Social Safeguard Specialist

Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 538
Date Posted:May 7, 2019
Closing Date:May 20, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Security/Safety
Salary Range:NTA, Grade C
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of Education (MoE):

Founded: 1900

The aim of the EQRA Project is “to increase equitable access to primary and secondary education, particularly girls, in selected lagging provinces, and to improve learning conditions in Afghanistan.” EQRA introduces a shift from monitoring only the enrollment of students (which also includes attention to students designated as ‘permanently absent’) to focusing on bringing children into school as well as student attendance. The Education Quality Reform for Afghanistan (EQRA) is fully aligned with the goals of the Afghanistan National Strategic Plan (NESP III). The project is designed to (A) increase equitable access in disadvantaged districts especially for girls; (B) improve quality of instruction/education service delivery and (C) enhance MoE governance and management capacity. The project focuses on the construction and expansion of schools, provide community-based education to out of school children, reform curriculum for all grades, improve and ensure textbooks delivery to schools, enhance academic supervision, strengthen teacher & TTC quality, improve execution of budget, strengthen and increase use of EMIS, implement capacity building reform, and reform recruitment process for civil service.

Job Summary:

Under the general supervision of the ISD Deputy Director, the social safeguard specialist will be responsible for social and safety issues, mainly the implementation of Resettlement Policy Framework RPF guidelines and ensuring/monitoring compliance with social safeguards throughout the project sites. He or she will also be responsible for developing the training manuals and conducting training sessions. She or he will also receive and review all reports received from the provinces and should have in-depth understanding of GoA and World Bank policy on involuntary resettlement issues. 

Skills Required:

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

The main duties and responsibilities of the Social Safeguard Specialist are to:

1)    Ensure that the project activities follow the guidelines of the ESMF and RPF into overall project operations.

2)    Prepare screening list through field observations in order to identify the potential social safeguards issues.

3)    Prepare the site-specific ESMPs based on social screening survey and field observations, using ESMF guidelines and ensure the ESMP include Social Monitoring Plan (MPs).

4)    Guided by the ESMF and RPF, conduct social monitoring of the sub-project in association with engineering staff and ensure the implementation of recommandations prescribed in the ESMPs.

5)    Provide training to EQRA Project’s staff and relevant civil servants on social safeguard and awareness raising of contractors on their immediate requirements to ensure compliance with ESMF and RPF.

6)    Ensure meaningful consultations are conducted with stakeholders whenever required.   

7)    Support the project team on implementation of Citizen Engagement mechanisms and ensure the delivery of satisfaction surveys with the level of affordability and reliability of services.

8)    Ensure implementation of Grievance Redress Mechanism which will include the grievance handling procedures, channels, grievance database in order to ensure that all registered complains are received, proceed and addressed properly. 

9)    Prepare Grievance Redress Mechanism training materials which to be disseminated among the project staff/civil servants and project beneficiaries to ensure functionality of GRM system.

10) Develop safeguards reporting formats and maintaining social records on established formats.

11) Develop and submit the safeguards monitoring reports to project director on monthly basis; which to be reflected in the progress report to the World Bank.

12) Addressing the social inclusion of the poor, vulnerable and excluded groups/students and ensuring compliance with social safeguards are included in regular reporting mechanisms.

13) Monitor safeguards compliance of ESMF implementation in the project and report any incompliance to senior management and the World Bank in timely manner.

14) Attend to any other task assigned by the supervisor.

15) Ensure a functional GRM system is established, and the summary of the complaints are recorded in the project reports. Develop an officially indorsed ToRs for the different level of GRC committees. 

16) Develop a comprehensive GRM manual and Training plan for all relevant project staff including relevant civil servants.

17) Establish coordination platform with other implementing agencies (MRRD) on safeguard related issues.


·      Assist the development of RPF, GRM and Safety manuals and close coordination between MRRD and MoE.

·      Assist the ESMF implementation regarding of all ongoing projects based on WB policy and follow up on the site level.

·      Be responsible to monitor the safety and social Safeguard issues of all construction projects with the field staffs and relevant PED Directors. 

·      Assisting and preparing sub-project Specific Safety Plans (SSP) and ESMP.

·      Key liaison between MOE Engineering Team and MRRD Provincial Safeguard team.

·      Attend health and safety and social safeguard seminars such as those held by government, World Bank and organizations.



·      Overall planning and managing of Safety and social safeguard activities related to EQRA construction projects.

·      Prepare annual implementation safety and social safeguard plan in close collaboration with relevant Zones and Departments.

·      Preparation of RPF and School construction safety guidelines and formats for provincial Monitor Engineer’s.

·      Traveling to provinces for safety and social safeguard deviation track and planned for way forward.

·      Preparing School construction SMP (Safety management plan) that implement by CDC’s or Contractor.

3.Coordination / Communication / Facilitation

·      .

·      Provide support for strengthening the collaboration and linkages between different departments of the MoE   and MRRD supported by EQRA.

·      Developing the Safety, social safeguard and GRM training manual and conducting training sessions.

·      Represent Social safeguard at various meetings and forums on behalf of ISD.

4.Reporting and Follow up

·       Monthly, semi-annuel and annuel reports of Safety and social safguard devisons of the construction projets and délivre to the ISD.

·      Provide assistance for maintaining a good record of all documents related to EQRA Social Safeguard tasks. 

·      Report and present the progress on EQRA project to relevant stakeholders.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


At least BSc of Social since, Management since, civil engineering with at least 5 years of relevant experience and master degree is preferred. 

·        Knowledge of safety, environment and social safeguards related issues in Afghanistan.

·        Ability to speak, read and write excellent English, produce project reports in English for regular and continuous presentations and computer literate.

·        Strong computer Skills (Word, Excel, Power Point, Auto CAD and other technical software’s).

Recruitment, work condition and evaluation

1)     Recruitment:

a.      The recruitment will be done through a transparent and competitive processes.

2)     Work conditions

a.      The Social safeguard Specialist will work according to Afghanistan MoE’s rules and regulation.

b.     MoE will provide a proper work station at central MoE building.

c.      The Social safeguard Specialist will Repot ISD/Deputy Director of MoE

3)     Evaluation

a.      The initial Three months will be considered a probationary period.

b.     A formal performance evaluation shall be conducted annually jointly by the Ministry of Education leadership as well as by the WB with observers of the key donors.

c.      An exit interview will be conducted upon completion of the contract. This exit interview constitutes condition for final payment.

Contract extension is subject to fund availability, organization’s need, and satisfactory performance.

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