We are exited to announce a new feauture from Jobs.af to all employers

An online Applicants Tracking System (ATS). this system
will help employers to:

This system will help employers to

  • matches Recieve matches and recommendations based on the given criteria in job.
  • duplicate Avoid duplicate applications from applying to a job.
  • Improve Improve the quality of recruitment.
  • email_applicant Email all applicants only in one click.
  • easly_manage Easily manage the longlist, shortlist and the list of rejected applicants within minutes.
  • download_resume Download all resumes in one click.
  • reduce_the_time Reduce the time spent on recruitment tasks.
  • speed_up Speed up the recruitment cycle.
  • jobseekers Easy for jobseekers to apply for a job through jobs.af system
work with ATS

How to start and work with (ATS)

Create customized screening questionnaires on your job requirements and filter received applications based on answers.

We would be happy if you please spare some time for us and schedule a meeting to provide all the details in th meeting.

In case, you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following numbers and we will be happy to assist you.

Contact details
Adress: NETLINKS Plaza | Shar-e-Now, Lane 3, Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: +93 787691004 | +93 773020100 | +93 799115566
Email: dawoodzai@netlinks.ws | Website: Jobs.af