Trainee Nurse

  French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children
Diploma   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 856
Date Posted:Jun 15, 2017
Closing Date:Jun 20, 2017
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:12
Functional Area:Nursing
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:1 Year
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children:


The French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children (FMIC) was founded in 2006 is a unique public-private partnership between the Governments of Afghanistan and France, a French NGO – La Chaine de L’Espoir/Enfants Afghans and the Aga Khan Development Network through the Aga Khan University Hospital. FMIC embodies a sign of hope for the medical care mothers and children in Kabul. The Institute has risen to the challenge of charting a course towards sustainable health solutions for Afghanistan. It is the first ISO certified hospital in Afghanistan, aiming to provide compassionate, accessible, cost-effective, high quality care services to the population of Afghanistan. Currently the hospital provides161-bed inpatient care for children and adults, including 15 beds for pediatric intensive care, 17 bed adult cardiac care with a state of art cardiac catheterization laboratory, 52 new beds for maternal care, 63 beds allocated for pediatric medical and surgical units and a 14 bed neonatal intensive care unit. Six operation theatres, a department of radiology which includes CT-Scan and MRI capabilities, a state-of-the-art laboratory, a 24 hour pharmacy service and outpatient services for the adult population in medical and surgical specialties. FMIC also runs a Postgraduate Medical Education considering a training hub for healthcare professionals. Through its e-Health programme, FMIC offers telemedicine and eLearning services to hospitals in Bamyan, Badakhshan and Kandahar in Afghanistan and Khorog in Tajikistan. FMIC is working towards expansion of its health services towards establishing a comprehensive 400 bed Academic Medical Complex in Kabul, which will serve not only the Afghan population but Central Asia as well, as a medical Center of excellence.”

Job Summary:

Provides safe, competent, individualized nursing care to patients with care needs ranging from basic to complex, including imparting patients/family education and support. Demonstrates efficiency in use of electronic monitoring and other equipment

Duties & Responsibilities:

The ideal candidate would be able to:

Give and take complete bedside over.

Maintain and transmit complete over of special assignment, for e.g. crash cart, stock medication, narcotics, refrigerator items as, OR supplies assigned by supervisor.

Complete initial assessment of patient to identify care needs and document it accurately.

Ensure all assigned patients got quality nursing care by reassessing patient’s health status during his/ her hospitalization.

Perform risk assessment for fall and take necessary actions if required.

Deliver appropriate care to all assigned patients independently as per individualized needs.

Explain & deliver care to patients as per identified needs during assessment.

Monitor vital signs as per patient condition or unit protocol and report in case of any abnormality.

Assess patient’s level of pain (subjective/objective) by utilizing standardized pain scales.

Administer medication safely, monitor patient responses to medication where indicated and report related incidents promptly.

Practice safe intravenous (IV) therapy and monitor patients’ responses and take actions accordingly.

Perform blood and blood product transfusion according to the defined policy.

Able to handle patient safely under phototherapy, incubator or warming unit.

Assist physician in delivery and other gynecological procedures.

Initiate resuscitation in case of cardiac arrest and provide appropriate care.

Demonstrate competency in performing 12 leads Electro Cardio Gram.

Review patient’s diagnostic finding, report in case of abnormality, perform intervention as requested and follow up.

Ensure adequate nutrition and fluid management of patient.

Provide hygiene care to all patients as per defined policy.

Safely receive the patient from outside as referral or any other nursing unit.

Transfer the patient safely for procedures to OR/ Labor room or shift out to other areas as per criteria defined.

Check all pre-operative preparation of patient and documentation pertaining to patient and surgery as appropriate.

Demonstrate knowledge and skill regarding proper use of unit relevant equipment and their safe handling. Follow manufacturer’s instructions related to operating, handling, cleaning and safety checks of all equipment/ instruments

Coordinate the movement of the equipment from OR to other units and vice versa and maintain records.

Coordinate care services with other departments. E.g. professional health service, facility management division etc. to meet client’s needs.

Comply with unit as well as nursing division policies.

Adhere to the infection control practices and follow asepsis.

Demonstrate positive and supportive attitude towards supervisor and seniors/team leaders

Take initiatives towards his/her responsibilities.

Work in a team environment; contribute ideas and solutions to resolve problems that will improve teamwork within the department.

Perform any other related task as assigned by the supervisor.

Display caring and compassionate attitude towards patients and families

Job Requirement:

Nursing diploma/degree registered with the relevant entities i.e. MoPH/MoHE

Basic life support (BLS) provider

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) provider

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) provider

Neonatal Resuscitation Provider (NRP)

Medication certification module for RNs

Peripheral intravenous cannulation (PIVC)

Ability to carry out basic obstetrics/gynecological/ and neonatal assessment.

Identify, manage and competent in dealing with antenatal, postnatal and gynecology patients.

Knowledgeable and competent to deal with newborn provide safe care.

Demonstrate knowledge and skill regarding proper use of unit relevant equipment and their safe handling.

Ability to organize workload and identify priorities appropriately.

Able to deal with difficult customers.

Good communication and interpersonal skills and ability to build rapport with team members.

Ability to cope with stressful situations.

Administer medication safely to patients.

Make responsible decisions that result in time and cost containment to the institution and customers and clear accountability.

Ability to work with health care team and contribute ideas and solutions to resolve problems.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired