Senior Procurement Specialist

  Kabul Municipality
Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 1252
Date Posted:May 12, 2019
Closing Date:Jun 1, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Procurement
Salary Range:NTA, Grade B
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Kabul Municipality:


1.        Background: The overarching vision of the Bank’s urban engagement in Afghanistan is to establish a foundation for municipal development that establishes systems that could enable a shift from government led urban development to market oriented infrastructure financing operations. The World Bank is supporting the Kabul Municipal Development Program (KMDP) with a grant of US$110 million equivalent, which became effective on April 11, 2014 and will close on June 30, 2021.

2.        Objectives of KMDP: The Objectives of KMDP are to: (i) to increase access to basic municipal services through investments in critical infrastructure; (ii) increase Kabul Municipality’s development budget; and (iii) enable Kabul Municipality to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency.

3.        Components of KMDP: The table below lists the components and the current components and commitments to date for each component. Table 1: Grant Commitments by Component (April 1, 2019)

Commitments USD m Percent Committed

Component A: Annual Infrastructure Upgrading Program ($91.5m) - -

A (i) Upgrading of Basic Municipal Infrastructure (US$91.5m) 82.1 89.7% Component B: Redesign KM’s Financial Management System ($6.0m) 1.9 22.75%

Component D: Project Implementation, Design and Supervision ($12.5m) 9.2 74%

Component E: Contingent Emergency Response

Total 93.2 84.7%

Job Summary:

He/she will be part of the KMDP Management Team, supervised by and reporting to the Team Leader of KMDP that is responsible for all aspects of management and implementation of the activities financed by the current KMDP and EZ-KAR Grants and any other Bank supported projects in the future. The Senior Procurement Specialist will be responsible for leading the preparation and award of all contracts under the various Bank-supported Grants in accordance with the World Bank Procurement Guidelines. He/she will manage the tendering process, bid evaluations, contract awards including their approval process. The contracts could be works, consultancy services, or contracts for non-consulting services, and goods. The professional selected should be willing to learn and adapt quickly to the Bank’s new procurement system, known as the New Procurement Framework (NPF)

•         The recruited professional will always apply the highest standard of ethical behavior to his/her work.

•         All applicants would be required to disclose as part of the application process, any prior affiliation with an organization or firm that he/she may have worked with which was either singled out for or was the subject of disciplinary action related to fraud or corruption

Duties & Responsibilities:

8.        Duties and Accountabilities of the Senior procurement Specialist: The Senior Procurement Specialist shall be responsible for:

(i)   Leading the current team that consists of a Senior Procurement Officer, and 2 Senior procurement Assistants, and ensuring that all team members adhere to the highest ethical standards.

(ii) Development of Project Procurement Strategies.

(iii)         Management of the work flow and distribution of all procurement related tasks, including advertising, bid receipt, and bid opening strictly in accordance with the procurement procedures agreed with the World Bank.

(iv)Preparation and finalization of annual procurement plans in the Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement (STEP), a software tool used by global client and Bank teams, to submit Procurement Plans for the Bank’s clearance.

(v) Follow up with Kabul Municipality departments, other relevant agencies, and the World Bank (WB) to ensure timely approvals of procurement plans.

(vi)Ensure through supervision and oversight of the procurement team, that the quality of procurement documents (draft bidding documents, requests for proposals, bid evaluation reports, etc.) are reviewed by him/her before they are given to the Team Leader for onward transmission to the World Bank.

(vii)       Ensure timeliness in the completion of all stages of the procurement cycle to ensure implementation occurs in accordance with procurement plans.

(viii)     Conducting Pre-bid meetings, describing project’s procurement regulations to bidders.

(ix)Chairing of evaluation committees, ensuring that all members of any evaluation committee are trained in how to evaluations are done in compliance with World Bank Procurement Regulation , and maintaining the highest level on integrity in the evaluation process and preparation of the evaluation reports. 

(x) Ensuring transparency in the preparation, review, and internal clearance of all bid evaluation reports in accordance with the requirements of the law of the Government of Afghanistan and the World Bank, including in the preparation of comparison list of bill of quantities of the bidders.

(xi) Follow-up with the concerned government departments and the WB (if required) to ensure bid evaluation reports are approved in a timely manner.

(xii)       Preparing, reviewing and clearing all draft contracts prior to contract signing. Following up with the concerned government departments and the WB (if required) in order to have bid evaluation reports approved in a timely manner.

(xiii)     Responsible for all correspondence with bidders during the procurement process, including the review and clearance of any documents prepared by members of his/her team.

(xiv)      Preparation of contracts amendment (final contract amendment, time extension as required by contractors and advised by KM).

(xv)        Ensure that the procurement filing/record system is always up-to-date, no files missing, and all documents are organized in a manner that makes document retrieval easy and straightforward.

(xvi)      Monitoring and reporting the status or progress on procurement as required, including contributing to the quarterly Project Implementation Progress Report. 

(xvii)    Performing periodic supervision of the performance by other procurement staff in the procurement unit, providing on-the-job training and classroom training enabling them to successful carry out their jobs.

(xviii)  Any other duties that the Team Leader may reasonably require to ensure the smooth functioning of the project. 

Job Requirement:

The successful applicant should have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with at least ten years of cumulative professional experience in procurement with public and reputable private sector organizations in Afghanistan of which at least 4 years should be in the capacity of full time procurement specialist. Experience in procurement under World Bank supported projects and programs, with demonstrated proficiency in the procurement of high value Goods, Works, and Consultancy contracts will be an advantage.

10.      Personality attributes that will be critical requirements are:

(i)       High degree of professional integrity, honesty, commitment to his/her work with attention to detail.

(ii)      Strong team leadership and teamwork skills that demonstrate propensity to mentor junior staff.

(iii)     Methodical and organized, with a good appreciation of the transparency and the importance of maintaining solid record keeping systems.

(iv)     Good problem solving skills and a “can-do” attitude that demonstrates a willingness and desire to learn.

(v)      Sound understanding of the workings of the public procurement system in Afghanistan, and the different role of national procurement entities and national and sub-national public sector entities with respect to procurement.

(vi)     Good computer skills, including use of the internet and word-processing and spreadsheet applications.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired


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