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Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 1039
Date Posted:May 12, 2019
Closing Date:Jun 1, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Management
Salary Range:NTA, Grade A
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Kabul Municipality:

Background: The overarching vision of the Bank’s urban engagement in Afghanistan is to establish a foundation for municipal development that establishes systems that could enable a shift from government led urban development to market oriented infrastructure financing operations. The World Bank aims to support the Kabul Municipal Development Program (KMDP) with a grant of US$110 million equivalent.

2.        Objectives of KMDP: The Objectives of KMDP are to: (i) to increase access to basic municipal services through investments in critical infrastructure; (ii) increase Kabul Municipality’s development budget; and (iii) enable Kabul Municipality to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency.

3.        Components of KMDP: The table below lists the components and the current components and commitments to date for each component.

Table 1: Grant Commitments by Component (April 1, 2019)

Project Components Commitments USD m Percent Committed

Component A: Annual Infrastructure Upgrading Program ($91.5m)

A (i) Upgrading of Basic Municipal Infrastructure (US$91.5m) 82.1 89.7%

Component B: Redesign KM’s Financial Management System ($6.0m) 1.9 22.75%

Component D: Project Implementation, Design and Supervision ($12.5m) 9.2 74%

Component E: Contingent Emergency Response - -

Total 93.2 84.7%            

4.    Implementation Arrangements: Kabul Municipality (KM) is responsible for implementation of the KMDP, including procurement and financial management. KM established a KMDP Team made up entirely of Afghans in 2014. This Team is responsible for design, procurement, implementation, supervision, and project management including financial management, and reporting on progress. The Team consists of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. Most of these staff were trained under the previous Bank-supported project, the Kabul Urban Reconstruction Project, by an international firm that provided technical assistance. The systems and procedures for procurement, financial management, and reporting established under KURP are sustained to date.

(i)       The KMDP Management Team consists of a Team Leader (currently vacant), Head of the Engineering Section (currently vacant), Senior Social and Environment Specialist (with the Head as Acting Team Leader since 2016, Senior Finance Specialist, Senior Contract Management Specialist and a Senior Procurement Specialist (vacant). The KMDP Management Team is supported by 11 staff.

(ii)  The KMDP organogram consists of the following departments: Social and Environment, Engineering (Survey Design and Supervision), Procurement, Finance, and Contract Management, with the Management Team responsible for supervision of the departments.

5.    Risks to implementation: The Bank has sustained a “High” risk rating for KMDP throughout its implementation. As a highly aid dependent country in conflict, it faces formidable development challenges, where extremely fragile institutions are still evolving. Kabul Municipality itself has experienced frequent leadership changes, with the municipality being led by acting mayors through most of KMDP’s implementation period. For the first time since appraisal of KMDP in 2014, a Mayor has been appointed through a Presidential Decree, and KMDP has operated under 6 changes in leadership over the last five years.

Job Summary:

6.    Challenges for a Team Leader for KMDP. Given the difficult operating environment of Kabul, including the labor market conditions, the most important challenges for any incoming Team Leader will be to:

(i) Cultivate and sustain a trusting relationship with the Mayor of Kabul to whom the Team Leader reports;

(ii) Hold the existing KMDP team together and manage internal staff transitions seamlessly so that the knowledge and experience that resides in the collective team is not lost – this implies sustaining a non-hierarchical, pleasant, and disciplined work environment that fosters team work and communications within the team to achieve results and keep them motivated; and

(iii) Ensure high standards of transparency and integrity in KMDP implementation so that future donor support for development in Kabul can be forthcoming, which implies safeguarding KMDP operations and staffing from actions that could risk future donor support.

Skills Required:

Communication writing skillConflict ManagementManagementLocal LawsLeadership

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

(i)   Excellent analytical and communication skills with demonstrated ability to articulate concepts clearly and concisely, in written and oral form, for advocacy.

(ii) High level of integrity and commitment to his/her work.

(iii)  Sound judgment, demonstrated ability to resolve conflicts amicably, tact and discretion.

(iv)A high degree of initiative, to enable him/her to effectively demonstrate leadership in the management of multi-sectoral teams and sustaining their motivation.

(v) Demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving skills.

(vi)A sound understanding of techniques of leadership and negotiation skills.

(vii) Appropriate understanding and knowledge of Afghanistan applicable law and administrative procedures.

(viii)     Good computer skills, including use of the internet and word-processing and spreadsheet applications.

(ix)Fluency in spoken and written Dari, Pashtu and English.

Duties & Responsibilities:

7.    Duties and Accountabilities of the KMDP Team Leader: The Team Leader shall be responsible for:

(i) Supervision of the KMDP Management Team, and the management of all human resource aspects of the KMDP Team

(ii) Management of the KMDP office and its staff to ensure efficient and pleasant administration, motivating staff to ensure quality through inculcating a culture of attention to detail; and ensure an effective system of human resources management, to sustain professionalism, accountability and good morale among KMDP staff and consultants.

(iii) Ensuring timely preparation of annual work plans to be approved by the Mayor of Kabul and the Bank, with corresponding annual budget requests for Ministry of Finance.

(iv) Planning workflow within the different departments of the KMDP Team to deliver results.

(iii) Recruitment, support and management of appropriately qualified staff and consultants selected on a competitive basis, as and when required, based on terms of reference cleared by IDA, and seek the Mayor’s consent on training as appropriate.

(v) Overseeing the preparation of procurement plans and ensuring the accuracy of goods, works and consultancy services in accordance with procurement procedures agreed with the Bank.

(vi) Preparation of quarterly Implementation Progress Reports for KMDP, in formats agreed with the Bank and the provision of information and response to other requests for inputs for preparation for periodic World Bank supervision missions.

(vii) Ensuring all records are always maintained in the office.

(viii) Prepare all contracts for goods, works and services procurement, after clearance by the World Bank as appropriate, for signature by the Mayor.

(ix) Supervision of the updating of the Project Implementation Manual and other documents as needed.

(x) Ensuring compliance with the laws, government regulations and World Bank procedures.

(xii) Ensuring compliance with conditions of contracts.

(xiii)   Liaising with the Urban Team of the World Bank as a resource person for the Kabul Mayor as needed, particularly on issues related to urban planning, urban design, metropolitan development, urban management, land management, and any facilitating the project’s support for urban policy making.

(xiv) Ensuring effective coordination between KMDP and Kabul Municipality, other governmental partners and civil society stakeholders, as relevant. 

(xv) Liaise with representatives of donor organizations, as required. 

(xvi) Briefing government representatives, members of Parliament and civil society, donors, UN staff and others on the goals and progress of KMDP, as required.

(xvii) Ensuring effective communication on the goals and achievements of KMDP to the press as required and as opportunities allow.  

8.    Financial Management Oversight: The Team Leader shall:

(i) Provide oversight for management of KMDP resources and Program expenditure, ensuring adherence as close as possible to the allocations for each component.

(ii) As required, submit timely and accurate revision of budgets submitted by Kabul Municipality to Ministry of Finance, while ensuring that possible unspent resources at year-end are processed and approved by Ministry of Finance in advance, so as to form a carry-over budget to the following year. 

(iii) Ensure timely submission of financial reports to KM, MoF and the World Bank, as required.

(iv) Certify payments to contractors and consultants, as required.

9.    Management of KMDP sub-projects: The Team Leader shall:

(i) Provide oversight of the work of KMDP technical team, including sub-project selection, engineering design, definition of specifications, evaluation of bids and contract management, procurement and implementation and supervision of upgrading works on site.   

(ii) Provide oversight of the work of KMDP social team, including community consultations at the sub-project design and implementation stages, and monitoring during implementation.   

(iii) Initiate and monitor the periodic review of KMDP manuals, and ensure their effective implementation at relevant stages of the work-flow.

(iv) Ensure the inclusion of relevant provisions of the Environmental and Social Safeguard Framework in all contract documentation, and monitor compliance with the same during implementation of sub-projects. 

(v) As appropriate, ensure timely action on operational recommendations of World Bank aide-memoires after periodic supervision missions.

(vi) Ensure effective implementation and monitoring of the KMDP’s grievance handling mechanism (GRM) complaints procedures.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


The successful applicant should have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, or urban planning/ urban design, and at least ten years of proven experience at a senior management level

Job Keywords:

Team Leader

Submission Guideline:

Interested candidates should submit their Application in writing and clearly indicating the position and vacancy number to: Email: 

Please note, while sending you’re CV & Cover letter clearly highlighting how you are suitable for the position, mention the vacancy number and position in the subject line, application received after the closing date (1- June -2019) and without subject will not be given consideration.

Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted for interview.

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