RFQ Description:

SMEC International on the basis of following criteria will evaluate quotations:  Physical verification of equipment and laboratory before proposal evaluation.  The Company shall be legally registered as a laboratory verified from NEPA and other relevant national and international bodies with a core competency in field sampling and lab testing.  Project experience of a similar scale and over similar terrain for the past 5 years.  The firm should be financially sound and must have $20k cash on hand. The bank statements are to be submitted.  Experience as a main contractor-leading baseline lab testing survey sub-contractors for at least one project of a similar nature and complexity equivalent to this Request for Quotation (RFQ) over the last five years. Evidence of this experience substantiated by a client’s certificate of completion is required.  The proposed team shall have relevant education, experience, and certification including academic degrees from accredited universities.  The team shall have at least seven (07) years’ experience in conducting field sample collection and laboratory testing.  Working knowledge of donor/government interactions, donor’s practices, procedures, and technical assistance protocols.  Excellent written & spoken English. 

Quotations that do not conform with the bid submission requirements, or do not satisfactorily demonstrate any of adequate experience, team technical ability, access to appropriate and sufficient equipment, appropriate methodology and a realistic work program will be rejected as nonconforming. 

RFQ Details:

Date Posted: Dec 15, 2019 Closing Date: Dec 29, 2019
Type:Request for QuotationSector:Energy and Utilities


01-Environmental Baseline Survey-RFQ-Rev1.pdf
02-EIA Lab Tests Sub-Consultant Agreement - Rev 06.pdf
03-Appendix-1 to Agreement-SMEC Group Code of Conduct.pdf
04-Appendix-2 to Agreement-SMEC Group Business Integrity Policy.pdf