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1.      Rationale:

As per the COVID -19 pandemic, some budget was reallocated from Local Impact USAID and AKF share project which will be implementing in 7 cross border districts of Badakhshan and 4 border districts of Takhar provinces to respond COVID19 emergency through establish of COVID19 diagnostic centers in both provinces, increasing awareness in the target communities and building capacity of the health facilities staff on infection prevention, clinical case management, critical care, severe acute respiratory infection in order to effectively treat the COVID-19 patients in Takhar/Kunduz, given this AKF health would like to hire consultancy to conduct training on aforementioned topics to the health facility staff in Takhar and Kunduz to capacitate the Health Facilities staff on COVID-19. Furthermore, this training will significantly contribute toward the capacity building of the Health facility staff who are caring for the patients of COVID19.

2.      Objective

The overall objective of this training is to build the capacity and develop their knowledge on infection prevention, clinical case management, critical care, severe acute respiratory infection in order to effectively treat the COVID 19 patients.

·        Familiarizing the participants with the concepts, principles, process, techniques and methodologies of the COVID-19 prevention, program for effective and efficient delivering of COVID-19 related interventions identified by MoPH and implement by Health Facilities staff in the target HFs to empower HFs staff (males and females) with skills to prevent the spread and treat the patients of COVID-19 in target health facilities.

3.      Main Duties and Responsibilities

·        To develop the training objectives and impart them to the participants.

·        The trainer must have enough knowledge of COVID19 and conducting the training in Afghanistan.

·        To be able to fluently speak on both official languages (Pashto and Dari) to easily understand the participants.

·        To conduct training to the participants in a manner to match with the context of the country.

·        To have good understanding training skills and could be able to impart his knowledge and skill to participants.

·        To be able to assess the knowledge of the participants.

·        To be able to develop the training materials for the topics of infection prevention, clinical case management, critical care, and severe acute respiratory infection in according to the level of the participants.

·        To have good communication skill to transfer his knowledge to participants effectively.

·        The trainer will develop the training agenda and training plan according to the agreed timeline and duration.

·        To conduct training on adult learning methods with consideration of high professionalism.

·        To develop the training presentation and other training materials based on the need and level of the participants.

·        Keep AKF office update from any on the spot changes during the training.

·        To have the ability to control the participation during the training.

·        To have the ability to deliver all proposed outline in the agreed period of the training.

4.      Qualifications Required

The trainer must be medical doctors and should have the experience at least 5 years in conduct of Health trainings in Afghanistan and fluent knowledge of COVID-19.

5.      Expected output

·        The targeted staff will be trained on infection prevention, clinical case management, critical care and severe acute respiratory infection to perform their assigned tasks effectively and efficiently.

·        The staff will be enabled to know the concepts of infection prevention, clinical case management, critical care, severe acute respiratory infection in order to effectively treat the COVID 19 patients in target HFs.

·        The staff will be capacitated to treat the COVID19 patients with standard protocols of MoPH and advise the clients on all aspects of COVID19.

6.      Reporting line:

To AKF health department national lead

7.      Work location(s)

The training will be conducted in Takhar/Kunduz provinces of Afghanistan

8.      Schedule (including number assignment days in Afghanistan, total assignment days, total payable days) 

Estimated duration is fourty two working days from 22nd August – 8th October 2020

9.       Terms of Payments

The payment will be done after completion of the training and submission of the report to health department.

10.  Additional Significant Information

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Health facilities staff must be capacitated about it to prevent and decrease spread of COVID-19, the best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to be well informed about the COVID-19 virus.


Interested applicants should submit their application along with the cover letter to Jobs.afghanistan@akdn.org" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Jobs.afghanistan@akdn.org no later than 11th August 2020.


Important Notes:

·        Please quote the Vacancy Number as the Subject of the e-mail when applying.

·        Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further assessment.

Aga Khan Foundation Afghanistan recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to equal opportunity and safeguarding of children, beneficiaries, partners, community members and employees in accordance with AKF(Afg)’s safeguarding policy.

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Date Posted:Jul 29, 2020 Closing Date:Aug 11, 2020
Type:Request for ProposalSector:Health, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotech