Scholarship Description:

Goethe Goes Global Master scholarship in Germany


Is the scholarship only geared towards foreign students or can German students apply as well?Both German and foreign students can apply. All applicants need to have completed at least two thirds of their bachelor’s degree (or another equivalent or higher degree)

Where do I apply for the scholarship and what documents are required?

Most programmes require you to apply through uni-assist. For a limited number of programmes (e.g. Biophysics) the respective department itself is in charge and the documents have to be sent there. Each programme page informs you if you have to apply online or through the department. See here.

The two recommendation letters are to be included in the application material you submit to uni-assist (in case uni-assist is not in charge of your application, e.g. in the case of Biophysics please send it to the department; see" target="_blank">MasterPortal)

You can find the list of additional application documents for the GGG scholarship on this website.

Please note that you have to submit certified copies of specific documents (e.g. your University certificate) for the master’s programme application via post. However, this is not required for the application documents for the Goethe Goes Global Scholarship.

Do I have to submit the motivation letter for the scholarship application anew, even if I have already written a motivation letter for the master’s programme application? Yes, you have to write a separate motivation letter for the scholarship. Please use the provided template. However, if there are identical questions, you may copy and paste the answers for the scholarship application.

Do I have to name a research unit in the activities of which I want to be involved in while being enrolled in the Master programme of my choice?ent).

Will I be notified if my scholarship application is incomplete? Only complete applications are accepted. We do not guarantee that we will contact you if your file is incomplete.

I see that enrolment for some master’s programmes takes place either in the fall or in the summer term. My program allows me to start in the summer term. Can I apply for the scholarship in the summer term? No. When you apply for the GGG scholarship, you can only apply for the winter semester. One exception is the GSEFM programme (see GSEFM submission rules here.

When will I be informed if I was admitted to the master’s programme and if my application for the scholarship was successful? The admission notifications for the master's programmes with the application deadline July 15th are usually sent out at the end of August. The admission notifications for the master's programmes with an application deadline after July 15th are sent out in September. Please note that this indication is subject to change and that there are exceptions for some master’s programmes. You can find more information on the individual deadlines here.

Scholarship Details:

Date Posted:Jun 22, 2019 Closing Date: Aug 31, 2019


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