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Date Posted:Jan 31, 2010
Reference:V# GND 010 January 31, 2010
Closing Date:Feb 9, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Public Relations
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:Fresh
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: Yes
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
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Job Summary:

Prepare contents on women and political issues for the Training Manual. The basic outline for the manual is attached for writer’s reference. However, the writer has a free hand in including any topics that writer deem necessary and useful.

I.General recognition of political issues
II.The political rights of women
III.Public Outreach on political concepts and the political rights of women
IV.Presidential Election
a.Election concept in compliance with all Afghanistan laws
b.Vote - Election – candidate
c.Challenges facing women during election and ways to address these challenges
d.What is the best election
e.Natural rights or human rights
f.Good policies for president
V.Provincial Council Election
a.Provincial Councils roles and responsibilities– Criteria for Provincial Council Elections
b.Women and Provincial Councils
VI.People participation in Election
a.People participation
b.Women participation in election and its importance
c.Ensuring the exercise of Political Rights in a transparent Election
VII.Women and Government
a.Importance of women engagement in decision makings and in executive power
b.Challenges facing women with executive authorities and ways to address these challenges
c.Importance of women participation in state external politics
VIII.Women and Judicial power
a.Importance of women participation in judicial power
b.Importance of women in ensuring the role of law
c.Importance of women in diminution of crimes
IX.Women and Civil Society
a.Women importance and role in Civil Society
b.Women solidarity and their political and social activities improvement
c.Woman and Civil immunities
d.Woman and Political Parties
e.Woman and Media
X.Woman and Parliament
a.Women’s importance and role in parliament.
b.Effective representation of woman in parliament.
c.Better election of representatives in parliament

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.Develop and produce women’s political right training manual in relation to Islam, government and civil society to support women’s political participation in the country.
2.Give practical case study about how women’s right are practiced in Afghanistan
3.Participate in monthly meeting with Counterpart and CEEPs together to update about the process of the work
4.Prepare/submit draft of each chapter to Counterpart/CEEPs for comments and further suggestions
5.The content should be concise, understandable and comprehensive.
6.Some of the issues which need illustration through a picture, the writer should suggest the topic and set-up of the picture.
7.The information should be consistent with Afghan Laws i.e. Afghanistan’s Constitutions and other laws.
8.Make sure the information is consistent with Afghan Laws and women issues are considered.
9.Consult with Counterpart STEP Team in the preparation of the contents of the manual after each chapter is prepared.

Job Requirement:

Master’s degree in Political Science (prefer)
5 – 9 years of professional technical writing experience on political issues
Editorial / writing experience and proficiency in proofreading
Analyze skill, political issues towards women situation
Skill to analyze Afghan law

Job Location:

This job is expired