Senior Procurement Specialist

  Ministry of Public Health
Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 427
Date Posted:Aug 5, 2019
Reference:Senior Procurement Specialist
Closing Date:Aug 19, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:7 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of Public Health:


The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GF) supports programs focusing on HIV, TB and Malaria as well as aiming to strengthen national Health Systems. As part of the Global Fund health programs in Afghanistan, there is a focus during 2018-2020, on developing capacity for the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). In Afghanistan, the Ministry of Public Health is the PR and key implementer of the Global Fund grants, working alongside Civil Society groups. As per the future plan of MoPH for the grant and GF program, MoPH try to develop the functional capacity of the program including but not limited to the procurement function. The procurement consultant is expected to initiate a competent potential inside the MoPH to enable MoPH and the leading unit of GFCU to meet the expectation of GF for a PR-ship role from day today and ensure routine procurement of the grant are in line with MoPH procurement rules and law and donor requirements. 

Job Summary:

Scope of work: The consultant is expected to play the leading role in establishing the capacity inside the MoPH/GFCU unit for meeting the donor requirement for the function/procurement in line with government rules, law, procedures and SoPs. The consultant is going to ensure that day to day operation of MoPH are in line with approved budget, donor requirements, approved plans of departments, government rules and law.

The consultant is going to work closely with relevant departments to develop the required procedures, SoPs, guidelines and other relevant tools and documents inside the unit and system of MoPH procurement not only for procurement but also for inventory management, stock management, LMIS, supply management and other procedures of procurement and supply management (PSM).

With recruitment of the consultant, MoPH intend to ensure all the procurement are properly documented, PSM is properly managed (the supply and demand is with proper balance) and a proper system is established and efficiently functioning for the grant is ensured.  

Skills Required:


Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

a.   Sound knowledge and understanding of procurement law and procurement rules and procedures for public procurement in Afghanistan;

b.  Has the ability to develop procurement manual for GFCU by incorporating the government and donor rules and regulation.

c.  Sound knowledge and understanding of Donors procurement regulations;

d. Sound knowledge and understanding of the government’s administrative system as well as the government’s clearance and approval procedures applicable to procurement;

e.  Sound judgment and interpretative skill for dealing with procurement-related issues and procurement and contract documents;

f. Effective communication and interpersonal skills including (i) a full working knowledge of English (ii) fluency in at least one national language and good reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the other and (iii) the ability of interact and coordinate with MOPH procurement department staff, contractors, government officials, consultants and The Global Fund/Donor

g.  Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point),

h.  Proposal and report writing skills,

i.  Effective Project Management skills,

j.   Must be able to travel provinces.

Duties & Responsibilities:

A-    System Development

1- Establish a properly functioning PSM unit as per MoPH rules and law and according to donor requirements;

2- Develop standard tools, SoPs and other required documents as per donor requirements and government relevant rules and law;

3- Conduct a primary assessment of gaps in the procurement system and GFCU grants and develop and long and short term plan for ensuring donor requirements and government rules for PSM;

4-  Develop a costed Operational Plan to address the training needs and its implementation in the given grant and relevant departments; 

5-  Introduce and innovate practical approaches to gain efficiencies in terms of resource utilization and PSM issues and to avoid duplications and to provide professional/technical advice to program coordinator in related areas;

6-  Review procurement service levels and quality regularly to ensure continuous improvement;

7- Coordinate and closely follow up PSM activities with direct and indirect stakeholders e.g. MoPH related departments, PSM committees, co-PR, NPA and other international companies through proper and established channels.

8-  Identify opportunities and implement ways to continually minimize lost time, spend, and resources.

B- Procurement Operations

1.  Ensure, document and implement the day to day procurement of the unit as per donor requirements, government rules and approved budget and plans of the grant and relevant departments;

2.  Ensure proper inventory, stock management, procurement, supply, reporting system and other tasks of PSM in the whole grant and relevant department as per donor requirement and government rule and law; 

3.  Prepare and submit timely PSM plans, reports and complete the standard online/offline systems with PSM related information (Procurement Quality Reporting Mechanism (PQRM) and PUDR for GF grants).

4.  Provide on time logistics support to operations at competitive costs and Manage applications and systems involved in the logistics process;

5.  Track all cargo movements from booking to final delivery, with special attention to dangerous goods and Ensure customs compliance, and clearance of all shipments

6.  Optimize equipment utilization and select the most cost-effective routes

7.  Monitor logistics performance and report any service quality issues.

8.     Maintain control over product storage and flow for the warehouse and other inventory areas

9.     Implement required documentation and labelling per company standards and local requirements

10. Ensure accurate stock transaction records

11. Proactively monitor and implement strategies to reduce excess and aging stock

12. Manage day-to-day interactions with suppliers to ensure on time delivery of all orders

13. Responsible for expediting orders from creation to delivery

14. Develop and negotiate prices, terms, and contracts with suppliers

15. Evaluate current and prospective suppliers through reviews, site visits, and audits to ensure supply capabilities, on-time delivery, quality, and service

16. Participate at relevant meetings, workshops, evaluations and similar events.

17. Ensure with technical team proper specifications for the planned procurements.

18. Process RFQ relevant documents for all GFCU-HSS related grants and purchase order processing.

19. Review and management of contracts/MOU/Agreements before and after finalization

20. Tally the list of activities to be done with the contracted obligation of the contractor

21. Coordinate the financial obligations of the contract with GFCU finance team

22. Prepare monthly; and quarterly reports regarding the progress of the Contract management activities and as otherwise requested by GFCU Coordinator

23. Coordination of the procurement process in accordance with the Government Procurement Law i.e. preparation; advertising (General Procurement Notice Specific Procurement Notice Request for Expression of Interest etc.); organization of public bid opening; receipt and evaluation of quotations, bids or proposals and should be the procurement committee member/agent on behalf of HSS/GFCU

24. Any other relevant task assigned by GFCU coordinator. 

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


  1. Bachelor degree with 7 years’ relevant experience or master degree with 5 years working experiences 

Job Keywords:

Senior Procurement Specialist
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