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Nove Onlus is an Italian non-profit organization founded by international development professionals. Its mission is to support vulnerable people, in particular women, children and disabled persons in living a dignified life. It does this by providing them with a range of opportunities such as vocational training, socio-economic programs for creative enterprises, literacy classes and social integration for disabled people through sporting activities. It also carries out emergency interventions which include food distributions after the lockdown. 

Since 2012 Nove Onlus is active in Afghanistan, where it is registered as an international NGO with the Ministry of Economics. It works in collaboration with Afghan institutions such as the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) and with traditional authorities i.e. local Shura (Community Council) and Elders. 

Nove Onlus’ innovative approach to female entrepreneurship in Afghanistan led to the creation of the ‘Pink Shuttle’ project. The Pink Shuttle is the first transportation service run by women drivers for female passengers only. It tackles the problem of women's independence and emancipation by fostering their economic and social autonomy. The ‘Pink Shuttle’ which is the first private transportation company run by women in Afghanistan, is deemed to be a successful example of women entrepreneurship. However, still too many Afghan women struggle to set up their own business venture: women-owned businesses are severely hampered by lack of financial resources, network and a general conservative attitude that undermines women’s economic role within their society. The pandemic has exacerbated an already grim perspective for millions of women entrepreneurs who long for self-sufficiency. According to Radio Free Afghanistan, even in strategic and business friendly Afghan provinces such as that of Balkh, which is bordering Central Asia, officials and business leaders say the coronavirus pandemic is pushing Afghan women and their businesses to the brink. According to the CEO of Balkh’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries “In the past four months, 100 percent of female-owned businesses were halted due to the pandemic and half of those businesses are currently not in operation.” The World Bank expects economic growth in Afghanistan to decline sharply this year and a vast majority of Afghans “to fall under the poverty line due to the severe impacts of the pandemic on incomes and jobs.”

As a counterreaction to the economic recession that is hitting the country, Nove Onlus launches its first Prize ‘Daring Women in Business’ (DWB), a new step to encourage daring female entrepreneurs. 



‘Daring Women in Business’ is a competition for female entrepreneurs, which will be held in Kabul in November 2020 (date to be announced to the 5 shortlisted finalists) at the Women Garden.

DWB is a daily event that serves as a networking platform and innovative business-ideas-incubator open to all those Afghan passionate women who dare to engage in entrepreneurship and support the growth of Afghanistan’s business environment. 

Active and creative female entrepreneurs will be presenting their business company or pitching their business idea before a jury of well-renowned experts from different walks of life, with opportunity for critical feedback.

The most feasible company or business idea will be awarded a prize of the amount of 4.000 USD. The Prize also include a certificate signed by Nove Onlus and the Afghan authorities.


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