Sr. Data Analyst

  Ministry of Education (MoE)
Bachelor's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 1562
Date Posted:Mar 23, 2020
Closing Date:Apr 5, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:NTA, Grade B
Years of Experience:5 - 7 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of Education (MoE):


The aim of the EQRA Project is “to increase equitable access to primary and secondary education, particularly girls, in selected lagging provinces, and to improve learning conditions in Afghanistan.” EQRA introduces a shift from monitoring only the enrollment of students (which also includes attention to students designated as ‘permanently absent’) to focusing on bringing children into school as well as student attendance.

The Education Quality Reform for Afghanistan (EQRA) is fully aligned with the goals of the Afghanistan National Strategic Plan (NESP III). The project is designed to: (A) increase equitable access in disadvantaged districts especially for girls; (B) improve quality of instruction/education service delivery and (C) enhance MoE governance and management capacity. The project focuses on the construction and expansion of schools, provide community-based education to out of school children, reform curriculum for all grades, improve and ensure textbooks delivery to schools, enhance academic supervision, strengthen teacher & TTC quality, improve execution of budget, strengthen and increase use of EMIS, implement capacity building reform, and reform recruitment process for civil service. 

Job Summary:

Sr. Data Analyst will support data analysis and preparation of analytical reports based on the requirement of NESP III and EQRA indicators.

She/he will help development of institutional set up for data management, support information system development, preparation of statistical report and coordination with relevant stakeholders. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

Specific Responsibilities of Sr. Data Analyst

The responsibilities of the incumbent include but not limited to:

1.      Development of tools, guideline and statistical procedures for data collection, cleaning, verification, analysis and reporting

  • Support development of policy/strategy of data management for MoE.
  • Develop and finalize data collection tools and guidelines in participatory manner
  • Improve and develop the functions and procedures required for standard data collection, cleaning, verification and analysis.
  • Develop procedures for transforming data into useful information including graphical representation.
  • Develop standard annual formats for result based reporting to MoE and donor agencies.
  • Support the result based reporting process of EQRA/DLI#6

2.      Support the development/ modification of system development

  • Support in system requirement gathering and information systems’ design process including phone call survey and other applications. 
  • Support the process of information systems integration, development and deployment.
  • Support in the reporting interface design process  
  • Introduce the use of statistical computer applications in data analysis.
  • Design standard reporting templates for automatic reporting systems of the EMIS.
  • Support application of controls/validations during data entry, processes and reporting.

3.      Support the development of analytical statistics report

  • Design and development of standard statistical and analytical reports.
  • Support the development of education national and international indicators.
  • Analyze MoE data and information needs in relation to MoE, national and international indicators
  • Support the development of the data analysis system including online GIS-Atlas system.

4.      Capacity building

  • Support the data processing capacity of the EMIS staff and systems by bridging the gap between the staff and the data storing software.
  • Assess in house data analysis capabilities and prepare full scale capacity building and skills Work closely with the data analysis and Monitoring Units and improve the capacity within the units.

5.      Coordination

  • Identify and implement national and international standards to enable smooth data sharing among education partners and government ministries
  • Identify, gather and incorporate external datasets into the MoE data repository
  •  Working closely with Central Statistics Office (CSO), MRRD and other organizations for data sharing.

6.      Deliverables

  • The data management policy/strategy development is provided by Dec 2019
  • Data collection tools and procedure developed/revised by Dec 2019
  • Annual Statistics report prepared by Dec 2019
  • Statistics analytical data prepared and shared for policy and programming purposes at annual bases.
  • Information system development/integration process is supported during 2019 – 2022.
  • Result based reporting process is supported from 2019 - 2022
  • (#) of staff trained in data analysis at annual bases according to needs from 2019-2022 

Job Requirement:


1)     Education

a.      Bachelor or master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Information Technology or Statistics or Mathematical analysis.

2)     Experience

a.      At least 7 years with Bachelors degree (for Masters 5 years) of relevant work in data analysis, decision support, statistical analysis, education management and analysis.

Recruitment, work condition and evaluation

1)     Recruitment:

a.      The recruitment will be done through a transparent and competitive processes.

2)     Work conditions

a.      The Senior Data Analyst will work according to Afghanistan MoE’s rules and regulation.

b.     MoE will provide a proper work station at central Kabul office.

c.      The Senior Data Analyst Will Report to the head of department.

3)     Evaluation

a.      The initial six months will be considered a probationary period.

b.     A formal performance evaluation shall be conducted annually jointly by the Director of Finance, and the Deputy Minister of Admin & Finance.

c.      An exit interview will be conducted upon completion of the contract. This exit interview constitutes condition for final payment.

a.      Demonstrated skills of data analysis, statistical methodologies and software

b.       Preparation of reports and formal presentations.

c.      Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines

d.      Maintains confidentiality of data and respects data dissemination policies

e.      Good networking and teamwork skills

f.       Strong writing and communication skills

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired