Master's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 789
Date Posted:Sep 25, 2020
Closing Date:Oct 2, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Engineering,Business Administration ,Business Development and Growth ,Civil Engineering
Salary Range:800 - 900 USD monthly
Years of Experience:12 Years
Contract Duration:8 month(s)
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:Dari,English

About Afghan Bureau Collaboration Office (ABCO):

Afghan Bureau Collaboration Office (ABCO) is an NGO which has been working since 1993 and has been engaged with projects implementation in all regions of Afghanistan.

ABCO has concentrated its activities for improvement of services with a focus on transparent delivery of services and capacity building. ABCO has the highest level of integrity in its administrative, service, and outreach activities; we tie these activities directly to our mission, and we maintain and report our records accurately.

ABCO undertakes to support and enable a culture of partnership and equality throughout the organization. In a spirit of partnership, it is essential that we develop a shared understanding of this approach and build our capacity to ensure a full implementation of our organizational philosophy.

Job Summary:

ABCO has been assigned by ADB for Third Party Monitoring (TPM) Consulting Firm for Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development Sector.

TPM consulting firm is recommended in the Enhanced Project Delivery Approach Paper for Afghanistan, to carry out on-site monitoring of project implementation to enhance portfolio monitoring and reporting. The TPM will be required to conduct in-dept performance monitoring and provide evidence that projects are being implemented correctly and focusing on infrastructure quality assurance along with social safeguards compliance, security and gender issues, and select financial/fiduciary aspects.

The TPM firm will provide government with an example of project monitoring and data collection and showcase how such practices could improve project performance and results, thereby helping to strengthen the monitoring programs of the executing and implementing agencies.

Types of the Projects to be monitored:

Water Resources Development Investment Program,

• Procurement of works for construction of Yanqi Qala Flood Embankment Yatim Tapa Headworks, and Pilot Porcupines and Forestation.

• Procurement of works for construction of Bangala Weir.

• Procurement of works for rehabilitation of Nangarhar Valley Development Authority (NVDA) main, secondary and tertiary canals.

• Additional works for rehabilitation of NVDA main and secondary canals.

• Procurement of works for construction of pump stations and solar system installation.

• Rehabilitation of Lower Kokcha Irrigation Zone

• Rehabilitation of Secondary Network of Abdullah, Naqi, Gul Tepa, Arpoli and Qataghani canals in Kunduz and Takhar provinces.

• Construction of Water User Association Office Buildings.

• Agriculture Market Infrastructure Project - Slaughterhouses design and construction

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Develop an operational plan with proposed parameters as per timeframe and locations agreed

• Conduct regular site visits to monitor project construction and maintenance quality, and validate the findings against the technical specifications, quality control/assurance plans and other relevant documents.

• Verify the up to date progress of the projects against the anticipated targets/plans.

• Propose corrective measures and prepare ENV/Social Corrective Action Plan to ensure compliance with relevant safeguards covenants.

• Monitor the performance of engineers, civil works contractor, supervision consultant, and other staff involved at various levels of project supervision.

• Identify implementation challenges/gaps and bottlenecks, and suggest recommendations.

• Verify the Implementing Agency’s data collection and management accuracy.

• Assess if project resources are efficiently and effectively used.

• Ensure if there is any asset management plan of the IAs available and followed.

• Project assessment, including review of data availability, objectives, schedule and outputs.

• Report on progress.

• Provide critical data regarding contract management, quality of civil works, asset verification, equipment specifications, adequacy of supervision consultant, and the security assessment.

• Provide additional evidence about whether projects are being implemented according to the implementation plan, and whether they are in compliance with social safeguards covenants and recommend corrective measures as required.

• Conduct an assessment of the quality control and assurance procedure of the PMOs during contract implementation of the civil works, i.e. ensure whether submittal/transmittal procedure is established and daily and weekly quality check activities are reported.

• Prepare a deviation tracker, which would include the defects noticed at various sites, the strategy to repair these and monitoring of corrective actions during subsequent visits.

• Report on key findings.

• Identify any issues during change process, such as issuance of change orders relating scope, time and cost or so, and their approval process and record keeping.

• Overview of challenges, areas of further development; recommendation for improving project portfolio performance and results and safeguards related corrective measure.

• Detailed workplan covering all project activities.

• Ensure if as-built drawings are available for completed civil works contracts.

• Carry an independent satisfaction survey of the targeted populations to find their satisfaction with the progress and results of projects.

• Conduct any relevant task related to this assignment at the request of ABCO.

Job Requirement:

• At least a master’s degree or equivalent in monitoring and evaluation, agriculture, natural resources management, engineering, business administration, development studies.

• Minimum of 12 years of relevant experience in monitoring and evaluation.

• Applicant must be available to travel other provinces, field work and site visits at anytime.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired