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Examine, assess and report on implementation against the terms and conditions of the agreement and applicable laws and regulations.

The auditor shall examine on a test basis that there is proper supporting documentation related to reported expenditures. The size of the test shall be based on the audit’s risk analysis and that should be stated in the report. The auditor shall report the identified amount in case there are any missing supporting documents.

The auditor shall submit an audit memorandum/management letter, which shall contain the audit findings made during the audit process. The audit memorandum/management letter shale state which measures that have been taken as a result of pervious audits and whether measure taken have been adequate to deal with reported short comings.

Examine if AMA has agreements with the organizations to which it channels parts of the funds and whether AMA has followed Sida’s audit rule and have satisfying routing/resources for acting on received audit reports from these organizations


Date Posted: Jan 11, 2022 Closing Date: Jan 16, 2022
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AMA Mentorship Project External Audit ToR 2021.doc