Dept (Ministry of Economy).

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Assist Project Management evaluation of the planning of all irrigation related activities to be undertaken by MEW and ensure that work is assigned in such a way that staff can complete investigation, reports and other activities within the set time and to the required standards.

• Understand Supervise and guide the investigation of rehabilitation and upgrading requirements of system and the preparation of reports, these project personnel assisting with work.

• Undertaker as request by management the proposed investigations personally and independently wherever required and to verify the suggestion and proposal made by other project personnel.

• As appropriate provide training to the irrigation engineer and other project personnel involved with the irrigation system investigation, upgrading and rehabilitation and construction supervise and quality control and quality assurance.

• Coordinate closely with the senior Design Engineers of MEW to enable them to prepare tentative design required for the Rapid Appraisal (RA) and feasibility Reports and the quantity take off to arrive as cost estimates for investigated-project.

• Assist the senior Design Engineers to check; evaluate and develop standard drawings for structure that recur often and in large number with limited variation in dimensions, such as road and foot bridges on the basis of knowledge accumulated from the RA;

• Assist in the preparation/review of the specification for all construction activities to be carried out by contractors and the institution of supervisor proposed and quality control procedures to ensure construction to required standards;

• Contract management proposed in the project reports under the guidance of the project Evaluation unit.

• Guidance to the engineers in day-to day supervises of the construction works. Proposed with.

Respect to application of sound construction practices by the contractor, adherence to the quality criteria laid down in the specification and written direction to the contractor by the project Director or Team Leader;

• Report on the progress of the construction, report problems encountered in any aspect of the construction work undertaken, remedies applied to overcome these problems and early warning as soon as construction lags behind target.

• Refer matters on which agreement can be reached or when unsure about any construction activities to be undertaken or actions of the contractor to the project Director of MOEC.

• Oversee the inspection of materials delivered to the site for compliance with quality standards and order tests to be carried out to ascertain that material is suitable for use in the construction, wherever required.

• Ensure inspection of materials put in place such as armoring, before pouring of concrete commence, to assure that the right size and quantities’ have been used and that elements are connected in proper way with sufficient overlap;

• Ensure the carrying out of tests are proposed to guarantee quality of concrete, that correct mix is used and water quantity is within permissible range;

• To review and check all topography and survey data.

• Perform any other tasks that maybe assigned from time to time by the management in the interest of the project economy.

• Evaluate the cost Benefit Ratio and internal Rate of Return of the project proposed.

Job Requirement:

• Should be able to evaluate the specific work done in project preparation by engineering. Geologist, soil scientist, environmentalists Sociologist and Agronomists etc.
• The job involves Techno Economic Evaluation of Irrigation and hydropower project.

• The specialists should have at least 10 years’ experience of working on project planning, preparation if project Reports and Execution / Implementation of contract works of medium and large irrigation and hydropower funded by the World Bank, Asian Development bank or other Donor agencies.

• Should have worked in a senior capacity in Govt. Department of Engineering fields in international countries in the field of irrigation and hydropower.

• Should be capable of evaluating the financial analysis and Economic criteria of large project .also should be able to interact suitably with the Economists involved in the study evaluation Engineering Project financial viability.

• He should be capable of making presentation in front of the ministry officials, technical Committees and Economy study of the project evaluated by him.

• Should have Good command in English speaking and English writing.

• At least Bachelor of civil engineering i.e. B.E. or B. Tech from a standard university from international countries.
• Should have sound Knowledge of disputes, economy irregularities and arbitration matters

Job Location:

This job is expired