Survey Engineer

  Aziz Group
Bachelor's Degree   Badakhshan, Afghanistan Full Time 667
Date Posted:Jul 31, 2019
Closing Date:Aug 31, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Civil Engineering
Salary Range:50000 - 80000 AFN monthly
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Aziz Group:


-Rauf Aziz Construction Company established in 2008 to participate in reconstruction of Afghanistan.

RAUF AZIZ Construction Company is an afghan national based construction company with over 10 years of experience as a general contractor, construction manager and design builder. Our specialties include highway, roads, bridges, buildings, transportation, logistics and supply.

RAUF Aziz Construction is a company that has been built on recommendations. Our architects work closely with the client to create designs from the affordable to the high end of the construction market. They are modern thinking plus professionally trained, and dedicated to quality workmanship using the latest techniques and innovations.

Rauf Aziz Construction Company has completed many medium size and large size project within the country for Afghanistan government and international clients. Below is the list of mail projects completed or being completed:

Job Summary:

The proposed Road is located in the South East side of Badakhshan Province with almost 108km. The alignment of the access road passes through Baharak, Wardooj, Zebaak and Connect to Eshakashem district. The area is hilly, not flat or level. There is need for more cases of land donation in this project because it has surrounded by river mountainous terrain and green land. The design road width is about 11m. The road needs cutting, filling, Sub- base course, base course, Asphalt carriageway and Double Bituminous Surface Treatment (DBST) with  side drain and construction of structures (Culverts, Retaining and breast walls (Stone masonry and RCC), Washes, Bridges (RCC, PSC) along the road.

In general, Project Surveying Engineer or Surveyor is project based responsible position that complements the project technical team for a critical support in the following Three (3) domains of work in the construction projects.

1.      The position is a project based critical and responsible position that complements the project technical team in the topographic survey processes of data collection about the location and elevation of points, and the natural and man-made features on the construction site and presenting the collected data as contour lines on topographic plan used as input for further processes in the industry including grading architecture, and engineering design, and in the building and construction processes.

2.      The position is also responsible for the day to day transmission processes of the construction design data or blue-prints from the documents into the construction processes on site in relation with the design datum or the controlling point for vertical and horizontal positioning of the designed features for construction.

3.      The position is ultimately responsible for day to day controlling and verifying processes of the completed construction works data or actual performance on the construction site with the design documents and the design datum or the controlling point for vertical and horizontal positioning of the designed features.

The position is a project site level independent and self-management level position under the immediate leadership of either Chief Surveyor or project manager and will report to and be managed by the Technical Department stationed in the headquarter office of company.    

Skills Required:

Communication Engineering

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

ü Expert in the utilization of total station’s electronic & optical instruments including the theodolite, built-in distance meter, digital display, electronic data collector, storage system and prism.

ü Expert in understanding, and setting the horizontal and vertical angles, distances, Center line station locations, line and grade for construction of the highway, the roadway allowance stake-out for right of way clearing and determine the positions and heights.

ü Expert in understanding, establishing and controlling the super-elevation, widening, sloping vertical and horizontal curving establishment procedures and calculations.

ü Able to work under pressure on the construction work environments for irregularly long hours and to deal with multitasking processes.

ü Able to work on the construction site and mobile office environments.

ü Able to work independently and accept responsibility for his works.

ü Able to progressively learn and change to fit the role requirements.

ü Proactively deal the role requirements and develop role oversight.

ü Having good written and verbal communication skills.

ü Being able to implement new processes.

ü Having interpersonal skills.

ü Being able to motivate others.

ü Having high attention to details.

ü Being able to suggest methods to prevent injuries.

ü Having leadership skills.

ü Having supervisory skills.

ü Having experience in safety and health work.

ü Being able to work alone or with a team.

ü Be Able to Work as Team Member

ü Be Able to Plan, Organize and Manage Site Staff and Machinery

ü On Site Decision for Any Raised Issue During Construction

Duties & Responsibilities:

ü Planning and conducting the initial engineering/topographic survey (data collection) for the selected road infrastructure geometric design, the detailed localized topography for vertical structures and civil works along the road alignment using TOTAL STATIONS, Geodetic GPS Stations equipment.

ü Transferring the collected survey data into the task specific topographic plans using the applicable softwares of Auto-CAD, or Civil-3D.

ü Prepare the processed survey data and reports in the form of inputs to the design department in support of the road detail design processes.

ü Co-ordinate with the Design, Project Management and other concerned Units to ensure the proper understanding, dissemination, usage and of surveying data.

ü Work with the project manager and on-site construction teams in day to day transmission processes of the construction design data or blue-prints from the documents into the construction processes on site in relation with the design datum or the controlling point for vertical and horizontal positioning of the designed features for construction.

ü Conduct post-construction day to day controlling and verifying survey processes of the completed construction works or actual performance on the construction site and ensure the strict follow up and implementation of the design documents and design datum or vertical and horizontal positioning of the designed features in the construction processes.

ü Responsible to ensure surveying equipment is in good working order.

ü Verify the accuracy of survey data including measurement and calculation conducted at survey sites.

ü Record the results of survey, including the shape, contour, location, elevation and dimension of land or land features.

ü Adjust surveying instruments in order to maintain their accuracy.

ü Train assistants and helpers, and direct their work in such activities as performing surveys or drafting maps.

ü Analyze survey objectives and specifications in order to prepare survey proposals or to direct others in survey proposal preparation.

ü Develop criteria for the design and modification of survey instruments.

ü Conduct research in surveying and mapping methods, using knowledge of techniques of photogrammetric map compilation and electronic data processing.

ü Locate and mark sites selected for geophysical prospecting activities, such as efforts to locate petroleum or other mineral products.

ü Determine specifications for photographic equipment to be used for aerial photography, as well as altitudes from which to photograph terrain.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Badakhshan


The following qualifications are required to be possessed for the referenced position and are not subject to be compromised, therefore, only the matches for below criteria are encouraged to apply.

ü Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering, or college certificate in advanced Topographic Surveying.

ü 5 Year of Experience as road construction Surveying Engineer.

ü Excellent knowledge of utilizing Key Surveying instruments such as Total station, GPS, Level.

ü Excellent knowledge and experience with Closed and Open Traversing.

ü Excellent knowledge and experience of critical road construction leveling procedures.

ü Excellent knowledge of construction blueprints & terminology reading, and interpretation

ü Excellent knowledge and experience in the road alignment and construction surveying.

ü Good Knowledge of Ms. Word, Ms Excel, Auto-CAD and Civil 3D,

ü Excellent English Language Skill in Speaking and Writing

Job Keywords:

Survey Engineer
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